Local woman still picking up pieces from 'terrifying' incident

Repo gone wrong: Man "pulled out a handgun and told her he would 'blow her head off' if she didn't give him the keys."
Scott Seitz2
Apr 12, 2014


A Willard woman still is recovering from what she described as a "terrifying" incident Oct. 31.

Mansfield resident Ronald Maddox was attempting to repossess the woman's vehicle that day from a Maple Ridge Road location when things went wrong.

Huron County Sheriff's Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said Maddox arrived at the Maple Ridge Road residence on that October day and encountered a 51-year-old Willard woman who was there visiting her sister.

Patrick said Maddox indicated he was not receiving any cooperation from the woman when trying to seize the vehicle.

Patrick, along with deputies John Vogel and Eric Bardar responded to the scene.

"The woman disputed what Maddox was saying," Patrick said. "The woman said her husband had been making the payments and they were current on the debt.

"The woman indicated she would leave to get her husband so he could show Maddox they were current on their bill," Patrick said at the time. "The woman said Maddox was free to follow her.

"When the woman attempted to leave in the van, Maddox reportedly stopped her and started banging on the hood of the vehicle," he said. "Maddox demanded the keys and told her not to leave the property."

Patrick said things went from bad to worse after that.

"The woman then backed up the vehicle and Maddox approached at the driver's side door," Patrick said. "Maddox pulled out a handgun and told her he would 'blow her head off' if she didn't give him the keys.

"Maddox had a concealed carry permit, but that does not allow him to do that," Patrick said.

Patrick said the woman then parked the van.

"Once she parked the van, Maddox re-holstered the gun, but then began wrestling with her over the keys," he said. "She then pulls out a stun gun and fires it near his (Maddox) head, but did not make contact. She did give him the keys prior to us arriving."

Maddox was arrested and charged with assault and aggravated menacing.

"He did admit he used the handgun to try and get the keys from her while she was in the vehicle," Patrick said.

The woman was not charged.

The handgun was a semi-automatic pistol.

"Maddox did have the paperwork to repossess the van," Patrick said. "But, he certainly was in error in how he used the handgun."

Fast-forward to the present day.

Maddox was recently convicted in Norwalk Municipal Court of the assault and aggravated menacing charges stemming from that incident. He was fined and received 180 days in jail, with 80 suspended.

"I couldn't sleep for three months," the Willard woman said. "I had nightmares, playing it over and over in my mind."

The woman said she didn't know she was behind on her payments at the time because she and her husband were separating.

"I've never had anyone pull a gun on me in my life," she said.

The woman said she had surgery on her left hand as a result of the melee and also had bruises on her neck and middle of her back.

"I had bruises on both my feet from being stepped on with steel-toed boots," she said.

"I've never gone through anything like this before," the now 52-year-old said. "I never did get my keys back. I've been going to counseling since.

"The deputies, prosecutor and victim's advocate all did a really good job," the woman said. "They really helped me."



His Carry Permit should be revoked !


It will, a felon can't have one.


I just love how she was all current on her payments that day....but then found out she wasn't. Classic white trash.


What an ignorant comment!


Mine? It said she claimed she was all up to date on payments when he was trying to get her car. Then she was all "I didn't know my husband wasn't making payments". She should have called the police the second he said anything. White Trash


People's ignorance really pisses me off. Stupidity is when you can't help it -ignorance is when you choose not to understand something.


I like this rickross2 cat.He sees things the proper way.The way most people don't.


Absolutely, people always believe what they read...I try to read between the lines and make my own call. I know plenty of white trash, I know how they work. I'm sure she was being polite and reasonable the whole time, sure she didn't curse at him or anything like that. Heck no, he jumped out of his truck and pulled a gun instantly and tried to car jack her!<---sarcasm (for the uneducated). He should have never pulled his weapon....but I doubt she did everything in her power to diffuse the situation.


Swearing on a public forum really makes me off. I consider your posts possibly worse than what you were complaining about. Seems everything you posted here comes back to YOU.


Question, outside the box?
Not that i want to defend ANYONE in this matter.

Was the ladies husband really making the payments? and current?
Did she get the car back?

before anyone says anything, i am just curious!

because of the fact i have a hard time believing people who months down the road claim mental anguish.
my original questions will help shed a little light.
Is this a money thing or not?


truckin here is the answer to one of your questions....The woman said she didn't know she was behind on her payments at the time because she and her husband were separating.


Him no read article? Him just read comments and make assumptions? Or him no comprehension?


I would like to know the "real" story, because you are not never going to get it from a third rate paper that is notorious for leaving out half the facts.

yea right

haha got the repo man..they act like a**holes anyhow..( why i dont watch them on tv..) most ppl do deserve repoed but some dont..One reason why you are not allowed to "defend" your home anymore..


True. Most ppl deserve the repo. Some one here was not forthright & the repo man went overboard too. Another valid reason many should be think before producing a weapon.


I had the a problem with the first story because the man who pulled the gun on the women. His fiancee kept trying to put their side of the story in this comment section, and the NR kept deleting it. I felt that wasn't fair at all, I realize there is 3 sides to every story, but the NR was only letting us read one side.


She seems money hungry to me.


fact is even if shes behind he went totally overboard pulling a gun on her


Newspapers very seldom get the whole story out. Let me enlighten those who want the whole story. First off I was the vehicle owner. Although my wife and I are still legally married we haven't lived together for nearly 2 years now. At the time of the incident I wasn't even staying in the same county. The van was purchased by me without anything to do with my wife. Not her van. Not her loan. Not her money. Not her anything. The only reason I was in town that day was because she had called and asked me if I could help fix her car. I let her borrow my van while I worked on hers. She had no way of knowing that I was behind on payments because she doesn't pay my bills or even know what bills I have. And for those who wish to think of me as a deadbeat, here is a little more information. I originally borrowed $11,200 and put $2,500 cash down on this van. At the time of repossession I had paid over $14,000 of that loan back. I didn't want to lose my van or my investment because it was nearly paid off. In fact, the company had called me a few days before this happened and said if I sent them a payment by Nov.1 that they would stop repossession. This incident happened on Oct.31. Even I wasn't expecting a repossession at that moment. Nobody deserves to be threatened with death for any debt owed. Especially someone who has absolutely nothing to do with the debt itself. This individual could have called me on my cell. He had my number. But instead he took it upon himself to play the role of a bounty hunter and threaten an innocent person with death. This individual, Ronald Maddox, should never have been allowed to be a repo agent in the first place. He should not have even been allowed to carry a gun. A public records search shows that in Richland County alone he has been charged 4 times with aggravated menacing (intentionally threatening bodily harm) in the last 10 years. He was found guilty in 3 of those cases. The last two he spent 90 days. He has been arrested for phone harassment, drug paraphernalia, drug abuse, disorderly conduct as well as theft. He has numerous alias names that he uses as well. He was even arrested the week before the trial on DUI, reckless operation, expired plates, no insurance, drug abuse and obstructing official business. He was also issued a no-contact order. A real piece of work. Both the defendant and his witness changed their stories on the witness stand. The story they were telling was just that, a goofy story. None of it was backed up by the photos of the scene or the evidence presented. The story was so unbelievable that the jury deliberated just 25 minutes before coming to unanimous decisions on both counts. His CCW license was revoked. He cannot own a firearm or be in a residence which does. He had no remorse for what he had done and didn't offer any apologies either. To those thinking that someone would entice an individual to put a loaded gun to their head for financial gain is just as goofy as this individual was. I feel very bad for what my wife has had to go through. I never imagined that something like this might happen and I would never want to hear of something like this happening to someone else's wife, child, mother, father or loved one again. If anyone doubts what I have written it is all available from the courthouse. It's public record.

yea right

hey car owner..ever thought of writing for the Snorwalk Rejector and Lazytown Register..oh wait thats right..they dont print the truth..sorry never mind


Well rickross2.., "Classic white trash"? Like I stated, Ignorant!


Well you sure don't have anything to say to prove me wrong. Does she work? Does her house have wheels? Does she pay for her own food and healthcare? Why did her and her husband split up? How many husbands has she had? Did she go all ghetto on the repo guy? I picture a large woman cursing the man out, insisting she was current on payments, and doing everything possible to be a PITA. Am I totally wrong?


rickross2 you are totally wrong on every assessment that you made. Neither the defendant or his witness mentioned anything in their report or on the stand that my wife was beligerent in any manner. Never said she cussed at them, threw a fit or acted improperly. They only tried to claim that she intentionally tried to run him over so he had to pull his gun which the evidence clearly showed was untrue. My wife or myself neither one have any past priors or convictions of any kind. We have never even gotten a speeding ticket in our lifetime. Look it up. You won't find anything on either of us. She owns her own car, lives in a house and is retired after 30 years on the job. A model citizen. She is in no way considered a large woman either. I understand that you are an extremely judgemental and bigoted person who can only gain attention by making outlandish statements. But you can take solice in knowing that you aren't the only one on this site who does that on a daily basis. Trucker comes to mind. You have to accept the fact that sometimes bad things happen to good people without any fault of their own. This was just one of those times. By the way we have been married for 33 years, raised 2 children and have never been on the public dole. Once again if you doubt what I am writing then go to the courthouse and get the transcript of the trial. Don't be lazy and just assume you know the facts. You are making yourself look silly.


I didn't assume any of those things were true. I said that's what I pictured in my head. What I typed was geared toward the guy who kept calling me ignorant. I typed that that's what I saw in my head, not that I had any knowledge of the person at all. I was using those things as examples of ways to prove she wasn't white trash, other than just spewing ignorant over and over. If all that is true, than you have my apologies. I DO NO KNOW this woman, nor did I claim to. I made a comment based on the article and what I've seen in my past experiences. I gotta go to work now....see ya around 6!


Do you even read what you type?

Dr. Information

This could have all been avoided if payments were made on time. Now the repo guy, he overreacted and will pay the price.


Oh, you won't get an apology from rickross. People that are name callers normally are what they spew. Trash.


I make my car payments home slice. And my mortgage payments. And pay for my own groceries. And raise 2 kids. I don't get help from anyone but myself and my wife. I really don't care what you think of me, I like me. I'm a pretty sweet dude. Have a good night butternuts.


Classic ignorance.


If the loan company hired this repo man I believe their name should be listed in the article, why didn't they make sure they didnt have an inexperienced and certainly a non-rational person performing their work. Maybe they should be considered as being a part of this future illegal pursuit from this woman.

Any company who hires directly or subs out work is responsible to make certain that worker or sub is legally responsible and capable of doing the work. Why are loan institutions any different?