Local grocery owner writes saga

First part available now; next two will be available later this year.
Aaron Krause
May 13, 2014


Have a blender handy, throw in the television show "Friday Night Lights," add the Christmas classic film "It's a Wonderful Life," plop the basketball movie "Hoosiers" into the mix, add at least a scoop of the television musical comedy show "Glee" as well as the football movie "Remember the Titans."

Blend all the ingredients, and what do you get? A series of stories written by Schild's IGA owner David Schild.

The first part of the 400,000-word trilogy, "A Perfect Village, Monroe Falls, Ohio" is available for $2.99 on amazon.com, although the first four chapters are free.

The second part of the saga, "The Black Earth," will be available during the summer. The third part, "The Next John Elway" will be available online in the fall. Each book comprises 450 to 500 pages, Schild said.

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"Hoosiers" was a great football movie.


I thought that Hoosiers was a basketball movie staring Gene Hackman in the late 80's????


It is...It's hard being sarcastic on here.


Excellent journalism. Out of curiosity; who edits and proofs your writings? A follow up question, if I may, is English their native language?

Kottage Kat

Finally David
Nice to see this
Can't afford your groceries
will buy the book(s).


...can't pull it up on my nook ...should have gone with the kindle ...

Cliff Cannon

Very great accomplishment Dave . Hope you have a best seller.


He is a great man. I was there when he was a little fellow and his dad was in Monroeville.