Man sent to prison for beating disabled brother to 'push the gay out'

Defendant, 38, guilty of attempted complicity to commit felonious assault and abduction.
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Apr 16, 2014


A man who was caring for his disabled younger brother was sentenced today to 2-1/2 years in prison for punching him and threatening to slice off his genitals to “push the gay out of him.”

Fairfield County Common Pleas Judge Chris A. Martin sentenced Lawrence L. Featheroff, 38, to 30 months of incarceration after Featheroff admitted to the charges.

Featheroff, of Lancaster, pleaded guilty to attempted complicity to commit felonious assault and abduction, both third-degree felonies. A felony charge of domestic violence was dismissed as part of a negotiated plea deal.

Martin sentenced him to 30 months in prison for each crime, but said the sentences could run at the same time. He also ordered three years of probation for Featheroff after he serves his prison time.

Featheroff admitted to abusing Jason A. Meyers, 26, in the Lancaster home they shared with Featheroff’s girlfriend and an aunt and uncle. Detectives said Meyers is developmentally disabled but reasonably high-functioning.

He had gone to live with his brother after he’d been abused in a group home, according to testimony. Featheroff was given charge of his brother though Featheroff had served prison time for domestic violence.

Lancaster police found Meyers with a concussion, a sprained ankle and bruises on his face and around his eye when they checked on him on Jan. 15. That came after one of the men’s siblings called police, concerned that abuse might be occurring at the house.

Meyers told police that his brother; the brother’s girlfriend, Jamie R. Smith; and a family friend, Brent M. Disbennet, had hit him repeatedly, allowed him to eat only once a day and made him run up and down a hill carrying a heavy railroad tie.

Detective Brian Lowe testified at the sentencing hearing that Featheroff told investigators he was upset that his brother had told him he had sexual thoughts about men and boys.

Featheroff said he “wanted to toughen him up to push the gay out of him and make him a normal person,” Lowe testified.

He bloodied his brother’s nose on one occasion. Another time, he held a butcher knife under his genitals and threatened to cut them off, Lowe testified.

Meyers and Featheroff are among eight sibings who all were taken from their mother as children and sent to live with different foster families, some of whom adopted them.

They reunited as adults and have become a family again, said some of the siblings who attended the sentencing to support Featheroff. Some testified that Meyers could be challenging.

Police moved Meyers from the home at 538 Carpenter St. after the abuse and he now lives in adult foster care.

Smith, 40, has pleaded not guilty to complicity to commit felonious assault and abduction, and Disbennet, 25, to felonious assault. Their cases are pending.


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JMOP's picture

If my 26 year old brother talked about having sexual thoughts about boys, I would beat the living tar out of him too.


Good to know that you love your brother, know matter who/what he is.

JMOP's picture

I think he did love his brother. He didn't want him hurting "boys" aka a potential pedophile.

You can't pick your family, and you don't HAVE to love them no matter what. I've never met my biological grandfather. Why? He molested my dad when he was a young boy. My grandma never turned him in. Did I love her? No. My biological grandpa ended up going to prison because he raped a 13 and an 11 year old. Maybe if someone would have beat the man senseless he wouldn't of hurt children.


Just because a man rapes another doesn't make every gay person a pedophile. Men rape women all of the time. Is it right to say all men are rapists? NO!

JMOP's picture

Who said that? No one is arguing that point.

In the article it states the 26 year old had sexual thoughts of men and BOYS.

I Can Read

JMOP, you need help!!!

JMOP's picture

How so? Please do tell.


I agree with jmop, the 26 year old said he had sexual thought about boys, I take that to mean young boys, as in children. That fact that the guy was gay has nothing to do with anything. He said he had sexual thoughts about boys, period.

JMOP's picture

Thank you 123ABC456!
I'm glad you can understand what I'm saying. I didn't know how else to spell it out to some of these people.


I read you all the way !

JMOP's picture

Thank you Jackel

I was referring to the ones who were replying and accusing me of saying that every gay guy is a pedophile or rapes, beating up someone just because they're gay, then it went to I just want to beat up people, all of which I never said. Then I would just beat up my brother for anything he thinks or says which I don't agree with. Wrong again.

Those people are putting their own ideas into what I said. That says more about them, than me.

I Can Read

Thinking and having thoughts is legal! True the thoughts are not normal but everyone is free to think what they want. Unless he acted out those thoughts then leave the guy alone. Perhaps you should be arrested because you had thoughts about how you would like to beat somebody up because they are gay? Beating up a person because they are gay is illegal? All I'm saying is, thoughts are free and legal no matter how twisted they may be.

JMOP's picture

I know what is legal. I've also said nothing about beating someone up because they're simply gay!
"Unless they acted out on those thoughts, leave the guy alone"? So, what you are saying is let the man rape/molest/hurt the boy first, knowing the brother already confessed to him beforehand, instead of being proactive? Ok, I see your "logic".

If a kid told someone he was thinking about bringing a gun to school, because he can't take it anymore, what do you think would happen? Hmmm....just thoughts rights? FYI...this has happened, I know the outcome.

I Can Read

Oops it was JMOP that wants to beat people up, sorry... Look you can't arrest people for their thoughts. At least his brain has recognized it's wrong and hasn't acted on it. Hell, if I told people some of the things I have thunk, well let's just leave that alone. Lol. Everyone is free to think what they want, and then hopefully our brains recognize what's wrong and leads us away from trouble.

JMOP's picture

I said I wanted to beat people up? Please quote me. Don't try to put words in my mouth when it's written in plain sight what I said. You're taking my words way out of context and stretching them out.
You have your thoughts, that's fine, but when you speak them you are held accountable.

I Can Read

Oops, I made another mistake, your not going to beat "people" up only beat the tar out of your brother if he thinks and says something you don't like. Sorry for the misunderstanding....

JMOP's picture

There you go again, ad-libbing and generalizing. I said if he TALKED to me about having sexual THOUGHTS about boys, I would've beat the living tar out of him too.
Would've and wanting to...there's a difference ya know?


You're digging a really deep hole.

JMOP's picture

Nope. Standing by what I said without it being misinterpreted.


JMOP I wish someone had beat the hell out of the man that molested my son BEFORE he acted on it. I wish someone had beat the hell out of MY daughter in laws brother in law BEFORE HE GOT HIS HANDS ON MY GRANDDAUGHTER!!! I WISH ANYONE THAT TELLS SOMEONE HE IS HAVING SEXUAL THOUGHTS ABOUT CHILDREN COULD BE PUT TO DEATH!!! first amendment rights should not apply to PEDOPHILES. after what my son went through when I saw the signs again around my beautiful grandbaby my heart broke for her and all she will have to go through now in her life.

David Deerest.

JMOP these people and their liberal views have no clue. I feel bad about your dysfunctional family, and I don't blame you for not meeting them and not caring about them, I wouldn't want to know them either. Biggest shame goes to Grandpa, and Grandma runs a close second for being an enabler to him. Maybe if SHE would have turned him, he wouldn't have hurt his children...and if someone would have whooped his a$$ for it, he'd of probably taken it out on your dad and his siblings. I blame him and your grandma. No love loss there, I'm sure.

JMOP's picture

Yes, no love lost there. Thankfully my dad kept us away from them, and it helped that they lived over 1200 miles away.


Oh seriously...that is just a stupid, stupid comment. He was developmentally disabled and probably would have never had the opportunity or chance to act on those thoughts. I think about BDSM all the time, but never act on it. Your thoughts?

shovelhead's picture

The whole thing should have never happened. The guy already had a domestic violence charge....proven fighter. How on earth could he have gotten custody anyway? This was set up from the beginning.


Sick twisted people !



swiss family

wOW... where to begin... let me start here ...this is clearly a "hate crime" and being such, his sentence is shamefully weak.. and this judge should be disbarred. then we have to look at the intelligence level of the people involved in this.. they call the younger guy, who asked about and thought about having gay tendencies "disabled" but the older brother who is supposed to be "normal???" thinks he can cut off the guys genitals and somehow push out the gay" I wonder what and how he intended to push it out of him?? I seem to have witnessed all of the Preachers and all of the Senators and all of the self righteous and very very vocal anti- homosexual activists, are usually the ones caught lurking around somewhere with someone of the same sex.... we will leave it at that..

Then there is the issue of having thoughts about it... well guess what everyone whether they want to admit it or not has had all of the thoughts, that is how it works.. you think of one connection, and you think "eeewww" nope, not for me... so you think of the other way and say "Yep...."or whatever combination you can come up with, and as long as children and animals are not included.. have at it... you will have to explain it someday, but not to me...I wonder if they will still get together for Holidays???


Wow Swiss...for once I have to agree with you! The "normal" brother could have done the non-violent, wildly successful "pray away the gay" thing (note sarcasm).