Video shows school employee putting money in her pocket

Woman accused of stealing funds from basketball ticket sales.
Cary Ashby
Mar 25, 2014


Prosecutors appear to be playing hot potato about the suspected theft case involving a former employee of Willard City Schools.

"Nothing new on that," Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler said when asked about the case Monday. "I haven't determined anything."

Leffler referred further questions to Norwalk Assistant Law Director Scott Christophel.

Christophel said he heard about the case when he'd received a letter from the female suspect's attorney a couple weeks ago. The Reflector isn't naming the woman because she hasn't been charged. Christophel, who hasn't seen any reports on the case, said he discovered the Willard Police Department had forwarded its material to Leffler's office for review.

"The ball is in his court," Christophel said, referring to the county prosecutor.

Police and school officials have said the employee, who retired March 7, is accused of stealing $200 from basketball ticket sales. The allegation is in connection with a Feb. 14 incident.

Superintendent Jeff Ritz recently released surveillance footage of the theft, which was requested by the Reflector, which clearly shows the woman putting a stack of cash in her left pocket near the end of the 5 1/2-minute video.

The woman is sitting at a table in a hallway at Willard High School by herself. To her left is the cash box.

The suspect lays out some cash and starts counting it at the 1:25 mark, according to the video. About 50 seconds later, she restacks the bills and then makes some notes.

At the 2:31 mark, the woman puts the same cash in the cash drawer. Four seconds later, she is counting another stack of bills, according to the video.

The woman directs two male students to a room to the right of the table at the 3:54 mark. They open the door and close it behind them. About 15 seconds later, the woman puts a stack of cash in the drawer and makes some more notes.

At 5:12 in the video, one of the student opens the door and leaves the room and about nine seconds later, the woman puts a stack of cash in her left pocket -- the one nearest the camera.

Detective Jeremy Draper conducted several interviews after police received the theft complaint Feb. 28. According to his report, which cites the video, the suspect counted the money from the money box and she folded the cash she earlier placed to the left of the box "and then placed it in her pocket."

Ritz made a finding in which he recommended the school board terminate the employee. The superintendent, citing what the suspect and her attorney said during a March 3 pre-disciplinary meeting, wrote he found the woman "did take approximately $200 from the gate receipts at a Willard City School District event ... without permission to do so on Feb. 14, 2014."

The employee's retirement/resignation letter is dated March 7.

"Please be advised that by tendering my retirement, I am making no admission of guilt or wrongdoing with respect to the school district's investigation of the events of Feb. 14, 2014 and (I) reserve any rights I may have under (the) law with respect thereto," the woman wrote in her letter.



So since she has not been charged they won't put her name in the paper!!! So I'm assuming she is a person of standing in Willard? And they do to want it to get out bc she does so much for the community blah blah blah!! People that get pulled over for going over the speed limit or running a red
Light their names are put In the paper. but the lady stealing money from a school function deserves her name to be excluded from ariticals!! Ppl are accused all the time of theft and not charged aNd they are blasted all over this paper!!! I think there is some hush money being passed out!! That could have been my money she stole that I though I was giving to the school not this thief! Just sayin!


Indeed, I see people not charged with rape but their name is published.

preferential treatment


Name one person who's name has been published who has not been charged.


I can't think of any

former local

The former Norwalk School teacher who was later charged with having inappropriate contact with a student. You don't remember that?


If you get a traffic ticket you are charged. If a Law director files a complaint in municipal court you are charged. If a grand jury indicts you are charged. I have never seen a story that named a person who had not been charged.


Being charged and being guilty are completely different. Either way once your name goes in the paper for being charged, you're going to look guilty in a small community for a long time. Regardless if you are innocent or not. With open forums like this anyone can get on and say whatever gossip comes to mind and others will remember it as if God told it to them. I think the majority of online readers would like to see more stories based on facts and not see the same bunch of hearsay repeated in ten different headlines. If they would have ran this story after charges were brought against the person than that's one thing. But they didn't. Right now this is literally just gossip.


I agree that this story is just gossip at this point. I wish the paper would wait until conviction to run any story about alleged criminal behavior especially of a sexual nature. I think it would cut down on the extreme overreaction that some posters have to what ends of being very minor charges in a lot of cases. This could be another extremely minor theft case if it ever actually gets charged.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Wow, I must have struck nerve with someone. Since my comment didn't contain any of the following; Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights). This is the second time this has happened to a comment of mine that brought up something else closely related to the topic at hand. But deleting my post assures you won't have to answer my question I ask in it. If you can't stand the heat, delete the post? Is that how the saying goes now? This is a perfect example of what the Reflector does. They like to spin things because they assume everyone is guilty. If not this story wouldn't even be in the paper until after charges were or were not brought against the accused.
(And my question was for the Reflector, not exoticnoise420. I didn't want anything thinking I "attacked" them, when nothing was said)


This happens all the time on If you are of their political persuasion, your post is automatically deleted.


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Ohgeeze,Are you a bit nosey?Most Willard folk know the person but because no charges have been filed nobody is guilty.....Yet.


That's some great "detective" work... Why don't you put that effort into getting some of the drugs off the streets?!


If this great "detective" work was referring to what I said sorry you felt that way. I read the Willard Junction 2 1/2 weeks ago and the whole story was in it......with the name.Hardly detective work.

Dr. Information

The video was the detective. She stole money that was not her's to take and its so sad to see people in the paper each week taking things that are not theirs to take, especially from the schools.


Before anyone jumps all over this post. Please note I am making an observation to what is being explained in the paper.

Anyone who has ever worked a register at a store or restaurant knows what she did sounds like the same thing everyone does at the end of the shift. The cash amount that should always start and stay in a drawer is known as the beginning cash amount. This cash amount is determined by the restaurant or in this case the school, for making change during when transactions are taking place. At the beginning of the school event or work shift, the cashier assigned to a cash drawer must count the money in the drawer to validate that the beginning cash amount is correct. Example, a restaurant's beginning cash amount is always $150.00. The cashier for the shift needs to count his or her drawer to verify that it has $150 dollars inside, and also to be sure that the drawer has sufficient coins for making change. During that shift at the restaurant or school event, money is obviously collected and revenue is made. Any revenue that is collected is taken from the cash drawer at the end of the shift and a cash "drop" is made to a safe or a safe location.

It sounds to me like she was balancing the drawer or finding out how much revenue was collected. She left the money box with the original beginning cash amount and put the revenue to be dropped in her pocket. That doesn't mean the money was stolen. That could have been done for safe keeping, since walking around a high school with a wad of cash isn't a good idea.

Like I stated, I'm just making observations to what is being printed but so far it just seems like a lot of stuff is being twisted to make the person look guilty. Hearsay and a video of standard drawer procedure is all I've read about so far in this investigation. Not enough for a guilty verdict, in my opinion.

Dr. Information

That is not how they do it at any school. Money is never to go in anyone's pocket. There are always two bags, envelopes in any money drawer. Start up cash in one and a starting ticket number checked by the AD before hand and the tickets sold along with the matching dollar amount in another.

My wife worked the door as a fill in before at a different school.

You don't ever stick money in your pocket as an employee no matter the business.


I'm not saying you're wrong and I agree 1000% that you should never put ANYTHING in your pocket that is not yours. It just leads to problems more times than not. I also agree that what you explained is probably the proper procedure but that doesn't mean that always happens. If what you explained did happened at Willard, then the AD should have been able to catch the error with the cash that night. The cash wouldn't have matched the tickets sold. But if it took more time than that night, then who knows when the error with the cash could have occurred. So if they knew that night, why did they have to watch a surveillance video or have the police called in to investigate?


I don't think there is any part of checking out that says now is the time some goes back in my pocket. I have operated many cash drawers in my day. Unless she was required to start her cash box with her $200,she is wrong ! She should be sent to congress with the rest of the crooks !


It's not about being nosey it's about someone stealing and getting special treatment for whatever reason. But let me go steal $200 from a gas station that I worked at and my name would be blasted all over this paper. If it wasn't published I wouldn't have known about the theft so there for I'm curious of who it is like a normal person that gives to local school events!!!


Your name wouldn't be blasted anywhere unless you get charged. No apparent special treatment here.


Its not stolen unless she left the building with it


hey reflector why cant you publish the name of this person. Willard had a rape case where the male wasn't charged but you put his name in the paper.


It would be nice to have a link to this story, if you are being accurate.

believe it

Why does everyone care about or want a name published so bad? Who fricking cares. Do you have nothing better to worry about?


Anyone who has been to WHS JV or VS game will know by the description of where she was sitting who it was.