Sex offender avoids prison term, gets 6 months in county jail

Man who was called "kind of a schmuck" by his own attorney committed numerous sex-related offenses with a 15-year-old girl over a six-month period.
Cary Ashby
May 29, 2014


A convicted sex offender is spending the next six months in the Huron County Jail.

Stephen Erwin, 23, of 104 E. Seminary St., is prohibited from having any association with the 15-year-old female victim and any non-family females under the age of 18 during his three years of basic probation. He also must undergo psychological counseling and sex offender treatment. Erwin also was fined $500 Wednesday.

The defendant, who earlier served about 20 days in jail, must register his address with the Huron County Sheriff's Office every six months for the next 25 years. As a Tier II sex offender, he also can't live within 1,000 feet of a school, preschool or daycare center.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway, during Wednesday's sentencing hearing, said it appears the victim suffered "some psychological harm," based on her victim impact report.

"I'd like to apologize to the family," Erwin told the judge, although the victim and her family weren't in court.

"Honestly it will never happen again. ... I'm doing what I can to stay on the right track," the defendant said.

Conway ruled he couldn't find Erwin was remorseful because he committed numerous sex-related offenses with the girl over a six-month period. The defendant's family declined to comment after the hearing.

In mid-April, Erwin pleaded guilty to three counts of unlawful sexual conduct of a minor. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dismissed nine similar charges.

During the investigation by Greenwich Police Officer Aaron Smith, Erwin "readily admitted his conduct," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said. The prosecutor recommended a prison term since Erwin's crime was a serious offense -- despite his lack of an earlier felony conviction and not having any adjudications through juvenile court.

The victim's father notified police after her father checked her Facebook page and "came across" some disturbing information. Smith, the investigating officer, also said Erwin lived in Greenwich at one point and one of the sex offenses happened in Willard.

Huron County Public Defender David Longo said he strongly disagreed with the state's recommendation for a prison term since Erwin doesn't have a previous history of committing sex offenses, there weren't multiple victims and the girl's family wasn't recommending Erwin be punished severely.

"I don't think he had a real girlfriend before," Longo said, although it's unknown if Erwin and the girl were dating.

Longo said his impression of the defendant was he's "kind of a schmuck" and isn't "a terribly worldly guy."

If Erwin violates his probation, he faces 18 months in prison.


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I knew the attorney was Longo as soon as I read the subtitle. Only the prosecutor hates defendant's more than that guy. Although it did seem to work in this case.


Spoken like a true defendant.


another prime example of no one caring for our children... so if i understand this article correctly we should not be punishing child molesters severely, only if they are re-offenders or have multiple victims? i say lock these sick pieces of crap up permanently. they don't change! don't ever give them a chance to re-offend!!!!!!! bring back public hangings for these sick pukes.


sorry... but not really a "child molester" as you say. Not good, but not quite what you say.
With a society which see's people as non responsible for purchasing there own health care till 26 and a society promoting condoms and teaching safe sex and the joys of it to 11 yr olds..
i don't really think 23 (immature) and 15 (experienced) as "child molesting.




...I arrived at the same conclusion, truckin, your words sum up the reality ...this lad is neither some snuffling predator with a bag of candy, nor (genders reversed) a hard up cougar on the prowl...


@ truckin, Only a true pervert thinks that a 23 year old with a 15 year old isn't child molesting. You can try and explain it anyway you want, but you're sick. Actually the others on here agreeing with you are perverts too. What is it about statutory rape that you people don't understand?


-rebel - I suspect that the person who doesn't understand statutory rape is you. Statutory rape in Ohio is consensual sexual conduct with someone 12 yrs old or younger. The crime this fellow committed is that he had consensual sexual conduct with someone below the current age of consent in Ohio which is 16. The legislature is in the process of lowering this age and it is likely that a year from now it won't even be a crime at all.


Sarrak - If I don't have the correct facts then that's my fault, however no one is ever going to make me believe that it's o.k. for a 23 year old grown MAN to have sex with a 15 year old CHILD. Molestation is the only thing you can call it. Too me it's very scary how people can be tolerant of such perverted behavior.


-rebel - I really don't think anyone believes it's ok for this to happen. But the issue is whether or not this is a crime and if it remains a crime just how serious is it? Its clearly not molestation because pedophilia is defined as sexual interest in or sexual conduct with pre-puberty children.




EVERY SINGLE ONE OF YOU PEOPLE DEFENDING THIS "MOLESTER", MAKES ME can any of you condone this kind of crap...i know there are sexually active kids at that age but they should not be experimenting with grown adults no matter what the circumstances...a grown a$$ man knows better no matter how "immature" this guy mentally retarded and not understand right from wrong?....the state law says a child under 16 can't consent, why? because she is considered a child, and someone over 18 can not have sex with someone under 16, if they do they are considered a molester hence the definition of a "CHILD MOLESTER" is it o.k for a 40 year old immature man to have sex with 15 year old kids? were you all on a free Castro kick after they found him, i mean after all those girls were older than 15 when they were found, should we have left them there and said , "well their old enough, and the one girl had his baby so she must have wanted it", right...isn't that the same thing....Q:do you know how you know your from an inbred hick town? A: when everyone in it condones child molestation


I don't know that any of us are defending this guy. Sexual interest in and or activity with pre puberty children is defined by Medicine and Psychology as Pedophilia and those that engage in it are child molesters. Sexual interest in or activity with post puberty people is not defined as pedophilia as such youngsters are medical adults. It then becomes a legal question. The current age of consent of 16 was set in the early 1900's when Ohio adopted the General Code because 16 was believed to be about 4 years after puberty at that time. The revised code in 1974 continued the age. The reason the legislature is reviewing this age is because of expressed concern by parents of high school seniors and juniors who are afraid that their 18 year old youngsters are going to get into trouble because of unwillingness to give up their under age 16 girlfriends after they turn 18. It is difficult to believe that there are those who wish to label these high school kids as child molesters but there are several prosecutions of this type going on in Ohio currently. Add to this the fact that in our modern world the sexually active 13,14, and 15 year olds far outnumber those who are not and you have a legal situation that needs attention.


wow it really makes me uneasy knowing just how much time and research you have obviously spent on this subject...this guy is not a high school senior who has had an ongoing friendship with a high school matter how you try to shake the tree this is a grown man, who has been out of school for at least five years, with a high school freshman, don't see a problem with that? maybe we should change the laws then and start allowing grown men to roam high school campuses trolling for girls....PUBERTY DOES NOT MEAN MATURITY....especially with all the growth hormones children consume on a daily basis....maybe we should change the laws to 12 and start blaming 13 year old kids for having affairs with grown married men in their people sicken me!!!!....and I'm sorry but your comment makes you sound like someone who is looking for legal boundaries for yourself....not judging just a little creepy! DO NOT TRY TO MAKE THIS ABOUT HIGH SCHOOL YOUNGSTERS.....HE IS A GROWN A$$ MAN!!!!!!


Love this response. There are way too many 'experienced' young ladies his age to canoodle with that he didn't have to prey on this one. Teach him a lesson, no pat his wrist.


Problem here is that High School seniors and juniors over 18 are also considered "Grown A$$ Men" under the current law and across the state some are being prosecuted for keeping girlfriends under 16. I'm sorry that you are uneasy but I spent 40 years working in the system and try always to be factual in what I post. The age of consent is under review in Columbus and we will see what they come up with. There are many things in life that are not OK but that does not mean they all should be crimes. We're talking about consensual behavior here with a very experienced girl and a non-experienced defendant.


40 years in the system? what an inmate or a scumbag defense attorney looking for loopholes in the system to set child molesters free....where are they locking up high school students for this? that was the whole reason they lowered the age of consent to 16 to avoid kids like that from going to have to be this losers mom!...if you have been in the system for 40 years i would say that would have to make you at least 58 years old so you tell me this, how in the he[[ do you know this girl is "very experienced"? I'm thinking I've probably seen your face before as i scrolled through the list of sexual predators,either that or your this guys mommy, which one?


The age of consent has been 16 in Ohio since the early 1900's. I am 67 if its your business. The details of the discovery in this case are actually common knowledge down at the Courthouse and copies are also available to the public now that the case is over. Perhaps you should request a copy through law enforcement and inform yourself before embarrassing yourself further.


just as i thought..."mommy"....i dont need a copy of paper work to tell me this guy is a child molester....what i do need is your address so i can keep my kids away from your house. whats embarrassing is your comments. go back and read them, you sound like a pedophile. I thought people of your generation were brought up with better values and morals. well then again i guess child molesters did exist in the 50s as well. you should be ashamed of yourself for all the defending of a child molester you have been doing! i stand behind all of my words and have nothing to be embarrassed about, i do not like child molesters, and i am not afraid to say so!!!!!!!!!!!!


one last thing, I'm sure that the discovery says nothing about her being "experienced", and even if it does it does not give this child molesting piece of crap permission to sleep with her...its a felony no matter what you say or how much you try to defend it. reading your comments makes me wonder what we would find hidden in your computer.


Agree with truckin....I at 16 (back in the 70s) was active sexually and was consensual, with my then 19 year old boyfriend. Not saying it is OK....just sayin. Child molestor? She is in it too.


Your situation was a bit different than a 23 year old getting it on with a 15 year old. An 8 year difference in age like there's is perversion.


...check out the article filed on May 28, look at the eyes ...this article suggests something darker than youthful hormones...


So how would 18 and 26 be is that as perverted? That is still 8 years. I agree that he should have know better than to mess with an underage girl..but you cannot tell me she didn't know what she was doing was wrong as well. At 15 she is not as innocent as you make it. The 15 year olds today are way to educated in the art of seduction and sex than they need to be. Heck walk the halls of the middle school. 13 year olds are too educated. Parents need to be sure to tell their SONS and their DAUGHTERS the law of the land. What can and will happen to you if you are caught. The schools teach sex ed, they should teach sex LAW too.


ladydye 5 - An 18 year old is a legal adult and who they choose to hook up with is their own business. A 15 year old is a child and that's a big difference. If a 15 year old is so mature, then why can't they even get into an rated "R" movie without an adult? This is a topic we could go around and around debating on.


Ok....17 and 25. And yes we could go round and round debating. I agree, to a point. They BOTH should have know better. At 15 she is a child. But she also KNOWS what was going on. Show me a 15 year old that does not.


It is absolute ignorant comments like this that shows the utter disgust in the human race! It is not education that has led young girls to do things like this it is the lack of and the perversion of men preying on young people who just don't know any better,and by that i mean she is still a child filled with years of ignorant decisions ahead of just makes me sick that a lot of you are willing to condone things like this and blame a child (no matter how she dresses or looks she is a child).....instead of blaming a kid we need to blame and punish the person who is supposed to know better, him....


the difference here is 18...the girl is 15 people...just because someone is promiscuous at 15, that is not a free pass for grown men to lie down with them. its times like that when they need an adult to help them and explain to them the life changing mistakes they could be making, not take all of you molesting defenders, THIS IS WRONG!!!!!!!!


Federal Legal Age of Consent is 16 years old .


Regardless, it's still illegal in 16 states unless the person is 17 or 18 years old.