Sheriff encouages everyone to watch heroin-related video

Howard: "Drug education is the key to solving this heroin epidemic."
Scott Seitz2
May 11, 2014


Sheriff Dane Howard, Retired Chief Deputy Dave Battles, Detective Sgt. Josh Querin and Detective Eric Bardar recently attended a C.A.R.E. (Community Ant-Drug Resistance Education) meeting held at the Bellevue Society for the Arts Center.

"This event, led and sponsored by the Ohio Attorney General's office, was held to get the community members together and educated to help fight the heroin epidemic we are all faced with," Howard said.

The link below was presented, and Howard is encouraging everyone to view this "very powerful" six-minute message. This video also was shown in Willard with many factory supervisors.

"Our efforts are primarily from a law enforcement prospective, but drug education is the key to solving this heroin epidemic," the sheriff said.

After the meeting, Howard met with deputies to reflect on what they just watched and remind them to continue the work they do.

"This is exactly why we work and push so hard to fight every day. We have all got to continue our efforts to fight this heroin epidemic. I invite you to watch this very powerful and moving video, as it relates closely to many similar tragedies in our county," Howard said.

To watch the video, click the play button in the link below.





This video is a must see! I will be showing my children and having the discussion about the horrors of this terrible drug! Thank you Dane for the link!


Very powerful...hope this message saves many young lives!


Very saddening. What a beautiful young lady, who was once undoubtedly full of promise and potential.

Reminded me of lines from Metallica's song "Master of Puppets":

"Master of Puppets I'm pulling your strings
Twisting your mind and smashing your dreams"


Stupid junkie, got what she deserved no rehab could have helped her! O wait a minute that's what the upper class of our county puts on here when it's one of our own in terrible trouble killing themselves on this shi+ but since it's a young pretty girl everyone is all bleeding hearts. I pray for everyone who struggles with heroin, good for the judges and the attorney general and our law makers for sending them to rehab even if it works for one person it's worth it and I for one don't mind one bit my tax dollars paying for it.

Dr. Information

I believe this story has been around for awhile and I believe her parents paid for the rehab.


I feel sorry for the parents and friends, etc. As for her, she made a choice to try heroin the 1st time. She lost as most do. Same as committing suicide in my eyes just slower and even more painful for the family. She didn't deserve to die so young, but again, she did it by her own hand. Her fault. No one elses.


Why not show pictures of her when she was using so kids can see how ugly you look on drugs. The ones they show she looks beautiful, very misleading to teens.


That's really disrespectful and selfish to do to their daughter.


What's disrespectful?


We are in a battle with this drug ,this is a must watch video.


This is heartbreaking. Too many times we think it's only "losers" that fall into drugs like heroin...this brings home the fact that it happens in all types of families. Although, I do agree somewhat that the video should have had some pictures of how she ended up...before and after.

hit the road jack

Good thing we're in Afghanistan protecting these poppy fields so they can harvest it and someone can bring it back to our country and kill the one's who get tangled up with it,this doesn't have to happen,quit protecting the poppy fields and those growing it and eliminate it for good. we all know who is causing this problem.


Heroin has no discrimination on who it effects! I was in fact a cops child knew about drugs and what they could do to you. Pounded in my head for the time I was little. We as humans make our own choices on what we do and do not listen to. I pray for everyone who's life is in control by this demond that's called heroin. It takes away everything not a little at a time but usually all at once. I don't condone the actions that come with being on this drug but I do have a heart for all humans and know first hand what this addiction does to people. We don't have to agree with anything an addict does but educate ourselves and teach our children that this is reality of what they are going to encounter in life and show them that this is road to self destruction. We are to have compassion for everyone we don't have to agree with them but we have set it in our heads if this was our child sister mother father ect... We would do everything in out r power to save them.


Well now they've got this new drug to counteract the overdosing, I'd say ods will be's not the fountain of youth, but another way for addicts to say it's not gonna kill them.there's a shot they can give us an we can be back an do some more in a lil bit. Flush the toilet.let the shi# go down the drain .