New restaurant moving into former Bob Evans building?

"Family-style place' eyes Norwalk location.
Scott Seitz
Apr 2, 2014


The former Bob Evans building, located at 230 Milan Ave., soon could become the home of a new restaurant.

“My understanding is that property is under contract with someone else,” Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan told the Reflector this week.

According to county auditor’s office records, the property still is owned by Bob Evans, a title it has held since 1996. The property is appraised at $410,000.

“I don’t have a lot of specific details on it,” Duncan said about what type of eatery might occupy the building.

“With the location and some of the requirements set by Bob Evans, I think it will be something different other than Bob Evans,” the mayor said. “I think some sort of family-style place.”

Though there is much talk about the future of the former Bob Evans, the city planning and zoning office doesn’t have any official construction documents yet on the project, the mayor said.

“We’ve yet to see a set of plans,” Duncan added.

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Nice to see a place move in. But the mayor is sure full of information lol.

Seen it All

Haha, yes he is! I love this quote: “With the location and some of the requirements set by Bob Evans, I think it will be something different other than Bob Evans,” the mayor said. “I think some sort of family-style place.”

Something different than Bob Evans.. yet a family style place? haha Did Bob Evans become a sports bar and I don't know about it?


Well, if I recall, there has been some questionable entertainment in the Bob Evans parking lot from time to time.

Seen it All

haha I remember that!

former local

Yeah, I would think the Mayor would have SOME idea of what's going on.

former local

Yeah, I would think the Mayor would have SOME idea of what's going on.

shovelhead's picture

This town needs a steakhouse. You gotta drive 10 miles to get a good steak around here.


I heard a story about a nearby steak house relocating. You might get your wish!


Oh no! Not 10 whole miles!

Aside from that..... The Ponderosa (or as Mr. Calls it - Pondagrossa) closed how many years ago?


@Seenitall - that was funny! That is what I wondered as well. I thought that Bob Evans is/was a family style restaurant? If not, I will be very curious to see what their definition of family style is...


when i first moved to this town 33 yrs ago my old neighbor said that the young people needed a steakhouse and i suspected then it wasn't the young peoples interest wasn't that he was looking out for

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Fibber Mcgee

Sugar Creek Bistro?


Any decent restaurant would be a welcome addition.


It's probably going to be another Chinese or Mexican place. Hope they don't serve alcohol. If so the Police force will have to take 3 or 4 cars out of the Bluto's area and to have them follow the patrons of new restaurant as they leave. For that reason someone would have to be nuts to open a restaurant in town. If the new owners are from out of town please don't tell them what Norwalk is now known for.


You are right! It will be a main attraction for the badge - if they serve alcohol. If they do serve alcohol, I am sure the Norwalk PD will have a huge party to celebrate all of the tickets they are going to be writing - they will probably feel like they just hit the lottery!


If it will create jobs, then I am sure Mayor Duncan will do something to screw it up.

Now The Rest of...

Great location for HOOTERS, for the wings only of course.




As long as they don't hire inside Huron County.


There aren't enough cute, fit, potential servers in Norwalk..
that wouldn't work...


Aside from this opinion, Hooters' wings suck. I've been there twice and was very disappointed both times. But I guess the food isn't exactly why people go!

The Tilted Kilt restaurant chain is basically Hooters with actually good food.


I hope whoever gets this building will completely gut it as it's full of mold. It's not worth the appraised value of $410,000. The Mill Street Bistro would be a better option as it comes with a liquor license and appraises between $320,000/$350,000. Not very many options with space in town to choose from. What is it about Norwalk that we can't get any restaurants that aren't pizza and burger specialists? Well, I gotta run, going to Sandusky to get something to eat!!


Liquor license is issued to the business, not the building.


It needs to be a new Steak house like the BEEHive Was in Olena. Now That was a Great Steak Place you could take the whole Family.


Cheesecake factory


I think I smell an Applebee"s coming???

HS Sports Fan

That would suck, but makes sense. Their steaks taste exactly like Ponderosa's.


That's because the only steaks we (I'm a server for Applebee's) have are sirloins, which are one of the worst cuts of steak. But we do a TON to make them taste the best they can with optimal tenderness.


Steak,steak,steak we have two families now ! Had a N.Y.Strip yesterday at Longhorn,excellent !