Road work takes over Norwalk

Locals should take alternate routes.
Scott Seitz
Jun 12, 2014


Local motorists beware — the fun is just beginning.

Erie Blacktop has started the resurfacing of U.S. 250 within the city limits.

Josh Snyder, public works director, outlined what residents can expect for the next two months.

Milling and grinding and paving some of the worst sections will take place on U.S. 250 from the north to south city limits for the entire month of June.

During the second, third and fourth weeks of July, crews will apply the top course of pavement from the south to north city limits.

Also, in the third and fourth weeks of July, crews will continue milling and grinding the rest of the pavement.

In the fourth and fifth weeks of July, surface course paving on the remainder of the road will take place.

Manholes and valves will be adjusted in the first and second weeks of August, while final striping will occur the third and fourth weeks of August.

Traffic has already been backed up around town this week due to the work.

Read the full story in Thursday's Norwalk Reflector.


Kottage Kat

Have to start an hour early. 15 min. to get out if drive, then detour around Milan Ave.
Just needs planning. Can't complain that road is horrible.

A Marine Mom

I, and many others, saw one of Erie's employees urinating between the bushes and McDonald's brick wall that surrounds their dumpster Tuesday around noon. Keep it classy Erie Blacktop!!!!

shovelhead's picture

So what. Construction workers pee outside everyday. It wasn't bad when 2 people saw it's bad because 2,900 people have to read about it. We used to drag around a port-a-john on a little trailer behind the foreman's truck, but that didn't last long when everybody complained about the smell in the neighborhood.

A Marine Mom

Thanks for your comment! :)


something is amiss
if a man can't...


Well I agree with you guys, when you're working construction ya just have to go you go in between some bushes.. However with this world going to chits, you must be careful. Suddenly a little child has seen you urinating on the bushes. Their parents call the police, you're explaining to the officer you were just urinating, the police however has his duties ** seeings how the parent complained** To charge you with some sort of public indecency. However once your in front of the judge trying to tell your side of the story n the judge is thinking ** this guys out peeing in front of kids** Well dang it man, you're gonna have to register as a sex offender. Just be careful is the moral of the story, cause chit happens.....


Really A Marine Mom, you had to take time out of your life to post this? REALLY!!! You dont have anything better to do? You dont think other guys at Precison Paving or Gerkins dont so the same thing? They dont have an office job where there is a restroom to use. Walk in their boots for one day and see what they go through. AND i have seen much much worse from just the kids roaming around Norwalk.

A Marine Mom

I don't have an office job either but I do not urinate outside in front of the general public. There is no excuse for that...I don't care who you are or where you work or how heavy your boots are. Walk to the toilet, that is what they are made for. :)


What a giant pain! Yes, I know it needs done, but there are no signs up saying that some side streets are closed. You don't realize until it's too late. There is no warning that lanes are closed, they just direct you around! Why not just detour 250 around at least while they're working uptown? As far as the peeing, that's disgusting! If your already at McDonald's just go in and do it! What if a little kids saw that?? Duh!!


I don't think they should ever pave the roads. Quit wasting our tax dollars on such nonsense. Just let the roads go and all of the potholes would turn into one gigantic hole and nobody would even notice. Also, we should take a moment to blame somebody for something right now. Finally, no matter who the Mayor is, when a large corporation decides to consolidate their business without asking 16,000 Norwalkians or it's Mayor, and move away, let's blame just one human being..and when business decides to come here, let's make sure they feel unwelcomed and that we give absolutely no credit to anyone whatsoever. And stop wasting my tax dollars. Oh, and The Airport!


Where all is messed up besides milan avenue? I got come into norwalk several times to cardinals-Walmart-drug mart Aldi`s.

is out on hospital end of road closed or 1 lane? is there a way to get to stores i mentiioned? APPRECIATE any help thank you


You can get to anyplace you need to. You'll just need a little patience because of work zones, flagmen, etc.


Praying someone hires Erie Blacktop to fix the pot holes in Midtown Manor....tired of losing my car in them

Kottage Kat

Good luck with that one BMmomalso. Last time they did 2005. Just saying.
Sorry for being off topic.


Are they doing work also on the side of town out by the hospital?