Dennis Doughty named Norwalk Catholic School president

Retiring Norwalk City Schools superintendent will begin Aug. 1, replacing the administrator he replaced at Norwalk.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jun 13, 2014


Norwalk Catholic School named Dennis Doughty president Friday.

Doughty, who will retire from Norwalk City Schools on July 31, will start at Norwalk Catholic School on Aug. 1.

Look for the full story in Saturday's Norwalk Reflector.



You sure do all take care of each other don't ya? Created position for Duncan, Goodsite and now you too, double-dipping. How nice for you all that your most recent levy passed. One day I hope that only those that will be forced to pay for a tax be allowed to vote on the tax. This tax passed because many non-property owners voted in favor of it forcing the rest of us to pay.

Kobayashi Maru

Your comment doesn't make sense. Doughty will be paid by St. Paul, not Norwalk, thus it's not double dipping.

Duncan took the position Hiszem had, and Goodsite replaced Crooks while maintaining her current position as curriculum director. This actually saved the district a $100,000 job. Plus taxpayers aren't paying her insurance as she gets that through retirement. A retirement she paid into for many years.

Elections are set up that anyone who is registered to vote can vote. It's discrimination to only allow property owners to vote. Those that rent could have their rates go up because of the increase in taxes.

hit the road jack

Kobayashi: But if you live off of the taxpayer it means nothing to have your rent increased! it's kinda like those who throw stones at people who practice religion and then want Christmas or good friday off paid,get my drift?


Norwalk Schools ARE paying Goodsite's insurance and also into her retirement which is held as an annuity. This retirement will not increase her present retirement but will pay an additional annuity when she again retires.

State law a couple of years ago states that any re-employed person cannot have the retired system's insurance but MUST take the school's retirement if that school district pays all other employees insurance.


I stand corrected on Doughty, those that pay high tuition for NCS will be paying his salary while he collects a big fat pension.
Duncan lost his job and of course they found a place for him, I'd argue on taking over the position as the position is unnecessary, especially considering the last several years of begging for more money instead of cutting this type of position out.
Not buying Goodsite argument either as the need for her recent and new position is questionable.

Jacking up my property tax when I see so much money being spent on repeated elections after you all being told no over and over again....we just can't afford it, we can't afford all the extras, the vice and assistant this and that and so on.

As far as voting, the board knew voting in a low issue/interest primary would benefit them. How much did it cost this time, and the last, and the one before that?

And although I believe everyone (legal citizen) should be able to vote, I have issue when only a select portion of the community will be forced to pay for all, such as property taxes. It isn't fair that someone can vote to raise others' taxes while they pay nothing. I would have felt better if it was a sales or income tax. I don't appreciate all those living at home with mommy and daddy forcing others to pay for something they may never have to (especially in light that many young people are leaving this area!).


Oh, and I can't tell you how disappointed I am in the whole board, a few of whom I didn't think would raise my already outrageous taxes without cutting the fat first. Everyone on this board has lost my respect and I can't wait to vote each and everyone of them O-U-T.


moving Duncan into superintendent job and eliminating his position is a savings to the taxpayer,would be real job cutting


The envy and ignorance of the forum "regulars" is pathetic. St. Paul is lucky to have such an accomplished educator lead their school. No one works harder than Denny. Bravo NCS!

I Can Read

What the? This story is about NCS and they don't get any of the precious hard earned tax money some of these comments are about. Perhaps if you complainers had gone to SPH you would be able to follow the story and comment accordingly.