Collins man accused of employee theft at Meijer

Warrant issued for suspect's arrest.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 24, 2014


A warrant has been issued for a Meijer employee accused of fleeing the Perkins Township store with expensive gaming equipment.

Bryan R. Combs, 25, of 2367 Wells Road, Collins, is charged with theft through Sandusky Municipal Court. The first-degree misdemeanor is in connection with an incident Thursday investigated by Perkins Township Police Officer Angela Blake.

A Meijer security officer contacted police at 7 p.m. after she reportedly caught Combs leaving the store through an employee exit with a bag containing about $400 worth of electronics, police said. In the bag allegedly were a wireless PlayStation 3 headset, an Xbox 360 wireless controller, a "Frozen" DVD and three PS 3 games.

The security officer stopped Combs before he could leave and he reportedly admitted to the attempted theft, according to Blake's report. Before police arrived, the suspect had left the Meijer property in his vehicle.

Judge Erich O'Brien issued a warrant for Combs' arrest Friday.


swiss family

I am always amazed at what value people put om their jobs. I look at people who walk out of their jobs stealing stupid stuff, and knowing full well that if they are caught, they will not only lose their jobs, but they will be named and charged and published in the local newspaper, making it pretty hard to get another local, like this guy, $400.00 was worth all of this I said before .. I just don't get it????


$400 yeah, but how many times did he get away with it before this Swiss family

swiss family

you are probably right "benedict".. and what was the stolen amount at any of those given times?? sometimes more sometimes less.. Imagine getting caught with $100 of stolen merchandise... and losing your job and reputation for that minor amount... like I said before.. I just don't get it