Los Buenos Amigos is Norwalk's newest restaurant

Mexican eatery ready to open.
Joe Centers
Jun 13, 2014


Norwalk's newest restaurant is ready to open.

Los Buenos Amigos is located next to Discount Drug Mart in the former Sugarcreek Restaurant.

Vicente Samano, of Norwalk, is the owner. He is the former partner of Taco Loco, and has spent the last 23 years working at New Horizons Bakery. He will continue working the second shift at New Horizons while running the restaurant.

"This is a new challenge," Samano said. "Not too many restaurants in town. I decided to go out on my own to serve the people of Norwalk.

"This is a big challenge. ... "We were looking for something like this. We want to offer better food and better service. We have a new menu and new ideas."

Because he has made buns for McDonald's the last 23 years, "I know all of the (food) standards," he said. "Especially about health."

Samano said he likes the location of the restaurant.

"It was very important," he said. "There is a good view and a lot of people can see we are here. With Drug Mart there is a lot of traffic."

Samano, 47, is married with three children and a granddaughter.

The head cook will be Silvino Romero, who spent eight years as a cook at Casa Fiesta.

"I wanted to experience something new," he said.

The restaurant will be open from 11 a.m. to 10 p.m. weekdays, 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. Fridays and Saturdays and 11 a.m. to 9:30 p.m. Sundays.

Samano said the restaurant will open once its sprinklers and plumbing get inspected and passed.



William Jeffers...

Best of luck! We'll give it a try hoping for AUTHENTIC and not Americanized Mexican food.


With the population of Mexicans in Norwalk at an all time high.....this place should thrive.


All time high? What is the preferred amount? I don't think racial demographics determines how successful a restaurant is.

William Jeffers...

This little thread really has me thinking. I have been to many Mexican restaurants over the years and have NEVER seen Mexican patrons, only servers? Also, I have also never seen Chinese patrons at a Chinese Restaurant, or skinny people at Ryan's. We might be on to something here....


the answer is simple, why would Chinese or Mexicans have to go to a restaurant to eat Chinese or Mexican food. that's like white people going to Bob Evans and ordering a bowl of goulash...

Red Robin Hood

Best of luck to you and your family. I can't wait to try out your restaurant.


I don't see how this can place will survive. Lots and lots of people love Casa Fiesta right now. This place doesn't have outside seating, doesn't have the curb appeal to out of towners, which will make it very hard to get that customer base. I will try it to see how the food and customer service is. We will see.


If the foods good they will come. Your statement has no merit, I have seen many restaurants that were off the beaten path that were busy as heck cause the food was great. Wish these folks the best.

J Cooper

Success rate of new non franchise restaurants are very low, about 20-25%, then considering two other restaurants failed in that location. It can be location, location, location. Just a few years ago local ownership of another Mexican restaurant in front of Wal Mart failed after about a year with a better location, you got to wonder about a business plan. Wish them well but the cards are stacked against them.


...right you are, free, I used to grab lunch in a little hole-in-the-wall in Albq that had the best cheese/onion enchiladas in Christendom ...you were fortunate to get a seat at one of their few plain metal tables


I can honestly say, I have NEVER sat outside at any restaurant. Between bugs, too hot/cold, wind, or rain. Sitting outside to eat does not interest me. Not sure what that has to do with the success of a restaurant.

J Cooper

To each their own, but many people do enjoy al fresco dining in the summer, it can only increase the business if offered as an option.

Long Duck Dong's picture
Long Duck Dong

Does the boy in the picture have any shoes on?


Looks like flip flops to me, not that it matters.


Looking forward to trying it!! Best of luck to your new venture!


that's great, good luck. a hard working local man who has lived and worked in our community for 20+ years and now he is willing to invest his hard earned money into our community...that's awesome...i say screw the curb appeal if the food is good ill go there before i ever step foot into casa again.

swiss family

I wish them all the best and I hope they do very well. I also believe that if they have outstanding food and service they will do well, and to those shouting about LOCATION!! I agree it can be an issue , and it can help as well, but then again think of the Star Diner, or Parker town... very busy places, not such great locations....Good Luck to this family...I hope you have incredible food and service..

J Cooper

Star Café daytime spot near the old SR18 &20 depended on much of the local business in that area, Parkertown across from the quarry where most of their business came from, both had no competion, they were it in the immediate area. Great example of location failing, Timbers on US250, not bad overall, overhead can't overcome location, numerous previous restaurants tried and failed and now the Timers is gone, wrong side of the pike.

swiss family

yes Mr Cooper, the Star diner depends on a lot of Local diners, as most of our local restaurants do, including this new restaurant, so I fail to see your point... and Parkertown, you are right, they were across from the quarry, but I heard about it NOT from any quarry worker , but from people that lived about 45 miles away, and we would drive there about 35 miles to get their great food, and see people that were our neighbors, who obviously were not quarrymen, and drove just as far for the good food and the old fashioned atmosphere, and the jump back in time feeling..... so I know this might be a shock, but maybe you just do not know everything

J Cooper

Clearly you were never at Parkertown during the day when the drivers from the quarry packed the place. "Old fashioned atmosphere" it was a dump with good food and cheap. Unlike you I admit I don't no everything, but clearly you no nothing.

swiss family

you are right.... I no (KNOW).. you so I do NO (KNOW) nothing....lol

J Cooper

My typo compared to your blind arrogance, still doesn't change the facts..


Parkertown moved from the quarry because the property owners (not restaurant owners) did not wish to put in a leech bed and update the water lines. Then P'town resturant owners got in more hot water (judgment liens via Erie county) with their finances while in B'vue. More liens followed via Huron County.

Finally, State of Ohio stepped in September 2012 and shut them down at the B'vue location because they owed more than $200,000 in taxes (public record) and to vendors. Not to mention the downturn in quality of food and service. They had plenty of parking and easy ingress/egress location there.

swiss family

why thank you Mrs Cravetts!!!

J Cooper

How can anyone dispute the all know it all swissey facts as he sees them from his mother's basement, with the advice of his 12 cats and multiple voices he hears.

oh my oh my

Well he does happen to be omniscient after all.


All verified by court records, there , cheese curdle !!!

Also from property owners in both locations.

Apparently, I get out and actually converse with people more than you do.

My point is : it isn't always about LOCATION, but I guess, that ALSO means YOU don't know about the gambling problems that P'town had which is why BILLS weren't paid. Via the bragging owners' OWN mouths and their dry erase board to announce their casino trips.

You can't set a pattern of shutting down in the middle of the week or a random day and piss off customers who are driving from out of town expecting to stop and eat. No way to run an restaurant or keep loyal returning customers.

swiss family

Starry......what are you talking about??? the article is about this new restaurant... that is what we are discussing... someone mentioned that only restaurants with a good location will succeed .. I , in order to prove him wrong mentioned 2 restaurants that did fine without the direct traffic routes which were , Parkertown and Star diner... we did not need a complete history of Parkertown and I will not dispute the facts on Parkertown .. why would I or should I??? the article is NOT about Parkertown.. you obviously have me confused with some other blogger who strays severely off topic, and then writes editorials in the newspaper along with his picture with it... sorry but that is NOT me.... he keeps trying to be my friend on Facebook, but I will not accept him,


You are the one who mentioned Parkertown and Star Diner, to begin with. I don't live in Norwalk or receive the paper or do FB so your comments are lost on me.

I made my point about locations and other reasons a restaurant fails.

Enough said, it's done.


Best wishes. If authentic I'll be a regular.