Surviving by a miracle

Holocaust survivor relates his tale of survivorship to local students.
Aaron Krause
May 25, 2014


The true story the 88-year-old survivor told the St. Paul and Norwalk Catholic School junior high students stood in stark contrast to the cloudless, sunny spring day outside the convocation center.

The prospect of death, not to mention hunger, hurt, helplessness and humiliation, stalked Holocaust survivor Leo Silberman for years during World War II. Fortunately for Silberman, his life eventually resembled the happy picture of a bright, spring day.

But for Silberman and so many other European Jews and other minorities, darkness crept in during the late 1930s.

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Too bad all The Lib's Aborted Babies can't tell their story. In N.Y. they might as well have ovens !


Survivors of the Holocaust are some of the most remarkable people you will ever meet. Having served in West Germany, I had the honor of meeting two survivors from Treblinka. There first-hand stories left me speechless and amazed that they not only survived....they were not bitter and thrived once they were liberated.