Cops seeking stolen car, teen suspect

Local grandmother is the victim.
Cary Ashby
May 12, 2014


Village police are continuing to look for a teenage boy accused of stealing his grandmother's car.

A silver 2012 Chevrolet Cruz was stolen from West Main Street in Greenwich. The victim reported it was stolen about 11:30 a.m. Wednesday.

Greenwich Police Chief Steve Dorsey said the suspect is a 16-year-old village boy, the grandson of the victim, with a driver's permit who didn't have permission to take the car. The chief said the boy lives with his grandparents, who are his guardians.

"He left a letter explaining why he took the vehicle," Dorsey said.

The Bellevue Police Department assisted with the investigation.

The victim reported her grandson "took off" in her car from Greenwich, police said. She requested a Bellevue officer check one of her grandson's friend's houses on Glendale Avenue, but her vehicle wasn't there early Thursday.

"They checked for the car in their jurisdiction," Dorsey said.

Anyone with information about the theft is encouraged to call the Greenwich Police Department at (419) 752-2681.



11:30 a.m. Wednesday? Going to put in this Saturday's paper he was picked up last Thursday?

swiss family

stealing a car from grandma is bad...... do we get to discuss Valley Beach???


Wondering the same thing.... Probably not until tomorrow if ever...

life of a parent

Waiting as well.


Thats the reflector for ya


togbert71, this story was in the paper days ago. I read it when the Reflector was delivered to my house. It's fun to see the comments of you guys complaining about how you have to wait until these stories show up the website before you find out about anything going on around here. You can tell Swiss, ISPSP and life of a parent buy the paper like me. THEY know the big story that everyone's been talking about today. I suspect it will be posted tonight.


I wait for the on-line stories because I'm not wasting my money on a 4 page newspaper that is mostly useless sports crap instead of real news. And what exactly are the BIG stories? Gays wanting family passes or the heroin head found dead? Or is it the tornadoes that hit the south that I get on the evening news? Maybe a tree uptown that some guy is whining about? Ya..big stories. Swiss just rambles and want to look important, so if you listen to him you're an idiot also...