Deputies to step up traffic enforcement during prom season

Grant money helps local law enforcement agency.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 25, 2014


Utilizing grant funds recently obtained from the Ohio Traffic Safety Office, the Erie County Sheriff's Office will be scheduling deputies to work high visibility traffic enforcement throughout the county for OVI/speed enforcement and prom season.

Special attention will be directed to the Ohio 4, U.S. 250, Ohio 61, Ohio 60, Ohio 2 and Ohio 6 corridors. Enforcement emphasis, as always, will be placed on the removal of impaired drivers from the roadway, as well as on speed and safety belt violations.

It is hoped that these efforts will result in a safer trip for those traveling during what is usually a busy time period on area roadways.

A total of 36 additional traffic enforcement stops were made during the month of February using grant funding.



Keep up the good work Ziggy. As the bus of Huron County, blah, blah blah. lol


Thats it, lets spend that extra money and focus our energy's on busting prom kid's. I mean, this is an extraordinary event that these kids really look forward to; and then to have a special police task force implemented to zero in on them just does not make sense to me. How about staying focused on the drug dealers and thieves.


Why not use all or part of the grant money to AVOID anyone getting behind the wheel impaired. Options like free transportation to the event and AM rides back to their cars (within a certain distance) etc.. I bet it would be less expensive (for all) to prevent the situation than arrest them. We all know young kids make irrational decisions - lets help them make good ones instead of being so eager to pull them over and arrest them for driving under the influence.