Boose: Same-sex marriage an issue for the ballot

Local state representative weighs in on controversal topic.
Scott Seitz2
Apr 13, 2014


State Rep. Terry Boose (R-Norwalk) said Thursday the topic of same-sex marriage is quite similar to the often-discussed subject of the legalization of marijuana.

"Both of those issues fall into the same category," he said. "Those are issues that should be decided by a vote of the people on the ballot."

There was recent talk about a group attempting to organize a statewide vote on same-sex marriage for the November ballot, but that initiative recently fell through.

"I'd be real surprised if we saw anything on the state ballot," Boose said. "There is no group that is very well organized."


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former local

Yeah, let put it on the ballot. If we had just gone by a ballot vote we would still have civil rights issues in this country.

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Somebody better call up the NAACP and tell them their services are not needed anymore. Then they can call Holder and tell him to quit whining about his mistreatment for the questioning about his job.
All because the government told us to, so accept it huh? The government is my Daddy, and the taxes I pay are the reminders we aren't in charge of our own lives. We are forced give our money to countries that hate homosexuals, and Christians for two reasons: power and peace.


What is nice here is the way Terry Boose pays attention to these blogs. Notice the MJ statement?




There will be NO votes yes or no because it isn't going to be on the ballot. Did you read the article?


Yes I read it and it should never be on the ballot again. We already voted and we voted NO. But I also know how this works so eventually it probably will be so I am just getting an early start.


Why bother taking up the time of citizens of Ohio for an issue that if the vote doesn't turn out the way those who scream the loudest? The feds will just trump anyway..

Funny how those who scream the loudest... If a vote turns in there favor they scream "this is what democracy looks like".
If they don't get there way, they scream civil rights..??


These same-sex bans have been overturned in every instance by the federal courts . Ohio's ban will soon be overturned as it should be. Ohio needs to move out of the 20th Century and allow these couples to have the same rights as every other married couple. Religious bigotry and hate cannot be tolerated in any form.


@ "overturned as they should be"???
who are you?
what makes your view the right one?


Amen, these people need to stop throwing there crap on us and trying to make people accept it. We voted and we voted NO, get over it! You were probably on a tball team that never lost werent you (not you truckin LOL)?


I just love all these stand up for a cause people..
Things that probably by know means involves them but a society of crusader's, rebels without a cause..
Just looking for something to stand for as to be accepted by someone or group!
Doesn't matter, polar bears, corporate greed, gays, big oil, heck even how many perch we can catch on one side of Huron pier versus the other..
Just ANYONE who will accept, give pat on the back for "job well done".

In my opinon

I agree, but your talking about a country who can't get their congress to vote on equal pay for equal work for women..


once again?
a bs message!
Where have YOU seen unfair pay.
GM, Ford, Hospital's,trucking, factory floors, police force,cashier at McD's even i am sure, whether a 16yr old boy or girl... the job pays equal..
other than the smokescreen stand for a cause..... population.
My gosh, so many lonely people out there who don't even have a needed reason, just want to stand with other like minded individuals who can't get a date for friday.... But want to get noticed..


The information that was released was based on a BS liberal slanted study that didn't even compare apples to apples.


Sorry to say this to all you haters and religious nuts out there, but, the 14th amendment will trump any vote past or in the future. Everyone has an opinion about this, but the constitution will ultimately decide this issue. Like it or not, there is not much you can do about it. Complain all you want about activist judges and how it will destroy or cheapen your own marriage. If you really think that, your marriage is probably cheap anyway.


Yes but what you forget..
When the 14th amendment was reconstructed in the constitution for slavery issues in the mid 1800's, no one concerned themselves about a bunch a ?????'s..
Think of this for a minute.
Let's say that even after you somehow get rid of all straight men & women, and there views..
That the world will somehow be a better place??.. No more workplace politics, no more class warfare, bullying, peace, hugs and kisses for everyone.
Get real...
and amazing how until like 1830's marriage was only found to be involving parishes, churches, religions.. then the US gov. got into the business.. and since the beginning of time of man's creation.. ( i did say creation) because if you believe in true same sex marriage, you obviously do not believe in Jesus Christ as your savior or a God exist.
So this really in my opinion has become a product of boohoo individuals thru whatever fault of there own, just can't get a date with a person of the opposite sex.

swiss family

wow... @ "truckin" I have never seen you this "on fire???? is this hitting too close to home for you?? is there family or friend that might know too much???you seem to want to talk a lot about the constitution.. doesn't the constitution of which you speak, talk about the "life , liberty and pursuit of happiness" and freedom for ALL men"?????? so how can you twist that to say that denying anyone the right to choose whom they want to marry, fits into your belief of the backbone of the constitution???

You also make a pretty bold opinionated statement when you say that..."if you believe in same sex marriage, you obviously do not believe in Jesus Christ as your Savior a God exist."what are you talking about.. so you think that anyone who you consider to be a sinner doesn't believe in God??? you do know that we are all sinners m.. right including you my friend... so you are saying that you don't believe in Jesus Christ??? I am curious as to why you are so hung up on this particular "sin" when there are so many other sins out there that are just as offensive to God... Divorce is a sin... you aren't divorced are you?? pre marital sex is a sin, you didn't do that did you??? no "lot lizards hanging around on a lonely night ... right??? no lying... no lusting after another's wife right???no theft anywhere right???no taking the Lords name in vain right??? and the list goes on and on.. I just worry with you being focused so seriously on this one sin, that do they say it.... thou doth protest too much...if you know what I mean...


It a gross topic that i am just sick of all the whining..

You have got to remember who are all the gays i ever see on the road.
The ones leaning against poles in rest stops, the ones on the cb.. Who don't care if it's big, small, clean, dirty, they just got to have it..Kinda like a junkie..or the one's on tv who flake around and dress like fairy's in parades.. or butches who no man would want, who dress act more butch macho than even a man..
Everything in the gay/lesbian community is over played.
As far as sin..
Yes i have that opinion and is what i get out of the bible and my upbringing to be of one of the highest of sins.
Everyone has there breaking point. Something they say enough is enough.
I say gay marriage has no right to be recognized. Period.
am i not allowed to have a strong conviction, why must one always play the card, there has to be a closet reason??
Hey i know what!.. With so many that have the opposite strong opinion, maybe they really wish they could get a date/marry an opposite sex, have children, be happy, but too ugly..
should i just say that?


Well put, I myself am tired of every television show you turn on there is some flaming fruitloop prancing around acting the fool, or 2 women lovers bashing men, do what you want but quit cramming this stuff at us say in and day out, for gods sake you cant go to cedar point on fathers day caused its gay day there and some of the crap you see is disgusting.


Ya know... i did that like 10 yrs ago at St.Louis Six Flags.. me and my ex was there, thought it was great for the first half of the day...
No lines, no wait, not many people...
Straight on straight off.. Then took notice..we were the only straight ones there, asked and figured with the no lines we actually rode more roller coaster multiple times than normal.. laughed and left.

Can ya tell, for years i was doing some serious trucking... Never had a clue to the "other" side and there packs.
Heard the same here at Cedar Point also..
Amazing..Father's Day of all days..
and they don't even want to be fathers..
Is it the same way with woman on Mother's day?

swiss family

truckin... I have been to rest area's, and seen people leaning against the poles like you describe, but they are women...not men in drag.. but actual women working the rest stops and the truck drivers...maybe where you go they are men, and gay men at that.. but just like we can not categorize all women in the group that are working the rest stops, we can not also categorize all men, gay men in the group that you describe either...I know that you will never believe this, but some pretty prominent people are doing research on people from the past and they are finding that many of them probably were either gay or bi and at the very least had several homosexual experiences... like Abe Lincoln, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and many, many , many more... I would list more, but I am sure that you already are insisting that I am wrong with all 3 that I have listed already, only by principle alone... I stand with facts, and you stand with principles.....OK...OH and you are right.. I see the gay parades on TV and there are many that are all glammed up and walk around like "fairys" as you put it, and it is over the top... just like in the 4th of July parade here and you see people who are really into it and are dressed up for the parade like uncle Sam.. you know, they really got into the reason for the parade..... but you would never see either of them walking down the street like that the day before or the day after the parade thought.. right???

You might be more well versed in the Bible, but I thought that in there somewhere it says that all sin is harmful to God and all sin is the same... all sin is forgivable except for making fun of the Holy Spirit" at least that is what I always then that would mean that being gay is no worse than living in sin, or having pre marital sex or getting divorced or getting remarried... I could be wrong but that is what I was taught many years ago.Also one last thing, this has been the second time when you have made reference to the face that maybe they are gay because they are "too ugly" to get a date with the opposite sex"You would probably have to get your wife or girlfriends opinion on this , but ask her if she finds Neil Patrick Harris attractive, or any of the guys in the Village People, or Nate Burkis(sp) (oprah's designer)the football player that just came out...or any of the long list of people that are coming out lately... I am sure she will find some of them very handsome.. so it is NOT that they are too ugly as you seem to think...


what are you trying to say??
2 wrongs make a right??

Gross and sick... now try taking that opinion away from me without using the classic homophobe card.

Opinions.... for some of the most supposed, tolerant people in the world.. Pro gays sure can't let it go when someone else doesn't approve, like, get creeped out, etc.

swiss family

what I am trying to say is that we, as a nation, as a humanity etc, have put groups of people down all throughout history, the Blacks,the Jews, the Asians, Women, Muslims, Gays, etc. and so far in all the cases, except for the gays, we have finally realized how wrong we were and apologize and have to apologize to them... why wait until the country actually gets there and start the change here, from within????

Secondly, you have repeatedly, said that you wondered if these "gays" are just too ugly to get a date with the opposite sex, well ask your wife, which by the way might be your 2nd wife ouch.. divorce and remarriage are both sins that will keep you out of heaven along with all the gays)(imagine eternity spending eternity surrounded with all of the gays!!!!..anyway I digress..ask your wife to look at some of the gay and out men, and she will tell you that most are really good dressers, most are very well groomed, most take really good care of themselves, and most are very attractive to women..One last think, again you generalize saying that these gays don't want kids... not true again... read the papers and magazines.. Elton John and his Boyfriend adopted 2 children.. Neil Patrick Harris and his boyfriend adopted 2 young children, and the list goes on and on.. and if you ask me it might be the perfect solution..Most Republicans believe that they should NOT pay for anyone's birth control, but don't want to help pay for them once they are born so many mothers give their babies up for adoption... now imagine these gays, whose families have stopped loving them and abandoned them years ago, and all that they have is Love to give to someone, and their family, siblings and parents don't want it, but a child sure will.. so when the gays adopt them, they will have a great life... that is what I am saying

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I like the cut of your jib, sir.

Dr. Information



I believe it says in the Bible that a man shall not lay with a man. To para-phrase...... "Thou shalt not pack fudge"


Warped, then tell your dad to stop packing your mother.


What is sad about this whole thing is that the bible is being used as a weapon to deny a certain group equal protection under the law. People just "cherry pick" whatever verse suits their needs for whatever cause they have at the moment. Fortunately, the bible is not the basis of our laws and has no place being used as such. The truth of it is, if you don't like it don't do it. It really isn't any of your concern what consenting adults do nor will it affect you or your marriage in any way. You can throw any bible verse you want out there and it will not make a difference, because your particular religious beliefs do not dictate the laws of this country.

Dr. Information

What exact rights are gays being revoked of? They can be gay, nobody is saying they cannot. This has to do with marriage and the fact that marriage was started between a man and a woman.

America was founded on Christianity. Gay marriage is a no no. Again, vote on it, let the Ohioans decide. It will get shot down again.


Dear Doc, it seems you lack information. Currently, same sex couples don't have the right to adopt children, have hospital visitation rights or medical decisions concerning their partners, be recognized on birth or death certificates, have the many tax benefits that all married people have, can be fired from employment just for being different, and on and on. Just because you find it icky or against your religion, doesn't give you, or anyone else the right to dictate how anyone else should live their lives. I say this again, the founding fathers of this country went to great lengths to ensure that no one religion could be made into the law of this country. Freedom of religion( and from it) is the law of the land, you can preach revisionist history if you want, but this country was not founded on Christianity. The pledge and our currency didn't even mention God until the 1950's when Congress added it. It is a civil rights issue that will be decided by the supremes and will not be up for a popular vote ever again, like it or not. As for you Truck, sounds to me like you have to go all out on this one, maybe you have some repressed feelings that you have to keep in the closet, just to prove how "extra righteous" you are. Regardless, you don't get to pick and choose how anyone but yourself lives their life. You can't even begin to know, beside your one-sided view of gay people, except for your typical stereotypes of rest areas and such. It never takes much to prove that your just a bigoted hater that thinks everyone that is different from yourself is a "sinner" or ugly or just a closet heterosexual that wants kids. No one needs to say that you may just be a little light in the brain department, you prove it every time you write something on here. Keep going, you prove my point every time!!