Norwalk springing to life

Recent series of positive business announcements have brought a bit of sunshine to the Maple City.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 27, 2014


The city of Norwalk just might be turning the corner.

After a rough stretch during 2013, a recent series of positive business announcements have brought a bit of sunshine to the Maple City.

Mayor Rob Duncan told city council Tuesday he recently attended the state of the region address and felt good about Norwalk after hearing stories from other communities.

"We always have obstacles, but Norwalk is doing really well," the mayor said.

And the evidence is happening all over town.

Presently, the Wendy's restaurant on Milan Avenue has vanished, but that's a good thing.

The Royal Motel, right next door to Wendy's and recently sold for $380,000, also was demolished, as was a nearby house.

City officials said once Wendy's and the Royal Motel are completed razed, a new "super Wendy's" will be built at that same location.

The mayor said previously Wendy's will feature a brand-new building, expanded parking and better ingress and egress to the restaurant. It should be open by June, officials said.

Also on the horizon is a new Mexican restaurant planned for the fomer Sugarcreek Restaurant location on Cline Street.

The mayor said the hope is to have this restaurant open by May 5.

Stan Obrenovich, uptown businessman, said recently he hopes to have a new restaurant at 5 E. Main St. soon. Obrenovich said there are interested parties in the former Uptown Cafe location, but for now, he's focused on preparing the kitchen area.

Also, just recently, the Norwalk Patriot group purchased the former Commercial Vehicle Group property at 55 N. Garfield St.

There are a number of different options for that property, including renovating it into two to three sections for possibly different tenants.

City council recently approved job creation grant agreements for the Dan-Mar Company and BackOffice Associates.

The Dan-Mar Company is moving into the EPIC Technolgies facility, while BackOffice is expanding its Executive Drive location and adding jobs.

More good news surfaced when Ken Russ, co-owner of Legends contractors, announced that Bar 145 would be open by July in the former Bob Evans restaurant building on Milan Avenue.



I am sure that he will take credit for all of it, too!


Wendy's " Should be Open by June" ??

They're going to throw up a building and throw down parking lots in less than 4 weeks ??



Haven't you ever seen a full blown Walmart go from dirt to open...??
Less than 60 days.


I don't live in a town where one was built .... countdown is on - May 1st. is in a couple of days.


Goes to show ya how well these things are built and why the parking lots hold up so well! In a few years they will be back to redo it all! They have built these Wendy's in BG, Perrysburg, and Toledo. Some of them are POORLY designed (inside) and the lines/flow during the lunch rush hour is horrible.

Really are you ...

Yes! Norwalk is receiving new business. We need to have this Norwalk Patriot Inc. move in and start their business. We still need more industrial manufacturing jobs to move into Norwalk. Nothing like working for a company or business, getting paid, and giving you hard earned money back to your employer for goods or services.

Just to throw this out there. I still want to start a manufacturing business in Norwalk. But it is a new product, not an already existing one. But am stuck on the correct order of events. Business plan, prototype, business name, trademark, apply for a patent. With the appropriate materials the first prototype could be made in a couple days. But if not done in the correct steps, I may as well hand this off to the Chinese.


Don't you think you should be telling all that to your town council and business leaders, rather than coming on here to do it.. Would make a hellava lot more sense, wouldn't it ?

Really are you ...

Does not matter who is told. Everyone has been relying on big corporations for change and new products. Our government makes rules to benefit lobbiests who represent the corporations. The government gives people hush money in the form of programs that keep the people on life support while our jobs are taken away. No one cares because of the fear of change. Our founding fathers sought independence, freedom, and to be free from unfair taxation. Now our government wants control, our freedoms are being challenged, and the government wants more money from its people in the form of taxes. A vicious cycle that is life. No change. No problems. Government control with a sorry folks.

With the product that I want to produce is something that should be coming from the big corporation or government level. Where they will keep the money and be praised for saving the people of the United States. Not some guy from where? Norwalk, Ohio? Say it isn't so. With people from the various organizations that I have talked with no one has said, "what do you need? Do this, then that in this exact order."



swiss family

I am thankful that this appear to be moving in the right direction.. I am curious though. if they took all of the tax income that we lost through the closing of Epic, and the Bakery and the Fancy that Flower shop, and along with that figure, added into it the salary of Ellen Heinz and Christie Wert,and Terry Miller, along with the purchasing price of the building that they just purchased for the "Norwalk Economic Development Corporation (NEDC) and compared that to the incoming money from the few but welcomed job opportunities coming into our town , if this is something that we should be congratulating ourselves over..I also did see that the building that the NEDC bought on top of Benedict hill was awarded quarter of a Million grant to restore and improve the building... I would sure hate to see that the "developer" and "restorer" who sits on their committee would automatically be awarded that contract, without fairly bidding it out for all contractors to have the chance to put their company's to work, and not just give it to the "Bully who barks the loudest, and pushes people around and sits on the board my opinion, of course


This is about the third article that has reviewed all the economic success our community has had. Why do we need to keep reading the same thing over and over? Not complaining about some good news but maybe some different good news?


I welcome the new businesses to the area, but again these are service sector jobs that traditionally pay minimum wage. I won't be excited until I see manufacturing or high tech jobs that pay a living wage. I do like the idea of having more choices in dining though.


Ok who bought the factory building on Garfield,whomever didn't pay near 600k
just to have the liability of owning an old factory building


starryeyes,have you ever been to a council meeting,school board meeting,co commissioners or any other committee in this town,they already know everything there is to know,all the office holders and office dwellers in this town are on a giant ego trip,so you are advising folks to waste their time,we're better blowing it off here

In my opinon

Lots of eating places but where are the jobs so the people of Norwalk can enjoy dining in them?


Well that is why there are so many FAST FOOD joints....they are cheaper. Where is the guy that is always crying about the HIGH DOLLAR steakhouse? LOL