Woman pleads guilty to Walmart TV theft

Defendant to remain free until June 18 sentencing.
Cary Ashby
May 6, 2014


A woman pleaded guilty Monday to helping steal nine television sets from the Norwalk Walmart.

Sandusky resident Vanessa Medina, 34, who is out on a $5,000 bond, will be sentenced June 18.

Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway said even though Medina doesn't have a prior felony conviction, she could face six to 12 months in prison because she "didn't show up on bond." The defendant didn't come to court for an April 29 hearing, having reported she didn't have any transportation.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Patrick Hakos explained the terms of the plea agreement to the judge Monday.

"In exchange for the guilty plea, the state won't pursue failure-to-appear charges. We also won't oppose community control sanctions," Hakos said, referring to a recommendation of sentencing Medina to probation.

Medina began to ask the judge about not having to testify against her co-defendant and then spoke privately with Huron County Public Defender David Longo. The public defender, after a very brief discussion with his client, told Conway he believes he and Medina "are on the same page," but didn't elaborate.

Medina's conviction is for a Dec. 22 incident. Hakos said the two accomplices went into the electronics department of Walmart, where they put nine TVs into two shopping carts and they pushed the carts "past all points of sale." An employee caught up with the pair as they were loading the TVs, which are worth about $2,168, into a vehicle.

"At that point, they gave the televisions back," Hakos said.

Employees called the Norwalk Police Department, which stopped the vehicle and arrested Medina and her co-defendant.



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William Jeffers...

The employee that chased them to the car probably got fired for violating company policy in pursuing shop lifters.