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Huron County Airport like a man without a country
Scott Seitz2
May 30, 2014


Huron County Commissioner Joe Hintz delivered a pair of clear messages at a recent airport board meeting.

No. 1 -- the commissioners won't be applying for any federal grants to benefit the airport.

No. 2 -- the county coffers don't contain an extra $60,000 to $70,000 to renovate the airport office complex.

The two items on the special-session agenda included an update on the potential lease for the business complex and organizing and later submitting a temporary closure plan for the facility.

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Way to grab the bull by the horns. What a go-getter.

honest person

Why would someone not want to apply for federal money to improve something that is owned by the county. Do they not think that if they actually made improvements to the airport that the drivers that come in might actually fly into Norwalk and hanger their million dollar jets, buy fuel to fly. Are they that deep into BB's back pocket, that they will do anything negative?


Too late. Rumor has it Billy has purchased 300 acres in Lorain county


The issue that didn't allow the airport to shut down for the last race had nothing to do with grant past or future. It was due to Essex(Bader's buddy) not getting the request in in a timely manner.
The commissioners gets all kids of grants from the State and FEDs for many other things yet they are not worried about obligations tied to any of those are they?
By reducing the footprint to just the hangers and runway the commissioners are eliminating areas that generate funds that have helped keep the airport going.
Any revenue generated on airport grounds belongs to the airport and by keeping those funds in the county general funds they are in violation of law. It is theft.
The last money the commissioners spent on the airport was $7,500 they used to hire Washington lobbyists to see about closing the airport and the report they got back told them they CAN NOT CLOSE AND SELL THE AIRPORT!
Now due to the commissioners failing to maintain the facilities (which the FAA grants would do) the two businesses that want to lease parts of the big hanger can't til the building is fixed. Those businesses are looking at $4,000 a month leases for 2 years with renewal options. That would add quite a lot to the funds being generated directly from the airport
This is on top of the fact that the commissioners have failed to file for exemptions for the property taxes on the airport and have let the big hanger be billed 4 times the actual value on the big hanger. For how many years now?
As to the master plan being a problem with the FAA. That is bull, that plan is the one the FAA has approved before any of the last grants the airport got from the FAA.
This whole article is just election year spinning of facts so many of the population do not really know or understand what the com missioners are really doing.


Funny, the auditor says there is extra money, enough to pay for the renovations to bring in the 2 businesses. He handles the finances, so he should know. Do you really believe anything that comes out of Hintz or Dunlap's mouth. We haven't heard anything from Hintz since he was elected. Now all of a sudden his lips are pursed on a portion of some bull's anatomy. Dunlap is nothing more than a turn coat to the highest bidder. Remember one of Dunlap's campaign issues was the horrid state of county owned buildings. You see how that has gone. Of course he campaigned against spending money on the old jail and look how that is going. Amazing how quickly you change your tune once your in office. There is extra money in the general fund. Put the repairs into your building so we can bring a few businesses here!

Now The Rest of...

What two new business, who are they? We keep hearing about the 100 business that use the airport, why don't one of them or as a joint venture buy it and run it as private for profit operation? If it so valuable to business wouldn't private investors want to operate it?


I am amazed at how one can twist normal logic, and throw out good common sense. Genius, how many public owned airports in this state have gone public. Just because you don't want to exhibit any common sense, don't expect the rest of us can't see the political game that is being played, with the airport unfortunately at the center. With your logic, we should turn over the highway dept, auditor's office, and sheriff's dept to the lowest bidder. It is part of our community's infrastructure. Think for a moment and try to digest what that means!

Now The Rest of...

I am amazed how some won't even consider if there is interest from the private sector for operation as an airport. If no private buyer comes forward why should the government keep for a privileged few? Your logic or lack of it; the law mandates the highway department, auditor's office and sheriffs department and they serve the entire county not just a privileged few. The private sector with incentive of profit always operates more efficiently than government. I hope I didn't supply you with to many facts and logic to digest.


Ohio's Gov. Rhodes knew what it took to build the economy. With state funds, he had an airport built in EACH of Ohio's counties. He realized that airports were very important pieces of infrastructure that help to promote economic development in EVERY county in Ohio.

"In 1962, Rhodes won election as Ohio's governor. He eliminated or dramatically scaled back several programs that the previous governor, Michael DiSalle, had implemented. At the same time, Rhodes authorized the building of airports, state office buildings, prisons, and other public structures. Rhodes also lowered taxes on small business owners, hoping to enhance Ohio's economy, while he increased funding to schools and universities. He won reelection in 1966."


Unfortunately, our local politicians do not understand the importance of maintaining a local infrastructure. This is probably why Huron County is always near the top of the list of counties with the highest unemployment. They want to put all their eggs in one basket instead of seeing the whole picture.