Truckers go viral; state title game today

Excitement about Norwalk boys' basketball team extends beyond United States
Joe Centers
Mar 22, 2014


Trucker fever has gone viral. Check out this note sent Friday to the Norwalk Reflector:

Conrad Allen (son of the tremendous teacher, Alonzo Allen), made this FB page for everyone who is excited about the Truckers, but not in town. Conrad is currently in this far away place called Saudi Arabia.

Here's the page:

The Norwalk Reflector web page was hopping with activity Thursday during the game. Check back this morning for updates of the game and be sure to follow as Scott Seitz follows the game.

In the 24-hour period during and following the game, there were about 7,000 social medial referrals about the game on Facebook and Twitter and 21,931 looks on the Reflector Facebook.

The school sold more than 1,600 tickets for Thursday's game against Dayton Thurgood Marshall, but plenty of more fans stayed behind.

Elementary students at Norwalk Catholic School were following the Truckers.

"Exactly. We are rooting for our neighbors over there," said Tom Baker, remedial intervention specialist at NCS. "Half of our kids were in their classrooms and the other half were in the cafeteria.

"We only had one radio in the cafeteria but when something good happened the kids passed the word and everybody cheered. It was pretty cool."

Many more Norwalk fans are expected to attend this morning's 10:30 state title game against Columbus Bishop Watterson.

Norwalk City Schools Superintendent Dennis Doughty is a lucky man. This is the fourth Final Four Doughty has been part of.

"This is a lot of fun," he said. "I have been fortunate to have this before at Monroeville, at St. Paul, at Willard and now at Norwalk. There is tremendous excitement associated with this.

"It's so encompassing. Everybody can identify. That's what makes it extra special."

The Truckers sold out all of their tickets for the game Thursday night, then got more from the state.

"Mr. (Brad) Cooley (NHS principal) went and picked up another 900 tickets," Doughty said Friday morning. "They have tickets to sell. They brought tickets back (Thursday) and they sold those out in about two hours. That's great. That gives you an idea of the excitement being generated."

Only about half of the 19,000 seats at Value City Arena were filled for Thursday's game, so there should tickets available at the ticket office.

"Everybody can get in. ... Now if we can stop this stupid snow," Doughty said with a laugh.

No matter what the outcome, Doughty said this what it is all about.

"This whole thing is exciting," he said. "And they are such nice kids and that makes it extra special. I am so happy for Coach (Steve) Gray and his wife (Sue), coach (Tom) Foster and everybody on the team.

"Steve and Sue have gone through a lot and this is so great for them. It reminds me of the Monroeville squad from 30 years ago. I was the AD there and it was a lot of fun.

"I know one thing, our kids will play their hearts out. ... That's all you can ask. Steve Gray has the ability to put them in the position to win."



Norwalk watchers turn to channel 36 on your TV to watch the game live at 10:30 this morning. GO TRUCKERS !!!


Also channel 1308 STOHD.