40 years later and Kniffins still going strong

Norwalk dance studio thriving.
Joe Centers
Jun 19, 2014


To say it's been a labor of love would be an understatement.

For Cynthia and David Kniffin, one phone call changed their lives.

"On the weekend we were visiting my folks and Mr. Waite saw us uptown and called us," Cynthia Kniffin said.

Mayely and Roger Waite owned a dance studio in town.

"He asked us if we wanted to buy a studio. David just loved Norwalk. He grew up in the Cleveland area and he just loved it walking down the street and people talking to you. He said yes. He became a Norwalkian."

That was back in 1974. The young couple with a 1-month-old daughter bought a dance studio in Norwalk.

Forty years later and the Cynthia Kniffin Dance Academy is still going strong.

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Tom Paine's picture
Tom Paine

Great article. The Kniffins are a perfect example of how small town businesses should be run. Do what you love, share it with others, and stay with it for the long haul.


I agree!