Revised Ohio job data show bigger gains, but growth still too slow, group says

Ohio added about 67,100 jobs over the past 12 months.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Mar 9, 2014


Ohio is further along in our recovery than earlier jobs data indicated, according to freshly benchmarked jobs data from the Current Employment Survey released Friday by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Ohio jobs were down 2.4 percent (-132,600) from the start of the recession through January 2014, based on the revised seasonally adjusted numbers. This is a marked improvement compared to the unrevised data, which had the state trailing pre-recession jobs by 4 percent in December. The revised data suggest that the state has made more gains than previously reported.

Unfortunately, the data also suggest that the state is gaining slowly. The revisions show that Ohio's relative job growth still trailed that of the nation over the past 12 months, and that calendar year 2013 produced the slowest growth rate of any year since the recession. From December 2012 through December 2013, Ohio jobs grew 1.0 percent. In contrast, we grew 1.5 percent over the same period in 2011-12, and 1.6 percent in 2010-11. These figures from the ODJFS website reflect the regular annual revision of previously reported numbers, which adjusts them based on employer unemployment tax filings and other factors.

"The revised numbers are welcome news to a state still struggling to recover from the recession," said Hannah Halbert, workforce researcher with Policy Matters Ohio. "But job growth is still too weak. Ohio added about 67,100 jobs over the past 12 months, and while 2013 was better than previously reported, this is still far less than historic standards."

Monthly numbers are always preliminary and subject to revision, making it unwise to make too much of monthly fluctuations. Today's report includes a gain of 16,500 jobs in January from December. The unemployment rate improved slightly in January, falling to 6.9 percent from 7.1 percent, according to data from a separate household survey, also released today by ODJFS. Much like the jobs data, the rate is improved, but still worse than the nation's 6.6 percent for January. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported separately today on the nation's job performance for February, which included that revised, 6.6 percent number and a February national unemployment rate of 6.7 percent.


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swiss cheese kat

Ohio lost 346K manufacturing jobs in decade.


This happened while Republican Gov Bob Taft and Republican President George Bush was in office.

Im sure its just a weird coincidence.


Re: "Im sure its just a weird coincidence."

It’s absolutely amazing how two politicians single handedly destroyed the entire world economy isn't it?

H*ll, even the Federal Reserve was clueless in late '08.

Obamabots listen to their leader and can't think for themselves.

In my opinon

After the economy collapsed under GW and no help from Congress to jump start it, ask all the people that lost their homes and jobs the past 10 years and how many jobs could be added if they would work together. For all the road blocks this administration has had to face I think adding 67,000 is a great thing and has continuously grown.


Road blocks? Harry Reid has blocked every single bill sent to the senate. If you want to pass blame it lies with him.


Yeah were not going to pass a jobs bill that involves closing the ACA.

Its common sense

Say hows that Jobs Ohio thingy going?


Re: "jobs bill,"

$300B more in fed spending?

Where's the money comin' from?

ACA is just another unfunded potential liablity.

No economy can spend it's way to prosperity. If it were possible, someone would have done it long ago.


Obamacare sign ups comprises mostly those who HAD insurance already, the poor souls (sarcasm) that didn't have insurance aren't signing up. So again the middle class is getting hosed.Lets not also forget all the Medicaid sign ups. This thing will collapse under its own weight, but unfortunately many will be taken down with it.


67K over the past 12 mos., or 5.6K per mo.?

Nuthin' to write home about.

End the personal and business state income tax and watch capital flow into OH.

In my opinon

As much as the job market has suffered under President Obama, his record up to this point is still better than that of his predecessor. Huffington Post
Under Bush, From January 2001 through March 2004 the country lost more than 1.6 million jobs overall, and more than 2.4 million jobs in the private sector.

Under Obama, from January 2009 through March 2012, the country lost an estimated 740,000 jobs in total, and lost about 161,000 jobs in the private sector. In other words, job loss under Obama -- who inherited a recession deeper than any seen in generations, followed by a recovery that most would describe as modest -- was nevertheless dwarfed by job loss under Bush


Article is about OH's employment rate.

However, the above post focuses too heavily on the chronology of the executive branch arguing a causal relationship to employment and the economy, while totally ignoring the historical actions of the Federal Reserve.

"Marketable U.S. government debt outstanding has surged to a record $12 trillion, up from $4.5 trillion at the end of 2007, according to U.S. Treasury data compiled by Bloomberg."

We've just 'papered over' the problem.

Dr. Information

We simply cannot move forward with the liberals still blaming the past.


Re: "liberals still blaming the past."

Didn't hear Barney Frank, Chris Dodd and others shouting warnings about the rising economy before it collapsed did you?

No, they were cheering on it on!

The mkt. may be at it's peek; where are the progessives who are currently warning that the end may be near?


Holding them accountable is important.

Thats why we are in this mess and they should be held accountable.

Good thing the Liberals have the DJIA at all time record highs though


Re: "Good thing the Liberals have the DJIA at all time record highs though,"

Thank the Federal Reserve's ZIRP & QE policies and the $17.5T and growing federal debt.

Dr. Information

Trolling. Drop the 80+ billion a month FED stimulus and watch the market tank quick.


Re: "watch the market tank quick"

FYI: The Fed has pretty much signaled that they'd step back in if necessary.

Now it's the "Yellen put."


Five simple letters explain the job loss in Ohio....NAFTA. Tenneco and CVG cost 600 jobs in Milan and Norwalk. I could go on and on about others that left for cheaper labor, IMO, NAFTA was the biggest kick in the shorts for the working man ever. I guess Ross Perot was right.

Cliff Cannon

@ Fromthe419 : " NAFTA was the biggest kick in the shorts for the working man ever. " I agree with you here. Then toss in " Cafta " ( free trade with China )as an equally large kick in the shorts to the working man.

Of course, at the root of the entire problem is a heavily overpopulated world ( China has 100 million unemployed )as well as shifting markets ( India now has over 1 billion residents there)So some shifting of work is inevitable.

Obviously, automation as well as a lack of strong work ethic's by workers who are/were " owed a job " by their employers does not help the situation.

Perhaps, if every American worker was to realize it is their responsibility to help their company make a quality product, that will produce a profit for all of them. The situation could/would turn around for the betterment of all. Here's hoping.


@ CC:

On topic: In a truly free mkt. world, there should be NO barriers to trade.

Trade barriers tend to keep prices artificially high.


Read your piece in today's NR. Good story.

Had to google G.O.

FYI: My spouse first reminded me of one of my silverscreen loves, Natalie Wood. Also had a bit of Sally Field thrown in there too.

Cliff Cannon

@ Contango : I am in today ? That stinks, was trying to get the boss to kill that one. Still, will add the early pics of Glyniss and my wife looked stunningly similar.

Natalie Wood and Sally Field ? Nice combo


Re: "NAFTA,"

In his defense: Perot also wanted on the board of GM after they bought EDS, they didn't want him and ya saw what happened to them.

On NAFTA he was wrong.

OH's two biggest foreign export countries are: Mex and Can.


Where are all the "shovel ready" jobs Obama promised?


There never was any, remember the press conference where obummer laughed and said there really wasn't any shovel ready jobs? And yet the fraud was re-elected.