Council OKs job creation grant for Bar145°

Contractor: "You'll see things start moving quickly."
Scott Seitz2
May 8, 2014


It's full-steam ahead now for Bar145°.

The only missing piece to the project puzzle was a job creation grant agreement and Norwalk city council took care of that at its meeting Tuesday night by unanimously approving that resolution.

"You'll see things start moving quickly," said Ken Russ, co-owner of Legends, project contractor.

Legends' crews are currently finishing the demolition phase at the former Bob Evans on Milan Avenue.

An update about the restaurant, as well as a summary of other matters discussed by council, was published Wednesday in the Norwalk Reflector. So you don't miss stories such as this one, you can subscribe to the Norwalk Reflector to receive home delivery and/or the e-paper, which is a complete digital replica of each issue. For more information, call (419) 668-3771 or click HERE.




Good to see new business activity.

However, the long-run track record for govt. picking business winners and losers though the use of taxation gimmicks is lousy.

Better to level the taxation playing field for ALL current, new and relocating employers and let the free mkt. sort it out.