Truck roll-over on U.S. 250 and Ohio 113; One lane northbound now open on U.S. 250

Traffic delays
Joe Centers
Mar 25, 2014


A truck roll-over at U.S. 250 and Ohio 113 West near Milan closed the northbound lanes of U.S. 250 earlier this morning. Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth reported one lane is now open northbound on U.S. 250 as of 9:30 a.m.


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It would be helpful if you stated 113 west or east. Thanks.


didn't you read? Its on 250 northbound lane

jibber jabber

sorry to inform you, 250 is a east west State Route.

WHERE is the SCALE ticket, how much was he over the Legal Limit, not saying he was, but SHOW the ticket.


You're a dumba$$. Rt. 250 is a north, south road.


It is called both, in different places. Promise.


Sorry, actually you are wrong. "US highway numbering conventions stipulate that 2-digit ("main") US routes running generally north/south are to be assigned odd numbers, while even numbers go to east/west routes. This concept has been implemented with very few exceptions". - See more at:


the road runs north and south and you talk pretty big behind a computer screen.


Gave up trying to convince people it is E/W. It is on the signs in Norwalk. Thanks for not making me think I was crazy, Jibber.


I drive Rt. 250 beyond the limits of "Norwalk - we are the be all and end all".... Depending upon where you may be, Rt 250 which seems to end in Urichsville, can be east, west, north, or south.... Which makes me ask the obvious...
Why is this even a talking point?


That would be the dumbest question ever!
With this accident one could be running 200,000lbs over limit or empty and if ran off road swerved back and caught curb would still flip.. pure driver negligence. The End


It is considered both dependent on area. Addresses in the Milan area are marked as N or S. It is E/W in other areas, especially the further south you go.

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Yes, I read rbenn. And the northbound lane passes by both 113 W and 113 E which are over half a mile from one another, and would let one know if they could get into Milan or not.

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Never mind, got it from the Register. It is near 113 West. So, if you are traveling eastbound on 113 West, you could take Kelly Road to get on Rt250 North. And 113 E would be easily accessed by taking Whittlesey/Shawmill from Norwalk.


250 is a east west road, except when it turns due north in Norwalk then is due north all the way to the lake. Oho Road map clearly define it :) F Y I


Thanks, Louie!~


Before spouting off EAST/WEST or NORTH/SOUTH.....did any of you look at the pics. And see the sign plowed will tell all of you I would post the pic but you can't so GO LOOK AT THE PICS then form your opinion...more simple that arguing on here for no reason.....

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There were NO pics when I made my comment this morning.


I always enjoy coming here and reading these comments. It's like a meeting forum for morons. The scale ticket? Yes because at press time we had nothing better to do than rummage around inside that mangled cab snapping a picture of the scale ticket so that it could be promptly posted here. You don't even know the circumstances of what caused the incident but your spouting off about the driver being over the limit. As if the Norwalk Reflector has access to all the facts in the case mere minutes after it's occurrence. It was as last I knew still an ongoing investigation but as soon as it is complete we will notify OSP to make sure to SHOW YOU the SCALE TICKET! Not one single comment here in regards to concern over the well fare of the driver. The notice of this accident was relayed to the Norwalk Reflector by either ECSO or the OSP at the time it was posted. They were relaying the information given to them. They did not have a reporter on scene. It was merely a notice to advise you of the traffic delay. By the way Rte 113 in Milan runs east and west. Hence the reason we are dispatched to 113 WEST or 113 EAST..


North and southbound lanes would be correct if they were referring to the road as State Route 13 which is signed north and south. Whereas 250 is signed east and west.