Borgers project taking shape; much local excitement generated

If this company chooses Norwalk, it would hire 230 employees and invest $60 million in two phases.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 14, 2014


The recent announcement regarding the possibility of Borgers USA Corp. building a plant in Norwalk has caused much excitement in the Maple City.

Norwalk city council recently adopted legislation approving a job creation grant agreement between Borgers and the city. Council also gave the OK to a resolution involving an enterprise zone agreement.

"This company, Borgers, doesn't do anything unless they do their homework," Councilman Bob Carleton said. "Their growth is calculated and their risk known before they make decisions on expansions.

"This has to be one of the largest industries Norwalk has ever landed in its history," Carleton added.

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Mr. Seitz you could have been a little more careful with your wording. Under the title you said "if this company chooses Norwalk", then you have Bob Carleton saying "this has to be one of the largest industries Norwalk has ever landed". It's a bit conflicting.


Relax Sue, you know how Bob can get.


Good Luck, If it happens , pray they will be long-term jobs, now how many more jobs are needed to make up those lost during the last year?

Cliff Cannon

In the immortal words of Larry the cable guy : " Get er' done " ASAP everyone. This is so exciting, I for one, can't wait for the grand opening of Borgers new factory


"You know how Bob can get." When he's not busy sending out racist emails. In any other town, he would have been removed from office. In Norwalk, he's re-elected.

J Cooper

Its not about one councilman's statement it about new jobs which is a positive for the community.