Local officers take down marijuana lab

Authorities seize 198 marijuana plants worth $198,000.
Scott Seitz2
Mar 7, 2014


Local law-enforcement officers took down a suspected marijuana lab Saturday in Willard.

Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Ted Evans, along with officers from the Willard police department, converged on the residence at 982 Timothy Drive after receiving information regarding the growing of marijuana at that location.

When all was said and done, officers seized 198 marijuana plants, with a total street value of $198,000.

Those plants are now in evidence at the HCSO.

No one has been arrested.

The plants are to be dried out and sent to the crime lab where they will be weighed and verified they are marijuana.

That process has to take place to determine possible charges, said Huron County Sheriff's Detective Sgt. Josh Querin.

"We expect arrest warrants to be issued in the near future," Querin said.

Querin said multiple people were living at the Timothy Drive home.

A number of criminal tools were also confiscated.

"That is a substantial amount of marijuana," Querin said. "There were quite a few mature plants."

Querin said the marijuana was being grown at two locations on the property.

"The majority was in the basement," he added.

The raid took place at 4:30 p.m.

"The men and women of this office realize heroin still is the top priority," Sheriff Dane Howard said. "However, we enforce all the laws and that includes marijuana.

"Our focus is on heroin, but this case came before us and we are obligated to deal with it," Howard said. "This was a fairly significant operation.

"Deputy Evans and the Willard detectives worked closely on this case to bring some closure to it," he added.



Yeah like drinking eh? Anyone that goes and lives in a bar is great contribution to their community. Right? I'm glad that people driving drunk get rocked. I'm glad that it hurt many drinking establishment's bottom line. Naw....that MJ, that's the bane of the world. e.r.

Dr. Information

Like your buddy Contango would say kurt, stay on topic, this isn't about alcohol.


Why call it a lab?


probably because it hade over 10 plants


Yep that many plants they where selling and not growing for personal use. They use it medically just make it legal already geez


You are so wrong again. Just as the populace got sick of &^%*$ drunks leaving bars and hurting people, so too is the populace tired of MJ being "made" illegal. The people WANTED bars & drunks to be held accountable. They made it happen. The people want MJ decriminalized. Not much different than tobacco as far as courtesy. Any of your family smoke cigarettes? It is about choices & not being inconsiderate of others.


Life is full of choices and it doesn't matter to me what others do with their life as far as habits etc. as long as they keep their life straight and don't come crying to me when they hit rock bottom. Smoking pot is a choice the same as drinking alcohol and I really could careless what others do.

Mr Spock

Hey freeman bet that puts a crimp in your pocket...gotta start selling your meds again huh
HCSO is watchin u


Gotta love those who are close minded. The war on drugs is the worst failure this countries seen outside of vietnam. Sucks in billions of dollars for what? A couple anti-pot ads? Now granted that loot does actually go towards getting the meth/crack/heroin off the streets somewhat. But if u actually look at the statistics upwards of 80% of drug busts are for marijuana. I would totaly support this if marijuana actually harmed people but it doesn't it helps quite a few people out.. The only thing the drug war did was brainwash a generation into believing marijuana is harmful but in all actuality all they were doing was giving the government the ammunition they needed to help create the police-state we are in. Government is everywhere, they control what we watch, listen too, hell in some peoples cases what to believe.

Dr. Information

Daily MJ use harms you. Prove that it doesn't.


Prove that it does A-Hole


In our day and age if you consume anything on a daily basis its bad for your health. So all in all your point is....let me check with the audience....nonsense.


Only way we will ever accomplish anything is if we all come together. No matter your view point you can not deny the medicinal value. Do some research on a strain called Charlottes Web. Almost no THC and all cannibinol. There is no "high" if smoked. It has been shown to help reduce and even in some cases completely stop seizures. In my oppinion that's what you call a medicine. People tend to forget that there are other benefits to marijuana than gettin stoned. People would rather keep b!tching about a real epidemic sweeping this country (heroin) that keeps getting fueled by opiate pill abuse than actually giving people a safer alternative to pills. Not everyone that's a marijuana advocate is a "stoner" or "lazy" granted some are but the majority are sensible hardworking people that are not blinded by big pharma and propaganda and are able to see the medical benefits of this plant. I don't care if the only way medical comes around is if its only strains comparible to charlottes web that doesn't get people high. As long as the people that need it can access it legally.


and when it comes to recreational use....I do believe NORML said it best in a message to Ricky Williams amidst his marijuana scandal across from the Denver Broncos stadium......"Ricky, come to Denver where we support your safer alternative to alcohol."

thinkagain's picture

You are fooling yourself if you believe the recent onslaught of pro marijuana propaganda is geared only towards compassion for cancer victims and such.

Advocating it’s “medicinal” use as a therapeutic agent is simply a back-door route towards legalizing yet another addictive substance for society.


Read comment again. Charlottes Web. Google. Its your friend. Can't get high off it. You can genetically alter marijuana to get rid of thc therefore getting rid of the high properties and hence goes the drug aspect of marijuana turning it into a medicine.

thinkagain's picture

Read my comment again. This time real slow...might help.

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Smoke it if you got it.


The truth is the government does not really care if it kills you or not. If its good or bad they don't give a flying f**k. The only thing they care about is how can they make the biggest $buck$ from it!! Government the BIGGEST MOB in the world!!!




What legally classifies this as a marijuana "lab" ?