Report: Lack of knowledge among management in food service tops violations in 2013

"Person in charge not knowledgeable" was the top critical food service violation during last year's health inspections at area eateries.
Aaron Krause
May 24, 2014


An official with Huron County Public Health said its environmental division "is continuously working to improve our educational efforts with our licensed food facilities."

Deputy environmental director Amanda Eaton was responding to a report released by the Environmental Public Health Division of Huron County Public Health regarding top critical food violations in 2013.

"Person in charge not knowledgeable" was the top critical food service violation in 2013, according to the report.

There were 73 cases of "Person in charge not knowledgeable," followed by "Food not held at proper temperature (71 cases) and food not properly covered/segregated (45 cases).

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Several of those "persons in charge" barely are able to speak English. Let's be real here. Ah, yes, don't forget the teenagers and druggie slackers working.

We all know there are some.

Do any of these people go through formal training , and why isn't it required before opening up an eatery?




... 'ey... don't blame the prep help ...I always ask to review the surveillance camera footage before I bite in to my burgers...


In fast food as well as so many other industries..
The top management are college graduates, (friends, family, associates) with business knowledge degrees..
Not in knowledge of "the business".