Report: Foreclosures down, crime way up in Huron County

Huron County clerk of courts releases totals from 2013.
Cary Ashby
Mar 3, 2014


"The good news is foreclosures are down."

That's the biggest thing from the annual report that jumps out at Susan Hazel, Huron County clerk of courts.

New foreclosure filings in 2013 were 35 percent below the previous year.

In 2012, there were 335 foreclosures, compared to 218 last year.

Between 2001 and 2010, there was a yearly average of 305 foreclosures, according to the annual report.

"I think that we're 30 percent below the previous decade's average," Hazel said.

The clerk of courts was asked what is one factor in less foreclosures being filed.

"I think the economy is improving," said Hazel, but she added her office is dealing with "quite a few garnishments and liens."

"Garnishments and liens, however, continued to reflect the challenging economy. Notation of liens and memo title work also increased during 2013," according to the annual report.

Overall, the total number of cases being filed in 2013 -- 1,015 -- was 15 percent less than the average in the previous decade.

"However, the number of criminal cases filed was 41 percent greater than the previous decade," according to the report.

In 2013, there were 383 new criminal cases filed -- a figure that jumped by 35 percent in a single year, the report states. In 2012, there were 282 new criminal cases filed.

In other news, the clerk of courts office received a major computer upgrade to the computerized case management system, which features improvements in managing accounts and digital imaging.

"No general fund money was used to pay for these upgrades. Images of all public records filed at the clerk's office are now accessible at the courthouse to the court and public," Hazel said.


swiss family

I wonder if the statistics would improve if Judge Conway would resign???


Re: "I think the economy is improving,"?

Reads more like the foreclosure market is bottoming out and housing prices are down overall.

If lower prices reflect an improving economy, then Detroit must be goin' gangbusters!

But, crime is "41 percent greater than the previous decade,"?

Lower housing prices and crime has increased?

Reads more like indications of an economy in decline.


Foreclosure "market" bottoming out? disagree with home prices going down. Crime rate= DRUGS


Re: "disagree home prices going down,"


Yea, a foreclosure in the neighborhood always helps improve the selling price of a house doesn't it?


Pick up a one of those free real estate for sale magazines on your way out the grocery store and check out the prices on some of these homes. Overpriced to begin with. Yes its true that a foreclosure won't help things but if you have a nice home in a decent neighborhood you'll probably get somewhere close to what its worth. Still a buyers market.


Re: Still a buyers market"


I use Zillow as a starting point.

Some bozos still think that their house is currently worth what it was back in '06 - '07 during the housing bubble.


Zillow is very helpful. Showing past purchase prices as well as their zestimates on current home value. Very good home buyers tool.


One thing this area had goin' for it was that there wasn't a great run-up in prices during the bubble.

Sellers may not like the zestimate, but buyers will use it to beat 'em down.

After almost 3 yrs. on the mkt, we ended up selling our house in Chicago very close to the zestimate.

Dr. Information

Contango I would have to agree with you. Eventually, even foreclosures bottom out, just like job losses do, yada yada yada.


What? With loss of jobs in Huron County crime increases? Who knew?