Suspected DUI driver charged

Norwalk man tests above legal limit.
Cary Ashby
Apr 8, 2014


A Norwalk driver was stopped by the state Highway Patrol this weekend on an allegation he was driving drunk.

Jeffrey L. Wright, 46, of 77 N. Foster St., had a blood-alcohol content level that tested at .122 percent, according to the report by Trooper William Howard. The legal limit for drivers in Ohio is .08 percent.

Wright was charged with driving under the influence and warned about having a license plate light out. The trooper stopped the driver at 11:45 p.m. Friday on Whittlesey Road near Lais Road.



Idiot !

hit the road jack

If you had a 60 watt bulb in the rear of your car they'd still stop you for a license plate light out.Not that I agree with drunk driving but I don't go for this crap of the 'ol license plate trick.


I do not agree with drunk driving either - but, maybe people should attach a video camera to their car (not sure how), so they either A). They know when their light is out and/or B). Can prove they were stopped unjustifiably. It would be worth a good laugh to see the officers face in court (if/when you can prove he was dishonest).

hit the road jack

You shouldn't have to go out and spend $100.00 on a video recorder when the cops that pull you over are supposed to be straight up to start with,everyone knows that the only way to move up the ladder is by being a goober smoocher and getting as many DUI's as they can or whatever,if someone doesn't trust you then you sure as hell shouldn't trust them.