Teacher caught on camera using force against a kindergartner charged with child endangerment

Teacher reportedly told the boy: “I am sick of you,” “I am sick of your parents” and “I will rip you apart.”
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Jun 3, 2014


A Riverdale School District teacher caught on camera using force against a kindergartner has been charged with child endangerment, which is a misdemeanor.

Barb Williams was charged in Findlay Municipal Court. Ms. Williams, who has been a teacher in the district for 15 years, was seen being pushing around 6-year-old Ian Nelson on May 7 in school surveillance footage. The video, which showed her confronting the student, pushing him against a wall, and then lifting him up by his shirt and face, went viral and gained national attention.

According to a summary report of the incident written May 8 by Julie Spade, the elementary school’s principal, three cooks provided information about the incident that they overheard while on their break.

They reported hearing Ms. Williams “speaking very harshly” to the boy, and wrote down statements that they heard her say, including “I am sick of you,” “I am sick of your parents,” and “I will rip you apart.”

Ms. Williams was suspended for 10 days beginning May 14 and will not return to the classroom this school year. Child endangerment is a misdemeanor of the first degree, which carries a maximum penalty of 180 days in jail and a $1,000 fine. The charge was filed on Friday.


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watch the parent video and you can see troublemakers,thats no excuse,the teacher cracked under the pressure of a class room full of kids and one brat kid and two brat parents pushed her over the edge,but she unfortunately can not be trusted with kids

shovelhead's picture

You got that right! She needs a construction job...looks like she can hold her own!


I am sure her union rep and attorney will get her to be able to retire with full benefits and no harm will be done to her. She will get no more than a slap on the wrist and ride off into the sunset. As a kindergarten teacher she should have been accustomed to dealing with 5/6 year olds that display this type of behavior. If not she should have retired LAST YEAR. She has lost the ability to cope with children. No matter what her track record was before, she has lost her finesse. I would not want her anywhere near my children. As a teacher she should know how to deal with kids and their parents, if not, find a new profession.


agree with everything except slap on wrist,in hindsight this teacher probably hates herself for losing it


Or maybe not.... Perhaps it was just her first time getting caught...


does anyone really think this was the first time she's done this? beer is right....the first time she got caught


Or....how many remember the good teachers? We also know what happened to the bad teachers...sooner or later their house and or autos get rocked! Never degrade young people - they have an elephant memory.


She certainly knew the camera was there and she still lost it.


13Abc News on Facebook has a post that says the family now wants the misdemeanor charge dropped and a NEW investigation opened. A conflict of interest was found between the teachers husband and the sheriff's office.