Man accused of repeatedly kicking pregnant wife's stomach

Milan Twp. suspect arrested on felonious assault, domestic violence charges
Scott Seitz2
May 16, 2014


An area man was arrested after allegedly assaulting his pregnant wife.

James T. Hinant, 42, of 2711 Alpine Trail, Huron, was taken into custody Monday night by Erie County sheriff's deputies and charged with felonious assault and domestic violence.

Hinant is accused of choking his wife, repeatedly striking her in the face and head, kicking her in the stomach and then smashing a glass ashtray over her head.

According to the police report, the victim arrived home from work and discovered Hinant drinking in the garage with several of his friends.

The wife went out to the garage to talk to the suspect, but he became angry and began calling her names, the report indicated.

She attempted to calm Hinant down, but he became increasingly angry and allegedly struck the victim with a chair.

Hinant allegedly then pushed the victim up against the wall and began choking her before one of his friends pulled him away and restrained him.

Deputies later noticed the victim had redness around the front of her neck and throat that would be consistent with someone having been forcibly choked, deputies said.

The victim and suspect then reportedly went inside the home to discuss her pregnancy and an attempt to sell their home.

The victim advised that conversation angered Hinant and he attacked her, kicking her repeatedly in the stomach and striking her head and face.

Hinant had allegedly threatened to kill his wife before due to the fact she's pregnant.

Deputies wrote Hinant allegedly smashed a glass ashtray with such force over the victim's head the glass was in powder form on the back cushion where the victim's head would have been.

The suspect claimed the ashtray broke when his wife attempted to throw it at him and he blocked it.

Deputies, in their report, indicated the victim had a gash on her head and dried blood and her head and face.

When deputies explained to Hinant the glass was in powder form on the couch, he claimed the victim must have placed the glass on the couch to coincide with her statement.

Deputies then arrested Hinant and transported him to the Erie County Jail.

Deputies attempted to interview witnesses at the scene, but they were "less than cooperative."

The police were initially called to the scene after receiving a 9-1-1 call involving a domestic dispute.

Hinant later collapsed near the intake door at jail, complaining he could not breathe, deputies said. He was transported to a local hospital and then transferred back to the jail where he was served his copies of the charges.

Hinant has a preliminary hearing set for 9:30 a.m. May 21 at Erie County Municipal Court.

The judge set his bond at $50,000, with no 10-percent provision.

Hinant is also not permitted to have any direct or indirect contact with the victim.



Wow, he should be charged with attempted murder.


What a piece of trash.


Notice his cannula; surprised he had enough wind to do anything, with his O2. Most people on it don't.


He needs an old fashion a$$ whipping! What an idiot! They should lock him up and throw away the key! I hope he gets it put to him real hard in jail! What a punk!

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His "a$$" deserves a lot more than a whipping, if you get what I mean.


What do you think CrankyBalls! :)


Yank that O2 off that a** hat! Lets watch him try and breath!


What a drunk abusive idiot, he needs locked up for awhile. For her sake in the future, I hope she learns wisdom and learns the appropriate times to try to discuss things. Why would you try to talk to a guy that is drunk, who just hit you with a chair and choked you about selling a house and a pregnancy? What a sad way for both of these people to learn these lessons.


I wouldn't have allowed that dummy to have any oxygen. He should get attempted murder also.

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Anybody think we should kick him repeatedly in the balls?


I second that !


Anybody that would kick a pregnant woman in the stomach doesn't have any balls. What a piece of garbage


Real men don't hit women.


I hope she isn't one of those who in a day or two will stick up for him and say what a good guy he is. I hate when people do that. She should get out now, and hopefully the baby will never meet him, and possibly learn that abuse is normal or "okay".


He's a really nice guy. He just had a bad day, cut him some slack!


So as long as you have a bad day, and someone vouches for the fact that you usually are a "nice guy" , it is a get out of jail free card for beating someone? Or kicking a pregnant woman? WOW.




I hope that comment was sarcastic @rickross


Is Rickross ever serious? Fuk that guy!


I realize that you people are only going on what the reflector has written but let me tell you the real deal... neither of the people are what I would call a friend but I am tired of reading people say things like "lets take away his O2" and stupid crap like that when you don't really know anything! First off, they constantly fight, this is nothing new. Secondly she is more abusive than he is. She is twice his size, hardly a little pregnant victim. By the way, word is she isn't even pregnant! Did you people ever stop to think before you threw stones that its a little, actually really weird that a pregnant lady that got kicked in the belly refused to go get treatment?????? Please try to get more facts before you write terrible things about people, it doesn't make you any better than them. I could go on and on about the things that this lady has done but I think you get the point.

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Don't you even care about the beating that the baby received? Hopefully when James is in prison he'll get to experience the full ride. Bubba is always looking for a new a$$ to break it off in.


If all they do is fight, they shouldn't be together. I will never understand why people want to be together if they don't even love each other. It's not okay for anyone to abuse anyone. If what you say it true, he should still act like a man and walk away. There is no good in someone who can beat a woman (regardless of any excuses people give them), especially a pregnant one. I knew there would be someone making excuses for him. If my husband ever did that to me, I'd probably be in jail for murder...or maybe I'd let him live and suffer by cutting off his parts.


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J Cooper

She comes home from WORK, he is drinking with his buddies, yea some man, he kicks and beats her, how can anyone defend this scum?


For people who like to make comments on other peoples lives, you sure are close minded. Its not a matter of sticking up for anyone or saying what is right and wrong, its knowing more of the facts. All I was stating is that you cannot always go by what you read, there is ALOT more to this story.

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Well please enlighten us....... Don't just say "there's ALOT more to this story", then leave us hanging. We're listening. Does he deserve to have his a$$ pummeled and junk cut off or not?


Dude is tough as hell he thinks.