Willard decides to proceed with razing old, abandoned home

150-year-old landmark soon to be razed.
Aaron Krause
Jun 7, 2014


City Manager Brian Humphress said "nobody's ever happy" when a potential landmark has to be razed.

But the city faces the following reality: It has received money from the state's Moving Ohio Forward program to take down dilapidated houses. If it doesn't demolish a city-owned 150-year-old home now, when the free money is available, city officials could be forced to dip into their capital improvements fund to fix problems to a home that already is "not in good usable shape," Humphress said.

Humphress said the grant expires shortly. "It's either do it now or not do it at all," he said. "Everyone in the county has wanted this (Moving Ohio Forward) money."

The city bought the home a few years ago with the help of a $350,000 grant. The main idea was to acquire the land to add to the city's park system. While the property at the time was in worse shape than city officials thought, they believed they could use the home for short-term group meetings and police and fire practice sessions.


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So the city owned house gets torn down that most people don't even know about? What about all the eye sores that people actually have to look at every single day? What a waste of good resourceful money.


lol thats what Willard "officials" do! Waste Money!
AND waste buildings! Like the "Y" that still sits there uselessly! and the hospital! The entire "downtown" for that matter lol
It's all eye sores & wastefulness; second only to what Willard's SUPER good at = destruction. Wasting and destroying. With this new FREE MONEY Willard officials can do both at once! (and they think no one's noticing lol)


Presto. You do realize the old hospital is not the city of Willard's issue and has been totally demolished and just the other day, I noticed it has grass growing where it use to once be?

When I first read this that building on the east side that they bought years ago came to mind. They bought it with grant money, had to do a complete makeover on it and when it was all said and done had double the money in it than they would ever sell it for. That is wasting tax payer money.

No different than this train platform they want to use Ohio tax payer money along with another chunk from local citizens to build and then Willard will have another property to upkeep that barely is used when we have roads that are literally turning to stone.


Speaking of buildings mentioned by Presto NOT owned by the city of Willard...the old "Y" building now belongs to CSX Railroad...wouldn't be surprised to see it coming down in the near future.