New restaurant moving into former Bob Evans building?

"Family-style place' eyes Norwalk location.
Scott Seitz
Apr 2, 2014


The former Bob Evans building, located at 230 Milan Ave., soon could become the home of a new restaurant.

“My understanding is that property is under contract with someone else,” Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan told the Reflector this week.

According to county auditor’s office records, the property still is owned by Bob Evans, a title it has held since 1996. The property is appraised at $410,000.

“I don’t have a lot of specific details on it,” Duncan said about what type of eatery might occupy the building.

“With the location and some of the requirements set by Bob Evans, I think it will be something different other than Bob Evans,” the mayor said. “I think some sort of family-style place.”

Though there is much talk about the future of the former Bob Evans, the city planning and zoning office doesn’t have any official construction documents yet on the project, the mayor said.

“We’ve yet to see a set of plans,” Duncan added.

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Most people in Norwalk complain there are no jobs and not enough money being made from the ones that are in the area. Unless it is Applebees grade steaks or below - I just do not see the economy in Norwalk being able to support a nicer restaurant....I actually think Applebees may even struggle.


From what I understand, a normal dinner for 2 at Casa Fiesta (including a couple drinks) is usually around $70 and they seem to always be busy. My husband won't eat there so it would be nice to have a 2nd option in this town that isn't the Bistro (or anything that has to do with the current owner). A steak house doesn't have to be expensive to be good.

J Cooper

Who ever told you it was $70 must have had quit a few drinks to total $70. My wife and I can have a pitcher of Margaritas, two dinners and get our for $40 or less plus tip.

J Cooper

NWalk99, great comment, its pie in the sky thinking that a better restaurant would come to Norwalk, the demographics of the community just doesn't make business sense. Sad part is that some think the chain restaurants are better dining, most of them are masters of the frozen food entrée and how much tenderizer they can pump into subgrade beef...


Exactly - cut Casa Fiestas Sales / EBTDA (earning before taxes, depreciation, and amortization) in half - literally in half... Then give that revenue to a new restaurant and minus all the taxes and expenses of a new restaurant - it has a 50/50 chance of success. I don't want to be negative - but realistically speaking...the economy and demographics there cannot support another restaurant. Like it or not - be thankful to have one successful restaurant.