Norwalk woman to be interviewed for intervention

Drug defendant had been working at Ohio 61 business.
Cary Ashby
May 2, 2014


A rural Norwalk woman will be interviewed for the substance abuse intervention program.

Gia L. Guerra, 42, of 1420 Ohio 61, is charged with one count each of possession of oxycodone and possession of hydromorphone. Both charges are in connection with a Nov. 16 incident.

Defense attorney Paul Dolce said his client has been pro-active and has secured some substance abuse-related evaluations.

Guerra was arrested Feb. 6 at a Milliman Road residence. She was taken into custody by Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin and Deputy Josh Kaufman, along with Erie County sheriff's deputies. State liquor control agents also assisted with the investigation.

Querin has said there were signs of prescription-pill abuse at an Ohio 61 business where Guerra works and deputies seized numerous pills for which she didn't have a prescription.

If Guerra is granted intervention, that means she would be placed on probation and if she successfully completes a substance abuse program, she wouldn't have a conviction on her record.



Wow, Cary it seems like you have an obsession with this case as much as her picture in plastered in your paper.


I'm aware of the incredible damage that drugs do to an individual and the family unit and I'm all for stamping out drug abuse. But why does it seem that all these reported stories in the paper or 'DRUG' busts revolve around the tiniest 'fishes' in the sea. How about the cops putting forth soem real effort and get involved in doing a bust thats going to matter.


that would be called fiction. This is real life and the war on drugs is nothing more than revenue generating propaganda. You cant stamp out drug abuse, never ever ever. People like to do drugs. All you see in the paper is all the little teeny fish, just another pellet of food for the machine to consume.

shovelhead's picture

......And when she gets accepted into CBCF.....and when she graduates from CBCF....and when she gets a speeding ticket....and when she buys a coffee....and when she.....SIGH.

If it's really slow in the news world, walk over to the school & interview a couple of kids doing good things on the track team, or the baseball team. Or ANYTHING else. I realize that drug stories are hot, but this chick is old news. Just about the time you forget about someone, here they are again. Same old story, just a new headline. No effort. Stop by a construction site & talk to a guy that just went back to work after starving all winter. Imagination. Please. Good things happen in our community too.