Local boy, 12, accused of sexually abusing sister, 6

'There were admissions made in the case,' deputies say.
Cary Ashby
May 23, 2014


The Huron County Sheriff's Office arrested a 12-year-old Collins boy this week on an allegation he sexually abused his sister.

Deputies received a call at 9:19 p.m. Saturday about a suspected incident of sexual assault or gross sexual imposition. Detective Kayla Zander, who investigated the case with Detective Rich Larson, said the 6-year-old Collins victim and one of her parents came to the station about an offense that happened the same day.

"I believe there were events in the past," Zander said.

Those allegations remain under investigation.

"There were admissions made in the case," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

Zander said detectives arrested and identified the girl's older brother as the suspect based on what the victim told them. The Collins boy was charged with gross sexual imposition and transported to the Seneca County Youth Center. Gross sexual imposition would be a third-degree felony if committed by an adult.

"I don't think we've had issues with him in the past," Zander said about the boy.

Huron County Children Services assisted detectives with the investigation.

"I appreciate Detective Zander and Detective Larson responding in a timely manner in their off time to investigate the complaint and bring quick resolution to a tragic event," Sheriff Dane Howard said.



If only you as concerned about violating a person's 4th amendment rights, Sheriff Dane Howard .


are we really still talking about the search warrant story luv? C'mon lets get over that, this is about an innocent 6 year old child, and regardless of what Dane Howard has done i completely have his back on this to make sure this girl is protected and this little sicko gets punished for this...my question is this, who protects us from this sexual predator in the future when this little lad is a full grown rapist with an expunged sexual juvenile record?

swiss family

we all know that I don't know "nuffin bout nuffin... but if I had to guess I would bet that this 12 year old has quite an interesting and sad story of physical, verbal and above all else sexual abuse history that needs too be investigated as well.. It does NOT make him innocent of the charges, but it sure makes other silent participants much more guilty that they seem to initially appear to be..prosecute them, and counsel the boy and the child.. in my opinion..