A changed man

Man loses weight, trying to be inspiration to son.
Aaron Krause
May 25, 2014


Two years ago, Christopher Amolsch weighed 220 pounds and was struggling through some issues.

It was about that time his son, Azriel, was born.

Amolsch said he wanted to be an inspiration to his son; he wanted to make his son proud, and "do more for him than give him a one-bedroom apartment."

So Amolsch began working out and shed 50 pounds in 18 months. His body mass index, a number calculated from a person's weight and height, has "gone down drastically."


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Losing weight and trying to become healthier is great. Doing your best to be fit, giving it your best shot to stay alive longer, so your loved one's will have you around is great.
But as far as the 1 bedroom apartment is all one can offer otherwise?..
1st what does that have to do with weight
2nd.. maybe "working" 2nd job, 3rd job may help?..maybe planning and being more financially ready for the birth of a child.
I realize them are all an afterthought nowadays.
These inspirational stories are touching, but with so much focus on one thing no one seems to notice the other..

JMOP's picture

I understand your point. I also agree it's an afterthought. Having the love of your child changes ones perceptions on life. I know it did on me.


As a father who was granted custody of my son and was a single parent for most of his childhood I had to maintain the balance of meeting my financial responsibilities of a father and spending quality time with my son and that often meant that we didn't always live in the ideal apartment or house. I myself lived with my son in a one bedroom apartment with my son having the bedroom and I sleeping on the couch, my son graduated with honors and excelled in football and track and had generally a full and happy childhood. After we moved from the apartment he lived with me in the 3 bedroom home I own until he went to college. My point is thus, YOU don't know this mans situation and to be honest its really not your place to criticize his living situation... I read nothing of there being and endangering circumstances. As far as how one thing effects another? you must not realize how difficult it is to manage a job then see to the needs of your child and still find time to dedicate to working out to maintain a healthy lifestyle.... If you are a single parent it is nearly impossible which would be more so if you tried to work an additional 1 to 2 jobs. and how about actually being alive to see that child grown and to see the inevitable grand children. If someone were to criticize MY accomplishments id feel compelled to smack them senseless. Trucker you and you're cockeye'd notions about conventional expectations cannot expand to all possible eventualities and circumstances, did this man get laid off from his job? did he recently get a divorce and is trying to recover financially and care for his son? Its a sad fact especially in the world we live in today where unemployment is still higher than it has been in a long time and basic everyday items are ever more expensive that we cant all afford the best or even better than just good enough. sometimes good enough had to be just that. Anyway off to a shower..... I need to wash the stupidity and bigotry of your loathsome post from me.... I feel unclean since reading it.


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