Sweltering heat to hit Ohio Valley, Mid-Atlantic

High humidity will pair up with the heat to create dangerously hot conditions.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jun 16, 2014


AccuWeather reports  sweltering heat and humidity will advance into the Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic this week, bringing the hottest weather of the year to date for some.

In wake of a weekend that brought widespread low humidity and comfortable weather to the Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic, heat and humidity will return in a big way.

"The hottest weather of the year so far will spread from the Ohio Valley to the mid-Atlantic states Tuesday into Wednesday," AccuWeather Senior Meteorologist Brett Anderson said.

Columbus, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Philadelphia will be among a host of other cities that will hit 90 for the first time this year. New York City will make a run for 90, but may fall just shy.

"The worst of the heat will be concentrated along the I-95 corridor from Philadelphia to the Carolinas," Anderson said.

Washington, D.C., is forecast to have at least three days in a row with temperatures reaching 90 or higher. When this occurs in the northern states, it is considered to be a heat wave. High temperatures may also challenge record highs on one or more dates this week in the nation's capital.

Thermometers will only show one side of the heat. High humidity will pair up with the heat to create dangerously hot conditions.

"AccuWeather RealFeel® temperatures could approach 110 F in the corridor of worst heat on Wednesday," said Anderson.

In this extreme heat, limit your outdoor activities and seek shade or air conditioning when possible. Keep hydrated by drinking plenty of water.

Relief will also come from some cooling showers and thunderstorms which will be most prevalent during the afternoons and evenings this week.

A strengthening high pressure system across the Southeast will be responsible for the hot weather. The high will send this heat, that is more typical across the south, into the northern regions.

The worst of the heat will slowly begin to concentrate toward the Deep South later this week, from Louisiana to Georgia as the high weakens and settles farther south.


Brock Lee

luv summr wether


me too! waited all winter for it..

Cliff Cannon

Boo's to both of you. If I get much hotter, I might melt. Good news though: Only 6 month's & 5 days till winter is officially back, :)


@ CC:

Have you been following the predictions for the possible effects of the potential El Nino?

It might be a locally dry winter.

You might have to vaca in the Great White North for your wintery enjoyment.

Cliff Cannon

" It might be a locally dry winter. " Say it ain't so !

If I have to move north to enjoy a fun winter. Am I allowed to take the citizens of our beautiful city with me ? Hope so. As they add so much to the fun of winter.

P.S. Did you notice what " Jamie9700 " wrote ? Is that as sad, as is it is disgusting ? Would you agree it must stink to be him or her ?


Good job, Brock. Zero words spelled correctly out of three. That's either 0 % or 100 %, take your pick. [Snerk]


its hard to drink and type without falling off the bar stool..

Cliff Cannon

@ jamie9700 : In reading your comment. I must say this: I pity you.


i have no problem reading brock's comments..

Cliff Cannon

@mikeylikesit : Me neither. I must say, debating the weather with you & Brock is a blast for me. In fact, I look forward to weather 'events' because, I know it's going to be fun here.So thanks for that.

As for the 'jamie9700's ' of the world. Ultimately, all we can do is pity them as well as be thankful we don't feel the need to pick on someone to make ourselves feel better


...I was sitting out on the back patio this evening enjoying a gin rickey, watching the birds scoffing up all of the bugs disturbed after I'd mowed the grass... ah... summer
...but that's just gilding the lilly
...Brock said it in three words...

Cliff Cannon

@ T.G.W. Don't look now at the " Hazardous weather outlook for Huron County " article, because it will bring tears ( of laughter) to your eyes. The would be king of summer Brock Lee has abdicated.

That abdication, of course, brought him the dreaded " I told you so " from another blogger. :)

great day to you


...I was outside enjoying the wind blowing through my hair ...and failed to see the sheets of soggy news print hurling toward my face
...hope you survived the tumult, cliff

Cliff Cannon

Here is a question T.G.W. Norwalk, thankfully misses a ton of the extreme weather that passes through. So my question is : Why ?

My guess is we miss the 'worst of it ' Because we sit lower than most around us. Then offer this fact: The American Great Plains starts along the west branch of the Huron river. ( Sycamore Hill's golf course, the Starview drive in area, etc Which is to say it is very flat on our western edge . Where,of course the bulk of all weather changes come from.

So do you think, I am on to something,that we are in a pretty good valley or full of bull dung ? Just curious as to your opinion.

As for the "tumult ". No problem here in N.E. Norwalk . Thanks for asking. Trust, the soggy newsprint didn't stick nor harm you or yours. ( No doubt, it would have given Brock Lee a problem

Great days & weekend to you,