Man arrested in one of 'largest heroin busts in Huron County history'

Drug bust made near Dave's Food Mart in Norwalk.
Scott Seitz
Mar 8, 2014


A Lorain man was arrested Thursday in what local law enforcement officials are calling one of the largest heroin busts in Huron County history.

At about 2 p.m., deputies had set up a controlled purchase during which a confidential informant was expected to buy 17.5 grams of heroin, valued at $5,250.

"The purchase was supposed to take place in Norwalk Township, but at the last minute the suspect changed the location," Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

The location was switched to a Benedict Avenue business and the purchase was conducted.

"This is a common practice," Querin added.

Authorities arrested Lewis A. Turner, 20, who was charged with trafficking in heroin, a second-degree felony.

"Mr. Turner was also in possession of more suspected heroin and $7,000 in cash which was seized," Querin said.

The vehicle Turner was driving was reported stolen from Lorain earlier Thursday.

"We don't prefer to do these types of transactions in a heavily-populated area due to concern for citizens' safety," Querin said.

"In this case, we had no choice," he added. "We conducted the investigation and were able to remove a significant player who was selling heroin to individuals in this area."

Sheriff Dane Howard, Chief Deputy Ted Patrick, Detectives Kayla Zander and Rich Larson, along with deputies Sgt. Tod Wagner, Mitch Cawrse, Joe Andrews and John Vogel all assisted at the scene.

Turner was found to be already on probation from Lorain County for possession of heroin and cocaine.

Querin said Turner had just been released 45 days ago from a Community Based Corrections Facility.

Querin said Turner admitted to using heroin two days after leaving the CBCF.

"We will continue the effort to enforce drug possession and trafficking laws in Huron County," Querin said.

Turner was transported to the county jail.



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Estrella Damm

Better call Saul.




I heard the rumor that Norwalk Police had made the bust. That just didn't sound right. Well looks like they didn't. It's the weekend, so I guess it's back to harrassing the patrons at Bluto's.


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swiss cheese kat

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Wow. Impressed. Second supplier of real drugs brought down in less than a week. Good job.


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How was this guy set up? He had drugs, cash and an intent to sell. No one gets set up, either you are a drug dealer or you are not. If someone came to me and said get heroin and I'll make you rich, I'd tell them to F off!


"Significant player" sounds like just another flunky to me. I'll bet the major supplier has 50 other junkies ready to take his spot at beckons call. Taking these little guys off the street does no good, if A. they get a slap on the wrist (and you know they will) and 2. they don't catch the big fish.


I was more than happy that these drugs got taken off the streets. But I have to agree with you. When I saw he was only 20, I thought this was just a carrier that got busted. Probably doing a run to get a free fix. This isn't the big guy that will just find someone else to bring it in. Hopefully they can work a plea with this guy to get up the ladder more. A plea that consist of some serious jail time.


Not saying he's the " big fish" but he did have 7 grand on him and was selling 5200 worth of heroin. Seems to be more than just a carrier. Dudes got more in his pocket than a lot of people have in their bank account


How about we consider the death penalty for these dealers? Heck with the sob stories...they are selling something that is killing our's time that a serious problem takes a serious consequence for those selling heroin! The addicts taking this drug we tend to know what the ultimate consequence will be..DEATH!....wonder what kind of harder drugs these kids would be doing if they legalized medical marijuana years ago?!


Maybe we could lock them up in a room and make them smoke/snort/inject ALL of whatever stuff they're dealing until they don't want to have anything else to do with it? If it kills them first, oh well.


He's a good guy, he just made a mistake. It's society's fault. His mommy never told him he loved her. It's not his fault at all. Give him counseling and put him in a 'program'. That's been SO successful with every other junkie in the county, there's no way it could fail.

Everyone is fam...

You forgot the ever so popular "none of you are perfect." And "none of you have the right to judge".


You're Right! I must be slipping...

Dr. Information

Great job. Keep up the good work.


After reading this and the comments I googled Ohio prisons/populations and was amazed. It got me thinking, you have a pervert, druggy, thief, and one bed...who do you send? Just curious on y'all thoughts.


Send then all and let them fight it out. I honestly do not care if they have a bed or not. That is the whole point of prison. I never understood the hand holding/coddling in prison. Give them a yoga mat (lack of better term) and tell them welcome to prison. You could put 10 to a room and I would not care.

Cliff Cannon

@justbec: Here's an idea I think perhaps we have all heard : Put them in nursing homes where they pay massive amounts of money for ( in many cases ) little or no help.

Then take our senior citizens, who as a rule have been good citizens, that have worked all their lives and put them into prisons. Where they would have constant attention, with every whim satisfied.

Not to mention a balanced diet complete with snacks, a workout room, library, cable and all for 'free' ( I may have left out a bit. Still, I believe the point is made)


Good point Cliff




Kill the pervert, cut off the theif's hands, and use the one bed for the druggy.


They can double up in a


You wonder who the individuals are that he has been supplying drugs to. Just a matter of time