Norwalk High School cancels classes Thursday for state tourney game

All other Norwalk schools will be in session that day.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 16, 2014


Norwalk High School is canceled classes Thursday so students can travel to Columbus to watch the Truckers' boys basketball team compete in the state tournament that morning.

Norwalk will play Dayton Thurgood Marshall at 10:45 a.m. in the first of 12 games at Value City Arena on the campus of The Ohio State University.

The make-up date will be in June.

The district made a similar move a few years ago when Norwalk's volleyball team reached the state tournament and played on a weekday morning. All students had the day off, and the President's Day holiday was used as the make-up day.

This time, only high school students will miss a day of school.

"Because of our 11 calamity days (so far) and the ever nearer OAA testing dates, the remainder of the Norwalk City Schools (PreK-8) will be in regular session on Thursday," Superintendent Dennis Doughty said in an email to all staff members. "Certainly our support for our team is absolute and our good wishes travel with them to Columbus. Unfortunately, not all of us can make the trip on Thursday."

Doughty's memo appears below in its entirety:


Dear Staff Members:

This is a great time for the Trucker basketball coaches, players, their families and supporters. Qualifying for the state tournament is a great accomplishment and we wish our Truckers good luck in Columbus on Thursday morning. The high school will not have school on Thursday so they are free to travel to Columbus.

(Their make-up day will be scheduled in June)

Because of our 11 calamity days (so far) and the ever nearer OAA testing dates, the remainder of the Norwalk City Schools (PreK-8) will be in regular session on Thursday. Certainly our support for our team is absolute and our good wishes travel with them to Columbus, unfortunately, not all of us can make the trip on Thursday.

Go Truckers!


Dennis Doughty




I'm all for supporting Norwalk's basketball team. Not every single parent can go to this game. Not all students can afford yet another day off. Make the decision as a parent, if your child can afford to miss a days and you are able to attend yourself then go!!!!! If not, stay here and listen to the game with everyone else not going! Mr. Doughty and the school board have other things to work on right now and don't have the time to take 500 phone calls of complaining parents whining that their kids need the day off. Just keep them home and stay off the phone :)

Kobayashi Maru

How do you know the phones are ringing? You work there?


There was a previous comment that stated that everyone should call the school board office. How else besides emails (which do not have instant gratification) would you voice your concerns/opinions? Keystone said this at 10:51 on Sunday.


EVERY student in Norwalk Public School system should be able to attend the game without any repercussions. The teachers are ADULTS who signed a contract to be a teacher. They are PAID to do a job, they should do whatever their BOSS says, that's how the world works. The kids (parents) PAY for their kids to go to school, the kids aren't being PAID...they should be allowed to go, PERIOD.


The repercussion is that the high school kids will have an extra day at the end of the year. I don't know if this would qualify as a calamity day. I'm guessing not.
As I stated earlier, there were tons of parents complaining about the schools all being closed when the volleyball team went to state last year. Your damned if you do, your damned if you don't.


I bet everyone who is saying that the kids should have the day off are also the ones complaining when school was cancelled too many times due to hazardous road conditions.

former local

No 1980, those are the parents complaining about test scores and then blaming the teachers!!!!

Kobayashi Maru

Found this from another school's website -

Should we win on Thursday, spectators can only buy finals tickets immediately following the state semifinal in an auxiliary gym at the Schottenstein Center. You must have your semifinal stub, can only purchase a ticket of similar kind (general admission, lower or upper arena), and must have cash to purchase.

So, since Doughty won't allow his teachers to go, he's essentially blocking them from attending the finals on Saturday if Norwalk wins.


Untrue. They are available through Ticketmaster.


That is true. After the game you will then buy your Saturday tickets with CASH only at the stadium using your ticket stub. Though, I'm guessing that you can also go online and buy a ticket online. Just do it quickly. The Shott holds 19,000, I don't think the first game will be a sell out. There will be plenty of extra seats.

Kobayashi Maru

I was simply posting what I read from another school's website. They have been there before so they would know better than me. I've never been to state before.


Last year a lot of people were complaining because of Doughty cancelling the whole entire school district for volleyball. That is why the levy has did not pass. Now he only cancels the High School so he can avoid that problem. Now almost all of you people are calling it discrimination for crying out loud!!! I am sure if he cancelled school again like last year you people would be mad that he cancelled school!! So either way there is no way out for poor Mr.Doughty on this.

Kobayashi Maru

The levy didn't fail because he cancelled school. The levy had already failed at that point in 2012. The tournament was November 8 and 10. Voters didn't vote again until November of 2013. I doubt that's why everyone voted it down a year later.