Edison statue for U.S. Capitol finally gets rolling

Hurry-up schedule announced Tuesday, nearly four years after Ohioans voted for Milan-born inventor over Wright Brothers.
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Apr 10, 2014


Plans to get a statue of Ohio native son Thomas Alva Edison to Statuary Hall in Washington finally are getting off the ground.

On Wednesday, the Ohio Statuary Hall Commission sent a Request for Qualifications to artists to create a statue of Edison. The commission will pick five finalists after the initial submission deadline on May 5.

A hurry-up schedule was announced Tuesday, nearly four years after Ohioans voted for Edison over the Wright Brothers as one of the state’s two entries in Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capital, and two years after the plan received approval from the General Assembly.

The five finalists will be selected by May 26 and will be given until June 30 to submit a conceptual model of the inventor and entrepreneur born in Milan. The winner will be selected on July 14, subject to final approval from the Architect of the U.S. Capitol and the Joint Committee on the Library of Congress.

No timeline was announced for completion of the statue. Likewise, no mention was made of where the estimated $2 million for the project will come from, although major donors are being sought. Reportedly, less than $50,000 has been raised thus far, most of it directly from Milan residents.

The statue of Edison, known worldwide for his work on the incandescent light bulb, movie camera and phonograph, will replace one of William Allen, Ohio’s 31st governor, whose statue was installed in 1887. Allen’s Civil War-era, pro-slavery views were deemed inappropriate to represent modern-day Ohio. The state’s other statue, of slain President James A. Garfield, will remain.


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the statue should be of Nikola Tesla. Telsa solved the problems Edison was having with DC and then Edison cheated Nikola out of the $10,000 he promised him.

Edison invented the electric chair and had people electrocuted in and effort to win the Niagara Falls power contract.

People who lived near Edison started to notice their pets were missing. Hmmm, seems Edison was stealing the local pets and using them for displays at carnivals to show the public how Telsa's AC electric power was dangerous, he did this by electrocuting them as well. Lets not forget TOPSY, which Edison killed with 6600 volts at a carnival. You who want a statue of this guy answer me this question, would you want him to be in your neighborhood after viewing the historical documentary? http://youtu.be/VD0Q5FeF_wU

Moral of the story may be that just because there are statues of people doesn't make those people great.

The REAL moral of the story is, if the Government tells you something DON'T BELIEVE IT.

And just because the majority votes for something doesn't mean it was the best, wisest or most educated choice. Sounds like most elections.


You are absolutely correct, Truth.
Edison was a great mind, not a great man. Tesla, of course, championed and succeeded with AC as a standard. Edison was vindictive and cheated Tesla more than once.

It is unfortunate that we have to revere the man by building another statue of him. I think it would be fair enough to celebrate his legitimate achievements, but not his character. However, some of the most accomplished people in history were magnificent SOB's. we could compile a long, long list.