Pair of Willard men guilty of felonies

Both convicted of breaking and entering after accepting plea bargain.
Cary Ashby
Feb 28, 2014


Two defendants were convicted in separate cases Tuesday in Huron County Common Pleas Court.

Michael B. Czupik, 45, of 611 Wessor Ave., Apt. 9, Willard, pleaded guilty to one count of breaking and entering in exchange for the dismissal of a second, similar charge. His conviction is for a July 24 incident in the Willard area.

"He had some bad luck," said Leffler, since Czupik was caught on the victims' surveillance footage scoping out the place for a ladder-related case in which Czupik wasn't involved.

"He happened to be there," Leffler added.

The victims turned over the surveillance footage to investigators, who identified Czupik. The defendant, who earlier posted a $5,000 bond, will be sentenced April 30.

Donald R. Patton, 25, of 303 Washington St., Willard, pleaded guilty to breaking and entering. As part of a plea deal, prosecutors dismissed an unrelated charge of possession of heroin in connection with a Nov. 3 incident.

Patton's conviction is for an Oct. 31 break-in at a Bullhead Road, Willard, restaurant.

"I don't think anything was actually stolen," Huron County Public Defender David Longo said in mid-January when Patton was arraigned.

Patton, who earlier posted a $5,000 bond, will be sentenced April 23.


Yall Make Me Sick

Oh wow, and this surprises who? Throw away the key already & stop letting them off so easy!


well everyone gets so tired of these low lifers stealing from hard working citizens. Maybe they should have their hands cut off and they wont steal from anyone else or better yet, take them downtown willard by the Gazebo and hang them. Even Teen Challenge doesnt want them.