Clyde grad hired as NHS athletic director

Norwalk hires North Point Educational Service Center to complete the search for Superintendent Dennis Doughty's replacement.
Cary Ashby
Jun 1, 2014


Norwalk High School has found its new director of student activities.

The Norwalk City Schools board of education approved employing Gary Swartz, of Clyde, effective Aug. 1.

The board approved Swartz's contract at a recent special meeting.

Also at the same meeting, board members approved a contract with North Point Educational Service Center to complete the search for the district superintendent. Dennis Doughty's retirement is effective July 31. He was the superintendent for five years and has been in education in various local schools and assorted positions for 38 years.

Swartz, a Clyde High School graduate, has been an English teacher at his alma mater since August 1996. He also coached cross country and football, coordinated the weight room and bloodmobile. Swartz was the adviser for the National Honor Society and Varsity C.

During the first three years of his career, Swartz taught English and was a co-instructor with a special education teacher at Sylvania Southview High School. He also coached baseball and was the weight room coordinator there.

Swartz has two degrees from Bowling Green State University -- his bachelor of science in English and a master of education in administration and supervision.

In February, the Norwalk school board approved Ray Scheid's transfer from being the NHS director of student activities to being the technology teacher and athletic director at Norwalk Middle School. The transfer began March 3.

In other news, board members interviewed two applicants for treasurer during a special meeting. The board took no action.



me arse

I'm confused. Is the director of student activities the same position as the high school athletic director? Or is the title of this article supposed to say they hired a new athletic director for the middle school?

Cary Ashby

The NHS athletic director's official title is director of student activities. They hired a new athletic director for NHS, not the middle school.


Interesting...they had two internal candidates from my understanding that they passed over with no reasoning. So you cost the district more money by going outside. Smart. Smells like someone or a few someones wanted a pal in there.

Kobayashi Maru

How does it save the district money? And who were the two internal candidates?


Perhaps the reasoning was they weren't qualified. Why do people always want to stir the pot? Hmm!!! Oh, because that's the Norwalk way.

Tell it how it is.

Thank god they did not hire another Tennis Coach. Good Luck Gary.


Will be interesting to see how long this lasts...