NPD to crack down on drug users, sellers in 2014

Chief David Light discusses Norwalk's war on heroin.
Scott Seitz2
Mar 13, 2014


The Norwalk Police Department has high expectations in 2014.

With staffing levels back up to 23 officers in the upcoming weeks, Chief David Light said the department can once again take a more proactive approach in fighting crime.

"In the past, when we were shortstaffed, often all we could do was respond to calls," the chief said.

Many times Sgt. Jim Fulton was left alone in the detective bureau.

Light compared heroin addicts to cockroaches and said the only way to get rid of them is to "stomp them out" before they multiply.

Find out what else Light had to say by reading the story about this subject that was published in Wednesday's Norwalk Reflector.






however the judge in huron county court has made no commitment to crack down on drug users and sellers


HAHAHAHA! All you people that want to defend the roaches just remember the quote from Chief Light! THEY ARE A BUNCH OF COCKROACHES!!!!HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!


Not defending dealers but cockroaches can survive even nuclear bombs. Demand and a sense of pride drive these people to take the risk of supplying. Maybe there is more to it, you can state your opinion. The officers hopefully have a multipronged approach, that include connecting with the community and helping people understand the consequences of their actions.

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Tom Paine

I have never seen an inability (on the part of the NPD) in taking down users/dealers. Our local officers work hard to get these people off our streets, and they should be commended.

But the arrests are only step one; step two lies in the hands of the local courts. So long as these users are getting $35 fines and probation, they have no incentive to change their behavior/lifestyle. We've all paid more than that for speeding, a seatbelt violation or a simple parking ticket.

The good work of our officers deserves to be recognized. But the revolving-door culture of our courts demands to be remedied.


I would like to remind Chief Light that addicts are human beings and his comment is totally inappropriate. I certainly hope addiction never touches his family. I thought a chief should be an educated person; apparently I was wrong.


nobody forced addicts to stick that needle in their arms, it was a choice, and I support what Chief Light says they are a scourge on society, if that offends you so freakin what.


Your a junkie? Human or not.. still a waste junkie.
A public assistance sponge? human or not.. still a sponge..
Funny thing?
they seem to be one of the same

Mr Spock

Otta send NSO to Woodland Hills park back row could clean up a ton of smack heads