Man, 43, charged with raping girl multiple times

Victim is a 14-year-old Huron County girl.
Cary Ashby
Apr 16, 2014


An area man reportedly has confessed to raping a 14-year-old girl multiple times.

William R. Moore, 43, of Mansfield, made the confession during an interview Saturday with Huron County Sheriff's Detective Rich Larson, Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said. Larson had brought the suspect to the station.

Moore is accused of raping the victim multiple times over a four-month period, Patrick said. The sheriff's spokesman declined to say how Moore knows the girl.

"She's from Norwich Township in Huron County," Patrick said. "We were notified by a family member."

Larson began his investigation within the past week.

"He did a tremendous job. He has a passion for bringing individuals to justice who harm our children," Patrick said about the detective.

After Larson interviewed Moore, he was arrested and charged with rape and tampering with evidence.

"He destroyed some of the evidence that was linked to the crime," Patrick said, but declined to elaborate.

Moore's bond hearing was today in Norwalk Municipal Court.



This is a sick,disgusting individual who needs to be locked up for the rest of his miserable life.


What is going on ? Everyday there is some sicko that is molesting young girls? Unreal. Where do these morons comes from, and why haven't they all been locked up for life where they can't harm anyone. This is awful. What has happened to our society?


lack of parenting and/or abortion clinics.


Heroin or sex offenders, a daily occurrence in Huron County.


True ,that's why I moved out ,heroin meth labs and sex offenders ,no jobs.


They say you can't tell a rapist just by looking at them. Clearly this isn't the case this time.

Hopefully this poor girl can get her life back and live a happy life and find closure. As for him...I hope he rots.


357 to temple


Agree but I don't know if that's enough of a punch. Perhaps a Smith and wesson 500.


445 supermag would be my choice


Too easy.. Do a .22 long rifle and let it bounce around and scramble a few things first...


i agree with whatsyourissue.

if you were to look in the dictionary for the definition of a rapist or murderer there would be a picture of this guy next to it.

hang him in the village square.

JudgeMeNot's picture

Willard in the news again?


You use the name JudgeMeNot, but yet you judge? Typical. Do you ever read the paper or just make off the cuff remarks? If you look closer, you will see there are many problems daily in Norwalk too. Let's clean our own house there judgy.


Hold on, this creep is from Mansfield. Richland Cty this time. Huron Cty lucked out ...insane..he definitely looks psycho.


I agree with everyone who has already posted..To be honest, I think you're being a little polite..But I know there's only so much we can post..SICKO!!!


Cut off his balls the first time and he won't do it a second time....I rest my case.....


Amen. This is the only way to stop this evil.


IT makes no sense to me why people attack a town or county SICKOS LIVE EVERYWHERE in every county. WHY does this keep happening? easy answer becuse they do 10 yrs at best then back out on streets to do it again!


yeah, ok.

i moved away from ohio 30 years ago and still cling to my roots in sandusky.

so i get the norwalk reflector and sandusky register newsletter via email daily.....

never in all my life traveling around the world have i read of such a embarrassment of a community than i read daily in this newsletter.

there are some serious parents asleep at the wheel and some inaction from people that want things to change.

time to get the black ninja suits and take things nto your own hands since obviously your neighbor doesn't give a f@@k.


this guy looks like Cary Ashby's love slave. They caught him and Cary outback behind the reflector making Cary made deal with reflector to lie and print bullcrap stories about anyone he could so nobody would find out about his love slave...


He probably carries skittles and puppies wherever he goes... this dudes photo is definitely disturbing. I agree you can't always judge a book by its cover but in this case...