Huron County authorities search for gunman

Area man allegedly threatened to take AK-47 and shoot wife at Norwalk salon.
Cary Ashby
May 14, 2014


A potentially dangerous situation ended peacefully Monday afternoon -- hours after a rural Willard man reportedly threatened to shoot his estranged wife.

"In the end, it ended well and that's a real blessing," Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard said.

"I want to thank the special deputies who came in on short notice and brought a good outcome to this potentially dangerous situation," the sheriff said. "We had a lot of resources out there."

William Faulkner, 53, of 144 Ohio 99, Willard, was arrested without incident. He was charged with menacing by stalking and transported to the Huron County Jail. If convicted of the fourth-degree felony, Faulkner faces six to 18 months in prison.

Slightly after 2 p.m., Howard, Detective Sgt. Josh Querin, Detective Kayla Zander and Sgt. Steve Shupp found the suspect walking down North Greenfield Road near the Havana tavern. This was between 1 and 1 1/2 miles from Faulkner's home.

"Mr. Faulkner was taken into custody without any issues. He was not armed at the time," Querin said. "He appeared to be pretty intoxicated."

The detective said the sheriff's office doesn't plan to pursue any charges about Faulkner being drunk.

The situation started in the morning when the Norwalk Police Department received a call that Faulkner was headed for the Chicago 29 hair salon in the Norwalk Korners Plaza off Milan Avenue. Faulkner apparently threatened to go there "with an AK-47 and shoot his wife," Querin said. "The Norwalk Police Department told us he said he had plenty of ammunition."

The possible existence of the AK-47 remains under investigation.

Norwalk police went to the salon and had the customers leave. Then they waited there, making sure no one else entered the business.

About 10 or 10:15 a.m., police requested the assistance of the sheriff's office in locating Faulkner, since he lives outside Norwalk.

Norwalk police secured a warrant for Faulkner about 11 a.m.

"Numerous deputies were called in," Querin said.

For several hours, authorities closed the roads and had residents evacuate their homes near where they were searching for Faulkner. Ohio 99 near Troy Mill Road and Ohio 99 near Bauman Road were closed.

Willard Police Chief Mark Holden and several Willard officers responded to the scene.

"We definitely needed his assistance," Howard said. "We also had Willard Fire (& Rescue) on the scene just in case, God forbid, something went awry."

Prior to officers setting up a perimeter, they received a tip that Faulkner possibly was in a tree with an AK-47 "watching and pointing a gun at deputies from a distance," Querin said. Deputies weren't able to confirm that allegation.

When the tip came in, the sheriff made the decision to call in the ASORT team from Richland County. ASORT is a tactical team consisting of officers from the Mansfield, Ontario and Shelby police departments. Howard called in the squad about 11:30 a.m.

"They sent several units and arrived a short time later," Querin said.

Querin was asked about Faulkner's relationship with his wife.

"They recently split up. The are still legally married, but I believe a divorce was pending," the detective said. "I know they are separated at this time."

Querin also said he was involved in a drug investigation at the suspect's house about 18 months ago, but he wasn't aware of any other issues involving Faulkner and the sheriff's office.

"There were numerous marijuana plants on the premises and marijuana located in the residence," Querin said about the previous incident.

Howard was asked about the legitimacy of Faulkner's threats.

"We took it seriously, as did Norwalk police," the sheriff said, adding authorities took measures to make sure everyone was as safe as possible. "We took all the precautions we could."



Yup, lets arm everybody cuz there is no chance of weapons falling into the hands of lunatics

Mr. Touchdown

People like Faulkner are why everyone needs to be armed. 4 wheeler & gun stealing,tire slashing,breaking into homes,drugs,poaching...Like father like son.

modern concrete

So let's live like the Alamo! Gun shoot out everywhere. Because if you have a gun it mean you will win the fight???

hit the road jack

What you gonna do when he takes a kitchen knife and cuts someone's throat? take everyone's silverware? or when he beats you with a club? cut all the trees down? You can not stop a loon with stupidity! you have to confront them head on.

In my opinon

@work..couldn't agree more, as far as arming everyone as the next comment says, scares the hello out of me. A hand gun in the home for protection and a rifle if you hunt should be enough.


Let's take away all guns so nobody is safe! Lmao....silly Democrats!


Exactly ^^^

lets tell the truth

This artical is freakin stupid my dad didn't have a gun yes he was drunk and threatened my mother but big freakin deal!!! Mr touchdown I'm about sick of your comments I see you commenting on every article in the norwalk reflector how convienent that you know everyone and their personal life lol!!! You don't know my family or any of us so get over yourself and shut the hell up those Huron county sheriffs and this norwalk reflector needs to stop lieing all the time!!! I don't understand why they have to put what happened a year ago in this article that had nothing to do with what happened this night!!! I'm a witness of everything bc that's my mom and dad so people please stop being so rude!


I don't know any of you, but most of what MrTouchdown said is from the newspaper. I remember a couple of articles that didn't really make you guys seem too sweet. Kind of sweet like a lemon!


rickross2-I agree 100% I too have seen those articles.


Gun or no gun he threatened to go shoot your mom at the salon, so the law was taking precautions to be sure to keep everyone safe. You said big deal about your dad threatening you mom????? hmmm threats can happen I would be a bit concerned if I where you!!! As far as being sick of someone's comments so don't read them or read the real paper so you don't have to read his comments. Make since? Yep sure does to me. Um HELLO the Sheriff's go on what was reported then sort it all out when they go to the scene. As far as the paper they go on what the police report says or what they tell them. As far as what happened with your dad a year ago, well it was brought up because each time someone is in trouble they dig up old records and hold it all against them. As far as being rude everyone is just speaking opinions and that is allowed here! You maybe a witness BUT family lies for family so who cares if your a witness or not. Police reports don't lie!

modern concrete

Ohio80 family lies for each other, but the cop don't??? You watch to much TV.
Let's see what cop was telling the truth in Sandusky when that part time cop got a DWI and he was able to collect $25,000 bonus for stepping down. You were not at this kids house! You don't start acting all self righteous on how he don't know what happens and the cops do! Apparently they didn't, or they would of sent a sheriff in the first place to Access the situation.


@ohio80, Make since?


Sorry you are having to go through this ordeal. Everyone has issues in their life and it's no ones business what goes on in the privacy of someone's home. Not talking about this situation since unfortunately it played out in public. I don't know your dad or what the issues are with him and your mom but I think it sounds like he may have a drinking problem. Instead of jail I think they should get him help instead so he can better deal with his problems. ☺


Nettiewata-- I agree they need to help him!


Trash, all of em. Junkies, all of em. Facts are facts. This dudes a junkie just like his son. I wonder where Philip picked it up at? What a good dad.

lets tell the truth

Old news is old news this is new news and as far as mr touchdown goes my dad has never stole or lied in his life he is an old man he did not teach us kids to be bad yes he has guns and he is a big hunter but that's okay there are a lot of men that have guns and hunt!!! He really is not a bad guy he just got drunk and said things he shouldn't have that's all I'm saying I just don't like when people bash other people when they don't know the situation!!

shovelhead's picture

I agree with you. You have to realize the sheriff's office around here will take advantage of any chance to get suited up for a big fire-fight. You're dad will not get serious time out of this....the only thing here is another sensational story. No gun. No crime. It's so circumstantial in fact that they have to bring up things that happened over a year ago to discredit the man after the fact. It's kind of like saying that Jeffery Dahmer played with dolls when he was a young boy.....nobody cares.


You are right about King Dane . He will do anything for publicity. He'd come riding in on a white horse if he could get on it !


You say your dad is an "old" man umm 53 years old is not an "old" man. My parents are 58 and 60 and I do not consider them an "old" man and women. "old" is like 80 years and plus. If your dad did this because he was drunk don't you think it might be the best for your dad and everyone's safety that your dad doesn't drink anymore?

modern concrete

This is why Norwalk Reflector needs to stop being a gossip column. I sure the Norwalk cops felt like heroes, since we live in Mayberry!they trying out for a cop serious for TV.
Maybe they just needed to pickup the guy in question to weigh out the situation before they scared everyone at the Salon!!!

CrankyBalls's picture

The people at the salon were probably more pi$$ed off than scared. I know I would be. Who wants to walk around town looking foolish with only half a hair cut?


Not to mention I dont see to many returning customers or new customers as long as this dudes wife still works there... I wouldnt wanna get shot up over a domestic dispute while trying to get a haircut...

shovelhead's picture

If someone calls the cops & says that they heard I wanted to shoot someone....they can get a warrant & arrest me in less than 1 hour? Interesting. Is this the same cop that said "several pills" were at a business a few months ago? It turned out to be 2 pills. Does this mean that there was 2 plants growing behind the dudes garage?....probably found a roach in his ashtray too, but to hear them say it, he is running a full-blown grow operation in the closet of the kindergarten classroom.

This guy should be able to sue the "informant" after almost everything said turns out to be untrue.

believe it

I'm not understanding you don't think it's a good thing for cops to be able to get a warrant and arrest someone if they said they are going to shoot someone? I'd be very concerned if the cops got a call that said someone is going to go shoot someone and the cops did nothing about it.


To get a warrant that fast and get all gung-ho over an accusation is preposterous. They should definitely find the guy and talk to him, but any girl/guy could get mad at their boyfriend/husband girlfriend/wife and're in the Reflector painted out to be a Nazi. This one sounds legit however.

shovelhead's picture

I believe the same thing. I just think that they could have used the same information received to send a car out to the bar first & eliminate all of the other stuff. The person that called could say that about anyone. We don't know if it's true or not, or if there was even a call in the first place. Everything else points to not true. No gun...Not in Norwalk...Still married. Just because the cop said there is marriage problems? The entire story could be manufactured. I believe there is some truth to this, but the only panic was created by the police, not a drunk dude who was smart enough to not drive anywhere.

believe it

You don't know if there even was a call in the first place? The story even says the Norwalk police department received a call about the guy. So you think they made that up? There was no panic caused by the police, they were doing their job in trying to make sure no one was hurt. In this day and age, you have to take any calls like that seriously.

shovelhead's picture

I guess you are right. I just hope someday "someone" doesn't call about me sitting in a bar telling lies, then send in the SWAT team to find absolutely nothing, then charge me.

I'm sure someone did call, I should have never wrote that and I am sorry for it. My emotions got the best of me I guess. I get pissed when citizens do absolutely nothing & catch charges. The only thing I see done wrong here is disorderly conduct by intoxication. Everything else is hearsay.


I can only imagine your outrage if they received the call, sat around doing nothing (with your mentality that it was just a drunk dude talking smack), and unfortunately something happened. What would your thoughts be if he went in and shot up the beauty salon? Mowed everyone down, dead? Not a officer/deputy in sight, because you know it was just a drunk dude talking. What would you have to say then?