Drug, theft defendants get trial dates

Two women and two men facing felony charges make initial court appearances.
Cary Ashby
May 19, 2014


Several drug defendants and a theft suspect pleaded "not guilty" to their respective charges recently in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Joshua J. Raymond, 34, of 31 E. Elm St., was arrested Feb. 26 after a drug investigation by the Norwalk Police Department. Detective Sgt. Jim Fulton has said the probe included more than one controlled drug buy.

"We got $700, $100 of which was our buy money," Fulton said soon after Raymond's arrest.

Police also seized some prescription medication and about a quarter-pound of marijuana when they used a search warrant.

Raymond is charged with two counts of trafficking in marijuana and one charge each of possession of Adderall and possession of criminal tools, all in connection with a Feb. 26 incident. He also faces an additional charge of trafficking in marijuana stemming from an Oct. 30 offense.

Defense attorney Kenneth Bailey said Monday he and his client were under the impression Raymond only was facing two counts of trafficking in marijuana. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said when the grand jury met and heard the case, they added a third count.

Raymond, who earlier posted a $10,000 bond, said he has a prior felony conviction and currently is on probation through Norwalk Municipal Court. He goes to goes to trial Aug. 14 in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Also arraigned recently were:

• Tina Barber, 38, of Crestline, is charged with theft in connection with an incident between Nov. 1 and Jan. 21. She earlier posted a $5,000 bond and goes to trial Aug. 19.

When Judge Jim Conway asked Barber where and when she was last employed, Huron County Public Defender David Longo said: "They are alleged to the victim in the case." The public defender didn't elaborate.

• Jason W. Bryant, 23, of Amherst, has a trial date of Aug. 19 on one count each of possession of marijuana, possession of heroin and possession of criminal tools, all in connection with a Feb. 27 incident. He is out on a $15,000 bond.

• Ashley N. Wood, 33, of Fremont, goes to trial Aug. 21 on two counts each of trafficking in heroin in connection with controlled drug buys on Aug. 30 and 31. She also is charged with trafficking in a counterfeit controlled substance stemming from a Sept. 3 offense.

Wood is serving a 14-month prison term at the Northeast Pre-Release Center for a domestic violence conviction through Lorain County. Prison records indicate her release date is Nov. 2. Conway told the defendant if she's released before her Huron County is resolved, she needs to tell the local probation department immediately where she will be living.

Each of the drug defendants are subject to random drug screens.



34 years old looking like he is 43 years old.

Not exactly winning at life is it?


this guy has always been an arrogant, conceded richard! lock him up he will never change...the sad thing is, his wife is a teacher teaching our children...you know shes on the crap to. in my opinion anyone who chooses to make their life with a loser and if your in a public service job they should be fired immediately, or at least given weekly drug tests to make sure some pillhead is not around our children


I totally agree! Sadly our comments t will be deleted, the last time I mentioned his wife it was. I do not for one second believe that she had no knowledge of what he was doing, maybe she wasn't taking part in it but she knew!


@Wildbunch3 I totally agree with your comment. His reputation in the town is no secret. Unfortunately he has a deep history of substance abuse which in turn makes it hard to believe the wife did not have any idea what he was up to something.


Yes, exactly! He's been in and out of jail/prison for over 10 years! I will be attending the next open school board meeting and fighting for her to be drug tested! These are our children that she's teaching. If we want to win this battle on drugs, we can not allow people like this to teach our children.