Click it or ticket: Patrol warns motorists to wear a safety belt

6-State Trooper Project enforcement effort to run from Monday through May 26
Norwalk Reflector Staff
May 18, 2014


Motorists who refuse to wear their safety belts should beware.

The 2014 national Click It or Ticket safety belt enforcement mobilization kicks off Monday to help save lives by cracking down on those who don't buckle up.

In addition, the Patrol will join forces with members of the 6-State Trooper Project for a multi-state enforcement effort from May 19 to 26 that will also focus on safety belts. Members of the 6-State Trooper Project that will be participating include: the Ohio State Highway Patrol, Indiana State Police, Kentucky State Police, Michigan State Police, Pennsylvania State Police and the West Virginia State Police.

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation's National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) 10,335 vehicle occupants who died in 2012 were not wearing their safety belts at the time of the crash.

Last year in Ohio, 59 percent of the people killed were not wearing a safety restraint.

"Too many drivers and passengers are not wearing their safety belts, and it all too often ends in tragedy," said Col. Paul A. Pride, Patrol superintendent. "It doesn't matter which state you're driving in. I want you to get home safely."

More than 900 law enforcement partners around Ohio, including the Ohio State Highway Patrol, will be aggressively enforcing the law during the Click It or Ticket mobilization, which runs May 19 to June 1.

"It's simple. Safety belts save lives and reduce injury in crashes," said Director John Born, Ohio Department of Public Safety. "It is the easiest thing you can do to protect yourself, your family and your friends."

In 2012, safety belts saved an estimated 12,174 lives nationwide according to NHTSA. While this year's Click It or Ticket enforcement mobilization runs through June 1, troopers will continue their zero tolerance policy year-round when motorists are stopped for other violations and are found to not be wearing their safety belt.

Troopers ask that you wear your safety belt every time and insist that those who travel with you buckle-up as well. Law enforcement and other safety partners will be holding awareness events and educational activities to stress the importance of safety belt use around the state during the mobilization.



"It doesn't matter what state you're driving in, I want you get home safely."

I'm typically driving in a drunken state while texting and eating funyons.

Write it, or bite it.


oh yeah!


so now it's a primary offense? bend over and take it..


to help save lives.. what a crock. just another way to generate revenue. the only reason the law cares about your life is because dead people don't pay fines


It is absurd, Mikey. If they were concerned about saving lives, they wouldn't engage in high speed pursuits for petty offenses. It's always charming when it ends in a fiery crash, safely eliminating innocents.
Not to mention, "click it or ticket" is sophomoric and cute in a cancerous kind of way. Click it or ticket. Get it? It rhymes. Help us help you or we will open your wallet. Now go to bed, citizen, it's past your bed time.



Your 'caring' federal gubbermint at work.

Fed highway money will be withheld if states do not show some effort in encouraging seat restraint usage.


...nothing less than six-state bureaucratic B&D freefrawl


It worked for me. A few years back in FL they started "Click it or ticket" so I wore my seat belt that whole week. Now if I'm not wearing it, I feel...naked lol! May save my life one day, may not.


...I just hope the airbag doesn't deploy when I'm picking my nose...


...happened once before, I got my finger back, but never did find my class ring...


love it!