Lines long for city income taxes

The line for city taxpayers was already to the door this morning and the finance director said it will probably be the same Tuesday. "They've been steadily busy this year since starting in February," finance director Diane Eschen said. "We hoped people were filing early, but it goes in spurts."
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010
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The line for city taxpayers was already to the door this morning and the finance director said it will probably be the same Tuesday.

"They've been steadily busy this year since starting in February," finance director Diane Eschen said. "We hoped people were filing early, but it goes in spurts."

The office is open until 4:30 p.m. today and from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday.

Four people work in the city income tax department, but Eschen said only two could see customers at a time because of legal confidentiality issues.

"I can't set up a table out by the water window," she said, because others in the office could hear the conversation.

Eschen said if people have all of the necessary tax documents pertinent federal schedules, a copy of the 1040, W-2 form they can figure out their city tax themselves and just drop off a copy of the documents and their payment in a sealed envelope at the water window. But the employees there are not allowed to look into the envelopes and give receipts.

Most of the people waiting in line were resigned to quite a wait.

"You just kind of forget about it until that bell goes off," Phillip Daniels said. He said he filed his state and federal taxes in January, but waits until the last minute every year for city taxes.

Freda Soisson said she also waits until the last minute every year for city taxes.

"I'm too lazy to get up here prior to that," she said with a laugh, adding that she files state and federal taxes early to get her refund back as soon as possible.

Angie Bovia stayed in line for almost 20 minutes, then had to leave for work. Unfortunately, she said, she knows she'll be waiting in line again this afternoon or Tuesday.

"They don't like it when I get up there," she said, because she has a list of 58 other cities her husband worked in last year and city workers must calculate each of those amounts to figure those against the city's 1.5 percent tax. The city will put portions of each to Norwalk's tax, but Bovia said she ends up paying every year and some of the taxes remain in the other cities where her husband had worked. Like many other people in line, Bovia filed her state and federal returns months ago.



Oh my! You really are supposed to do your own taxes. I think the city helps you out if you need some. But that girl who's husband works in 58 cities is so stupid! She should do her own taxes instead of making the city waste their own time and everybody else's by not doing them herself. It's very inconsiderate. People aren't too bright. What a lazy person.

Chad Eitle (Ano...

It amazes me how some people wait until the last minute to file their taxes yet when they want something from the government they expect it right away. I would love to see the look on their face when the director of the street department says: "Yeah, I know you had to get to work today and we would have cleared that snow from your street earlier, but we were just to lazy to do it, and it just kinda slipped our mind until the bell went off."

Absolutely pathetic.

Chad Eitle (Ano...

TAXPAYER: Yeah, my power is out over here...

CITY: Really? Hmm, that's odd. What can we do for ya?

TAXPAYER: I really need that on as soon as possible, I've got no heat and it's getting cold in here.

CITY: Yeah, right....well it's gonna be awhile. To be honest we just don't really feel like coming out and fixing that power line right now. You know, kinda busy with other stuff at the moment. Kinda got a good game of cards goin here and all.... Can you maybe call back later and remind us. Maybe we can send somebody out then if we don't forget....

Chad Eitle (Ano...

TAXPAYER: Hello? Yeah, about that power outage. Still off and long am I gonna have to wait.

CITY: Oh, forgot all about it. What do ya need?

TAXPAYER: Need my power on and this tree off my roof. It's starting to collapse.

CITY: Hmmm...we're just really not motivated to go out in this weather and go around cutting down limbs and running wires. It's just not really fun getting wet and all.

TAXPAYER: Hey, I pay your salary with my taxes so get out here and fix it....

CITY: Hey, how about YOU remove that tree from YOUR roof and straighten up OUR power lines. We can tell ya how to do it, kinda like you do on April 14th when YOU want US to do YOUR taxes because you were to lazy to do it...


let me see if i have this correct,they are standing in line for the city workers to do their taxes? bull!!!!,if you want some one else to do your taxes take to the tax service's,dont waste taxpayer money having those girls do it for you.really, its not all that i know why my friend that works there hates this time of year.too many lazy peopledoing your own taxes and waiting to file on the last day is one thing,not to have them done at all on the last day.....well do most of those folks in line work? so they stand losing wages to do a simple chore.only in the usa


It's a good thing I don't have a job than huh? I didn't lose any money by standing in line... I didn't even know that I had to file my city taxes until my mom called and told me to get my keester up there.... But the lady was very helpful in helping me with my taxes... If they hate their job so much, than why do they do it?


Whoda thought that a fact of life we've lived with most of our lives (waiting until the last minute to do taxes) would incite such venom in folks!

God bless those people that want to stand in line on April 15th. It's a good opportunity for socializing and free pizza and why the heck should anyone pay the government any sooner than they have to.

God bless those city folks that will help the masses understand their taxual obligation. Nobody ever made a tax form that was easy to understand and it's not a waste of taxpayer money for these public servants to help folks with the paperwork so they can render unto Caesar.

God bless anyone that gets their taxes done early so they can chastize the folks that wait until the last minute. They have an outlook on life that surely says "Let's get the tax crap out of the way so we can concentrate on what's good in life."

swiss family

it looks like these poor last minute tax payers need some pizza, and maybe a free newspaper...

we all somehow, have to pay for our pizza, and papers.. but if you are irresponsible, and wait until the last minute, you need to be rewarded for such irresponsible actions...

thanks, Domino's and the Reflector... how do i get my free stuff????

Chad Eitle (Ano...

It's kind of ironic that a company that was founded on the principle of timeliness gives free pizza to a segment of society that has no clue what timeliness means. Having your picture taken while taking time off your job, standing in line, yucking it up paying your taxes late while eating free pizza and reading a free paper is nothing to be proud of folks. I hope the next time you order a pizza from Dominoes that it comes late. You should be glad to live in America because in most other countries the only only free meal you would be getting would be in jail.

David Deerest.

Since when is last minute considered irresponsible?? They give a deadline for a reason. How do you know what these people have going on in their lives? Maybe there is a reason they wait, like paying in.

Jealous because you didn't get a free piece of pizza? Wow, your life must be that good, eh?

swiss family

I dont understand the reasoning behind the reflector, and domino's thinking???why again are we rewarding these people who have put off their duties until the last second??? i am just glad that after watching how the pizza was dispensed, i am glad that it was given to these last minute, people...

i don't wish bad things on these people, but they have put themselves in a position , where they are probably eating germ infested food, and wiping their hands on the free newspaper....seems like not much of a treat for these last minute people after all !!!!

swiss family

keep an eye on what our "fast and friendly" local gas station owners are charging us for their products!!!

the price of gas in Norwalk, was considerably more expensive than it was in the surrounding area!!!Bellvue, Monroeville, Elyria, Lorain, and Avery were all cheaper than Norwalk!!! my question once again goes to our "neighbors and friends" who own the local gas stations..... why??????

David Deerest.

How pathetic.


Chad - Domino's timeliness was 30 minutes or less and they've now changed that for safety reasons. The folks in line were getting their taxes filed at the 29th minute, so they were doing their darnedest to get them done before time ran out; they weren't late. Skip and Joe were just trying to ease the pain of their tax bite a little, not reward them.

There are long lines at the Post Office at Christmas -- should we chastise those people for not going there in October to mail their Christmas cards ? Of course, they didn't get free pizza while standing in line. Whoa - Skip, there's another promotion just waiting...

Swiss - If you don't like the price of gas in Norwalk, just drive on over to the neighbors. Keep in mind you have to save about $.24 per gallon on a 10 gallon fill-up before you break even. Or start your own gas station and get on the gravy train, if you think that's what it is. "Fast" it could be, but I doubt it would be "friendly".

Wait a minute -- what's that got to do with waiting in line to pay taxes ? Sucked me right in again, that wiley ol' cocoa prevaricator. Oh, well.