Deputies called to meth lab in rural Monroeville

Three children found in home during raid; woman arrested on drug charges.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 22, 2014


A rural Monroeville woman was arrested recently on a pair of drug charges.

Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said the investigation centered around the residence located at 2205 Dogtown Road.

"We had received information a meth lab and drug abuse were taking place at the residence," Querin said. "This is a home where several young children were also residing."

Lindsay M. Salyers, 29, was arrested.

"At the residence, we located evidence of crack cocaine abuse and methamphetamine abuse, along with prescription pill abuse," Querin said.

"There were also three children, ages, 4, 7 and 8, present," he added. "There is a 4-month-old who stays there from time to time, but who was not there at the time."

Huron County Children's Services was contacted and sent a representative to the scene.

"The removal of the children was conducted," Querin said.

Querin and Detective Eric Bardar conducted the investigation.

Sheriff Dane Howard, Chief Deputy Ted Patrick, Maj. Mike Cooksey and Monroeville Police Officer Troy Kimball all assisted at the scene Thursday.

"The condition of the house was deplorable," Querin said. "Add in the drug abuse taking place and it was not a good situation for children to be in."

Querin said deputies appreciate anonymous tips from residents.

"Those led to a quick resolution of this case," he said. "And, we were able to put the children in a safe environment.

"We do expect more charges to be filed and additional arrests to be made in this case," Querin said.

On Tuesday, deputies from the Huron County and the Crawford County sheriff's offices raided a mobile home at 8023 1/2 Ohio 103, Plymouth. Two suspects were arrested and jailed for their alleged roles in a methamphetamine operation.



She was released on a 25 dollar bond after snitching on her cousin. got to love how the bigger addict always gets away with it where is justice! oh ya it doesnt exist. whos the bigger criminal? the shady cops letting her tell a smaller fish for no jail time or her being a terrible mother


because she was the only one arrested during the raid I almost bet all others involved will hide out, specially her cousin. Sad sad sad situation.


holder to the rescue
Justice Dept. broadening criteria for clemency
New criteria aimed at inmates serving time for nonviolent drug offenses
Associated Press
Apr 21, 2014

The Justice Department is broadening the criteria it will use in evaluating clemency petitions from certain federal prisoners and expects the changes to result in thousands of new applications, Attorney General Eric Holder said Monday.

The new criteria, which will be detailed later this week and are aimed at inmates serving time for nonviolent drug offenses, are intended to lead to a reduction in the nation's federal prison population and also "ensure that those who have paid their debts have a chance to become productive citizens," Holder said in a video message.


this scum of the earth will not go to jail for this at all. but her cousin holly is! good job for getting your kids takin by social services and sending your cousin to jail! pathetic this waste of space deserves years and her kids deserve a fresh start with their grandpa


Mother of the year.. The reason why some people need to be fixed before they have kids..


Don't know who she is but with the drugs and the house being deplorable I hope it is a long time before she gets her kids back if at all. She lives very close to my road and this is a nice area or so I thought it was, until these kinds of scum's ruin it for everyone. I see in a comment above where she snitched on her cousin and is free but will have court later. Snitching is always how the big guy gets off and gets a less charge and that is stupid.

so sick of stup...

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you are so very correct!


Title says deputies called to meth lab yet no meth lab found? Once again Mickey mouse reporting by the rejector


She snitched on her cousin? So, Poor Hollie....?
We are now having a pity party for a girl who calls herself 'Holla'? Please! Neither one of them deserve to have children, they should have been fixed before they could even have an opportunity to spread their legs! Hell, Hollies kids are already being raised by their father because she had crack in her hair during the court ordered drug test... (and this is while she was PREGNANT with the 4 month old they speak of in this article. Hopefully they all get locked up, and all the babies are kept FAR from these crack-heads!


So NR...was there a "meth lab" or not? I see nothing of the LAB you reference in the title.


hell im guessing they will send her to a rehab say shes a changed woman and let her out give her kids back its the huron county way


A salyers getting in trouble with the law? Has the world gone crazy? Ha ah ha, I feel bad for the kids, but honestly they had no chance with this as their mother.


Wine, gripe , complain about taxes and jobs. Who really cares if she "snitched"
Let every drug head turn in every drug head. It makes a safer community for me, my family and my friends.
Please keep snitching it is only making Norwalk a better place to live.


Great Post! If they do not do drugs they do not have to worry about someone telling on them.


they keep exposing the kids to this stuff, and here comes the next generation of drug addicts! I'm glad the kids are in a safer place!


the sad things is the kids are the ones who get punished and though you hope they get a safe place it dont always turn out that way


Huron county is an epidemic of heroin now meth labs ,all the dealers hide out in the country .... .More rehab facilities are needed ,free detox and counseling will get these addicts on the right track . Maybe doctors should stop prescribing opiates for every little ache ,it's a start.


I would LOVE to find a doctor that prescribes any kind of pain killer. Do you know a doctor that does??? With all the regulations REAL doctors do NOT hand out painkillers at all. People with real medical conditions cannot get the prescriptions they need because of the pill pushers and abusers.


Go to any er .


And get one dose with advice to see your doc, ASAP.


BULL$H!$ get 2 pills and they tell you to see your doctor. If I went to my doctor during the regular hours you don't get them either. If I go to the ER on the weekend 2 pills does NOT do a d@$M thing. Not sure what ER you go to, but you are lucky. I have an awesome family doctor and a great rheumatologist, they do NOT hand out opiates. So these "doctors" you are talking about...must be either on the take or fake.


So you are whining because you don't have a doctor who will prescribe you opiates. But then you say any doctor who does is a fake? If you have such bad arthritis, maybe find a BETTER doctor or a "fake pill pusher" as you call them and then please stfu. Or use less of your computer. They are not good for people with such bad arthritis. Excuse me. It's time for my next dose of opies!


Glad you know all the conditions that a rheumatologist deals with. Who said I had bad arthritis? No I am not whining that my doctor will not prescribe them. But when the need does arise, it is harder to get them, because of the PILL HEADS that abuse them.


Is it possible opiates are not indicated for your aliment? There seems to be one consistent line in your complaint your Doctor and other Doctors won't issue narcotics to you. Maybe your crazy or maybe the drugs you desire are not indicated for your problem. You say yourself you have an awesome Doctor.


"if you have a awesome doctor, you can keep your awesome doctor!" b. obozo.


Wait. Who in their right mind would say Just go to the ER.
That must be the "entitlement" generation.
E.R. EMERGANCY ROOM reserved for emergences.
Insurance premiums have all kinds of reasons they go up every year. And by just going to the ER for pain pills is one of them. A $100 deductible every time you go. You must have plenty of money or a free medical card.
I have to get off this subject, It pisses me off.

Dr. Information

And I bet she started out using pot, the ultimate gate way drug.


i bet it was cigarettes..

shovelhead's picture

Drugs with kids is a bad thing, but you gotta love it when the cops ad-lib things. "there is a 4 month old there sometimes". You might as well say "the president slept here in 1836". They also say the house was a mess? by who's standards? Stick to the facts please....I'm sure this woman has enough problems without added "fantasy facts".

Don't take everything the police say as gospel. They tend to lie as bad as the crooks do.