Rising gas prices hit everyone

Consumers are complaining about rising gas prices, but the workers behind the counter are just as frustrated. "Last summer it was $2.50 a gallon and I remember two years ago when it was under $2," said Austin Kromer, 19, a cashier at Marathon. "I understand the frustration."
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


Consumers are complaining about rising gas prices, but the workers behind the counter are just as frustrated.

"Last summer it was $2.50 a gallon and I remember two years ago when it was under $2," said Austin Kromer, 19, a cashier at Marathon. "I understand the frustration."

Kromer said local distributors have to follow pricing regulations handed down from corporate headquarters.

"I've changed gas prices three times in a single shift," he said. "It's whenever you get a call," he said, and not an option for local control.

David Carter, manager of the Marathon station, said the store just gets a call from management whenever the company wants to raise prices.

"I drive from Sandusky every day," he said. "I'm in the same boat" as other people who suffer from higher gas prices.

"It is a speculative market," Carter said.

Kromer said he believes rising gas prices will lead to innovations.

"It will jump start technology," he said. "I did a research paper for college on solar power. Alternatives become more affordable as gas prices rise."

That doesn't mean relief any time soon for consumers.

"They stink," was what one anonymous consumer said about rising gas prices.

"I just think it is ridiculous," said Ashley Miller, 21, after a stop at a gas station. "I definitely won't be going out as much.

Kory Wolcott, 17, said high gas prices mean more work for him to be able to enjoy his free time.

"It means I have to work a whole lot of extra hours at work to spend some time with my friends," he said. Wolcott works at K-Mart to earn spending money.

Here are today’s prices for a gallon of unleaded regular gasoline at service stations in Norwalk:

Marathon (Whittlesey) - $3.35

West Side Sunoco - $3.35

Dave’s Sunoco - $3.35

Rich (Benedict)  - $3.35

Sunrise - $3.36

Hy-Miler - $3.42

B.P. - $3.39

Shell - $3.39

Rich (Milan)  - $3.39

IGA - $3.39


David Deerest.

Sure do miss the fuel perks at the Eagle.

swiss family

that explanation, about them having to set the price that corporate sets, doesn't make any sense.. i believe that it is the story that they are telling us over and over, but it doesn't make sense!

suppose a grocery store owner wants to put a product on sale, like they do on a weekly basis.. ok, suppose they want to put "progresso soup" on sale, do they need to get permission from the progresso company?? of course they don't.. they set their own prices, and it is based on the price set to draw people to their stores, and spend their money at their store...

i also noticed that the reporter did NOT quote any of the Norwalk gas station owners for this story, they only talked to employee's and customers.. where was the statement from any owner?? i want, and need to hear them lie to us once again , how they are only making about 2 to 3 cents profit off of each gallon of gas that they sell.. show us in your books an proof to back up that statement.. and when you say that you only make so much PROFIT from the gas . does that mean that you are making at least 15 cents per gallon on the gas, but take away the elec. bill, and the payroll, etc, and thea is what you figure that you earn, 2 or 3 cents??

and please, Norwalk gas station owners, please lie to us once again, and tell us that the co. headquarters set your price, and there is nothing you can do about it.. why then, do they always seem to set your prices, being more expensive then the price charged in Monroeville, Fitchville, Avery, Lorain, and the list goes on and on..

please quit insulting our intelligenge, with your lies.. no one is believing it.. the truth is, the oil companies, are seriously overcharging the American people, and making an obsene amount of profit, by overcharging us, and the gas station owners in Norwalk, are taking their piece of the pie as well, by gouging us just alittle bit more!!!all of this is happening, and all of the owners, and dealers are claiming that they aren't making any money at it...... please!!!!!!!!

David Deerest.

Stop begging, swiss. They DO only make a few cents profit on a gallon, what part of this don't you get? Why is it SO hard for you to understand? If you think people are 'lying' to you, then DO your research, don't continue to live your life by what the Reflector prints! What is wrong with you? And if all that fails, MOVE.

Dave Rimmer, Li...

I am also convinced the petrol stations make very little out of fuel sales. Why do you think most of them have diversified into a multitude of other products. In the UK the huge profiteers are the British Government. They simply apply 2 taxes on fuel. Fuel duty which amounts to about 50% of the retail price and then they also put on top of that VAT (sales tax) of 17.5%. So all in all HMG stitch us up for about 2/3rds of the cost with the manufacturers taking most of the rest. As I understand it the petrol stations over here make about 8p per litre which I suppose is, in your currency about 20 cents per gallon.

swiss family

i have done my research like you asked.. and i can only tell what i found at one Norwalk gas station, and i promised that i wouldn't say which one, or the exact amount they were making on each gal. of gas, but i can assure you that it is not even close to the 02 to 03 cents that was quoted on here...then when the local stations overcharge us here in town, compared to thje stations out of town, by being anywhere from 15 to 30 cents higher per gallon..i can honestly say that they are certainly making a good living off us with just the gas alone.. now add in the overpriced boxes of mac and cheese, and other high priced groceries.. and they are doing just fine... you now, do your homework

Dave Rimmer, Li...

From the figures you have quoted and my investigations I doubt if the petrol stations are making 10% and mathematically is probably nearer 7% per gallon. So to say that the stations are ripping you off is unfair unless of course you think 7-10% gross profit is extortionate. I don't know how much tax is imposed by the US government but if anything it will be more than the gas stations are making so direct your anger at the oil companies and your own government. Good day to you.

David Deerest.

Swiss, you call that research? Asking a clerk in a gas station?? Are you serious??? I mean, like everyone else has told you, research your gov't. and your oil companies. How much do you think THEY make off a gallon of gas? Do you even know they do? You think the gas magically appears in the stations fuel tanks so the local station "owners" can charge whatever they want? I'm baffled daily by your immature and unsubstantiated comments. Guess that's why I keep coming back, sheer entertainment.

Chad Eitle (Ano...

Deer Dave - I completely agree.

If it weren't for swissfamily, I would probably never even get on this website.