Driver of stolen farm tractor sent to jail

Prosecutor: When wheels locked up, defendant "was thrown off the tractor."
Cary Ashby
Mar 17, 2014


A North Fairfield man who was injured while driving a stolen farm tractor was sentenced to 90 days in jail Thursday.

Scott A. Bivens II, 20, of 694 W. Townline Road 131, will be serving the three-month term on the work release program at the Huron County Jail. As part of his three years of basic probation, he will be supervised at a high level and must pay a $500 fine.

Bivens earlier pleaded guilty to receiving stolen property.

"He was not prison eligible," Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said.

About 3:30 a.m. Oct. 26, the Huron County Sheriff's Office received an anonymous call about an overturned tractor and an injured person on Townline Road 12. The accident happened in Greenfield Township.

Deputies responded to the crash site, but didn't locate anybody. A wrecker removed the tractor, which was still running when officers arrived, from the scene.

"He (Bivens) was riding the tractor," Woodruff said.

When the defendant stopped, the wheels locked up and Bivens "was thrown off the tractor," Woodruff continued.

The Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation processed the scene. Detectives Kayla Zander and Rich Larson investigated the case.

Detective Bill Duncan has said investigators determined the tractor was stolen from a residence in the area of the crash. The tractor was worth between $14,000 to $15,000.

The same evening of the crash, Bivens was treated at a local hospital. Detectives interviewed him and secured enough evidence to make an arrest.

"The tractor was recovered. It flipped over," said Woodruff, who added the victim's insurance company allowed him to buy a new tractor.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Reporter Scott Seitz contributed to this story.



Work release? He doesn't work! You can't count stealing as a job. Hopefully he learns from this.

William Jeffers...

The title says "sent to jail" and the story says "serving work release" and "not prison eligible".


It's still jail...he just gets to leave for 8 hrs a day to work.


Too bad the tractor didn't run over him.


No one wants to see anyone get hurt ,but it'd laughable to read no prison eligible . Just like always they slap someone on the hand and then they get them back in court on another charge and another victim, and maybe a lot whose charge .Why cause justice was not served and lesson not learned


The reality is that the prison population in Ohio is at an all time high mostly because of rural counties like ours sending young drug offenders to prison. The first effort to reduce this problem was to set up the CBCFs and encourage rural Judges to use them. The second effort was to eliminate prison eligibility for many first time offenders. The next step is likely to be elimination of prison as an option for most 5th and 4th degree felonies. "Not prison eligible" is a phrase that's likely to become a lot more common.


No wonder everyones insurance is so high. Why isn't this little punk having to buy a new tractor & not the insurance company?


That's what I thought. Where is the restitution? Why must the insurance pay, eventually the farmer thru higher premiums pay for the new tractor? If he is on the WORK RELEASE program and has a JOB he can pay restitution!!!

Really are you ...

She thought that tractor was sexy? Lol! Incredible. Maybe not.


He's lucky the farmer didn't wake up and shoot him.

shovelhead's picture

You can't just shoot people for stealing your tractor.


that would depend on the circumstances when the farmer confronts the criminal. i have had many guns over the years and have been lucky to never have to even pull one out on somebody. you can bet if i heard somebody trying to steal my truck(or tractor, or anything)im grabbing a gun and going to investigate. this is where the criminal has a chance to save his skin by complying with my order to show his hands and get on the ground. at this point one would hope the criminal would come to his senses and realize that things just got real, but it's still possible to make it out of this scene alive by simply complying. once the gun comes out, the game is over. i will not be disarmed and shot with my own gun, and i would hope the criminal would have sense to not pull his own weapon. a criminal already driving my stolen truck or running from the scene probably wouldn't get shot, as long as he keeps going and doesn't cause me to believe he is putting my life in danger. it that case, it's up to law enforcement, who should already be on the way..


You are not aloud to but that's just a rule. I know some good old boys who wouldn't hesitate to pull the trigger on someone taking their means of providing for their family. And to a farmer their tractor is their living. I'm not saying I would but I probably would make them $h!t their pants by shooting a round or two off close by.

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

I would shoot first, ask questions later.


Me too.


not me.. im a lover of life. if somebody is just stealing my stuff, but not threatening my life or the safety of my family i dont want to kill them. however, the older i get, the more likely it may become that i have to shoot. im already too old to take a beating..

shovelhead's picture

Then all of your questions will be from inside of a jail cell. This kid did not threaten anyone's safety. If you shoot him, then you better hope he's packin'- or you go to prison.

You can't shoot somebody for stealing, unless they threaten you're safety. You can't even shoot someone in your house...They have to be allowed to leave. You cannot be between them and the door. You can't shoot them in the back. Even harder to prove you're innocent if they are not armed. Don't learn the hard way. I do not agree with these things....but it's the law.


No, not for stealing your tractor. But you can scare the ever loving bejesus out of them. Who is to say this PUNK did not have a weapon that night? Who is to say he would not have tried to fight back? Was he high? Drunk? How did he explain those injuries to the hospital? That should have been a fun conversation.